Gosh, I have a legitimate excuse as to why I've written this impulsively.
As much as I want to expand the plot, I haven't got the time.
So yes, I just wrote this in the spur of the moment to get it outta my head.
Heehee. Dino is love~~~

Another Day in the Office


"Boss, you're breathing heavily. Is there an emergency? What's your coordinates?"

"Relax, Romario. I'm fine."

"Then why'd you call, Boss?"

"Er, this might be a bit awkward, but I can't get it up."


"I. can't. get. it. up."

"Boss Dino, you mean—?"


"Sigh. alright. Address?"

"Cloud Nine Hotel in the red-light district. Kabukicho. Tenth floor, room 107. Got it?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way, Boss."

"Good. Just knock when you get here."

"Bye, Boss."

Ah, the things I do for the Cavallone Boss.

There you have it.
Hope you enjoyed this short dialogue.
Poor Romario!