A/N: Exactly one-hundred words today. ZOMG. (Also, am totally using this as an excuse to test line breaks. If it doesn't work... fuck this shit.)

Just an image that made me lol earlier today. XD

"Oh my god."

"The. Hell."

"What's going—Jesus H. Christ on a slice of toast!"

Marik scowled. "Not funny."

Bakura, Yami, and Malik looked at each other. Then they looked back at Marik.


"You look like a mop!"

"It's so long!"

"There was a storm," Marik said. "I couldn't plug in my hairdryer." He swept his hair off of his shoulders and blew his bangs out of his eyes.

"It goes quite nicely with your cape, I think. And the gold jewelry"

"Fuck off, Yami. Let's take away your hair gel for three days and see how you do."