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I think this chapter is pretty accurate.

"Do you ever get the feeling we're being used?" Bakura asked.

"What?" Marik said.

"Think about it. We sit around and do absolutely nothing since our show finished except cater to the whims of fans who think it's amusing do watch us to stupid things like kiss each other on the mouth. Your greatest crime lately was trying—and failing—to take candy from a little old lady, and the last card game you played decided nothing more than the standing of a fast food restaurant. Don't you wish you still had a purpose? A plot that had more to it than thirteen-year-olds writing 'lol, truth or dare?' What even justifies our existence anymore?"

"What? Sorry, I missed most of that. I'm trying to reconstruct the Eifel Tower using marshmallows."

Bakura sighed. "Never mind," he said.

"Okay. Wanna help?"

"… Sure."