So. Another thing which has been bugging my mind. Really bugging it. Please don't kill me!

First to tell

„I'll get Gisella."

„Don't you dare! I'm fine."

„Yeah, that's why you are a greenish-white color and are vomiting into a bucket inside my room."

Whatever Conrad wanted to retort, he was silenced by another throw-up session.

„Whatever did you drink..."

„Nothing! I'm not drunk, unlike you, most of the ti-" he was silenced again and Yozak sighed.

„I'm not an alcoholic. Besides I don't drink that much anymore."

Conrad was silent.

„Then, what did you eat? Loads of sugar? Meat flavored with chocolate? Olive-pancakes? Vegetable soup with lemon juice?"

Conrad simply shook his head, simply too exhausted to say anything. For a while there was silence. Yozak was first to speak again. „Have you been feeling weird lately?"

Silence again. But this time it wasn't out of exhaustion, his friend looked rather like he was thinking. Finally Conrad shook his shoulders. „Depends on how you define weird."

„Simply weird gut feeling. Slight exhaustion? Lightheaded? Morning migraine?"

Conrad had a thoughtfull frown on his face and Yozak grew more and more nervous by every second of silence that passed.

„I...have been...having a weird gut-feeling I couldn't place...And I'm spotting headaches in the morning." Finally the Lord protector (AN: I like calling him that) turned to his friend (Shinou did he look like crap!) with a qestioning gaze. „What does that mean?"

Yozak contemplated to laugh hysterically, or cry. He chose shaking his head and sighed. „At least I know now who wears the pants in your relationship."

A few years ago, Conrad and young master came together, after the king became fed up with the whole engagement debacle and finally talked with his fiancé and right after that with Conrad. The result was a passionate kiss and a few years after that a slap with the right hand on the left cheek. That was when Yuuri became fed up again, this time with „Conrad being too much of a coward to take the next step." So the bold Heika proposed. It took them another few years (this time due to political issues, Yuuris Maou responsibilities and Conrads resposnibilities as the royal fiancé, Lord protector, a military Commander and best friend) to get married. Even Gwendal was faster. By the time Yuuri slapped Conrad, he was already planning his wedding with Yozak. By the time Conrad got married, they had a kid. Her name was Yohanna. The whole process took 15 years, but luckily enough, each one of them aged like Mazoku did: slowly. So Yuuri looked 18 humans age, so did Wolfram and Geika. Conrad and Yozak like 24, Gwendal, much to Yozaks dismay, like 50. Yohanna was 10 now, but she looked like 7. Gwendal said it was normal for kids to age faster than adults. By the time she would be 80, she would look like 16. Cheri-sama...looked like always. But back to the current theme.

„Excuse me?"

Yozak sighed. „Conrad," Now was Conrad worried. Yozak called him that only when he got serious. „You may not like this question, but...has bochan ever topped you?"

Conrads eyes went blank. Sighing again Yozak continued. „Answer me honestly, please."

„You know...that I..."

„Let your lovers top you at leats once? I'm not stupid. You did it with me, you did it with Gerry, and with every other male lover you had in the past. I just want to know if you let bochan ever..."


Yozak nodded in acknowledgement. „When was that?"

„Why do you ask that?!" Conrad was beat red by now. Yozak sighed.

„Just answer."

For a few moments there was silence between them again as Conrad meassured him with his lion-like eyes. „Two weeks ago."

Yozak nodded. „One last question, then I'll tell you why I'm asking stupid questions about things which really shouldn't concern me: When did you start to feel sick?"

„This is the first time, you moron." Yozak wasn't offended, Conrad always behaved like a bastard when sick. Besides it really wasn't the right time to get offended.

„Then let me be the first one to congratulate you."

„I beg your pardon?"

Yozak took a deep breath and then said: „You're two weeks pregnant."

... „Excuse me WHAT?!"

Yozak actually flinched. He hated breaking news that could be considered bad, to somebody.

„That isn't possible! I let tons of people top me and I never got pregnant!"

Yozak actually laughed. „You're pretty oblivious for a man with a mother like that."

Conrad raised his eyebrows and Yozak sighed again. „Don't tell me she didn't teach you anything..."

„I've got the bees and bees"

„I'm not talking about the basics. Gwendal never said? Not even after you got married?"

The eyebrow went higher. „I'll kill that moron..." Yozak said exasperated. „He's your brother, he should" he stopped himself. Whining got them nowhere. „Listen. You don't get pregnant by only sticking it in and letting go. If the one with the stronger maryoku tops he...Oh Shinou, why can't Gwendal do this? I can't explain his part!" he took another deep breath, mentally cursing his husband. „I'm not good at explaining it, because I can't know. I never topped and I don't have stronger maryoku, so I don't need to be cautious. So if you want to know the details, ask him. Anyways, if the one with the stronger maryoku tops, he...has to restrain himself or something. Not in the physicall or sensual part, did he put it? Seal your maryoku temporalily away? If you don't then the bottom gets pregnant. The strong force of the maryoku sets free and the raw emotions give it a direction. The maryoku then activates the one dormant organ of a male mazoku body and if you go to Gwendals office now, you'll se the result. If the one with the stronger maryoku is bottom then he doesn't get pregnant unless he wants to. That's becaue the top gives, the bottom accepts. He can't recieve his own maryoku, so he has to activate it on his own. And that can happen only when he wishes to get pregnant."

„But didn't you tell me that your pregnancy wasn't planned? Then how"

Yozak chuckled almost darkly. „It was very spontanous and very passionate office sex and Gwendal managed to throw all of our selfrestraints out the window the moment he kissed me." He smiled in amusement as he looked at Conrad. „Your brother isn't always the reserved gruffy, you know."

Conrad nodded, Yozak didn't really need to tell him that, he knew his brother well enough, but to get such a confirmation...Sincerely speaking, he didn't need to know that.

"However" Yozak sounded again „I suggest you don't let that slip and keep your mouth shut. I don't want Gwendal to suffer from bad conscience of killing his own brother."

Conrad chuckled lightly and Yozak smiled. Task of lighting the mood up accomplished.

„But still...are you sure?"


Silence was between them again. „So...May I get Gisella now?"

Conrad shook his head as he stood up. „I'll go to her."

„I'll go with you." Yozak said, standing up too, but Conrad shook his head.

„You don't need to, I'm fine."

„Don't try to fool me Weller. Don't forgett that I've been in your condition too and I still remember how miserable I felt for weeks, months even."

„But you had a complicated pregnancy."

„So?" Yozak raised his eyebrow in utter disinterest about the argument and Conrad sighed in defeat. There was no stopping Yozak...


Yozak grinned. „So, congratulations again."


So, uh...what do you think?