Just Washing the Dishes.

Summery: One Shot, Stella and Brandon share a moment while helping out at the Frutti Music Bar.

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Note: This one shot takes place in episode 9 of Season 4. If you haven't watched that episode yet, I suggest that you watch it before reading this.

Stella could tell you that it wasn't a Princess' job to do a simple household chore; she could tell you that washing the dishes was a stupid little thing only to be done by maids. She was brought up thinking that and as she grew up as royalty she saw it for herself.

But sometimes that wasn't the case.

Right now, Stella stood by the sink in the Frutti Music Bar with her hands in soapy water washing up dishes and glasses, something that she knew that she would be caught dead doing in her life.

But things change, don't they?

Stella wasn't on Solaria right now; she wasn't dressed in a beautiful gown with a crown placed on the top of her head, she was in a place where only a few people knew who she really was. Right now, many people would look at her and think she was a plain, ordinary girl just working at the Music Bar.

However, while her friends were having fun she was cleaning up, her friends had all wondered why until they realized who was standing next to her, helping her.


It was true; the reason why Stella was washing up at this point was get closer to Brandon, she had over heard the guys discussing on who's turn it was to wash up, she had heard Brandon say that he'll do it and before he could make another move her instincts told her to get up and help him, she had rushed over to the sink waiting for him to arrive next to her.

Now they both were washing and drying the dishes together in silence, it wasn't awkward; at least Stella didn't think it was. It was a comfortable silence, to be honest, they didn't need words, it was just a blessing that they were slowly getting along after recent incidents.

But there was something in Stella's heart, telling her to forget all of this, she could just go back with Brandon if she wanted, but she was stubborn. She didn't want to say that she was sorry when she didn't start this.

It was done, Mitzi hadn't left Brandon alone since he had rescued her, she was just as in love with him as she was, but was it really love? Mitzi always seemed to appear whenever Stella was around, was it just trying to get her jealous.

Stella just prayed that Mitzi wouldn't run in now and ruin the moment that they had going on.

Absent minded, Stella reached out her hand to rest on the side, just as Brandon did the same thing.

Their hands touched…

They both turned to each other and looked into each others eyes, it felt like falling in love again, Stella had missed looking into his brown eyes, she missed just being with him.

But it wouldn't be the same, Brandon had obviously made up his mind, he refused to stick up for Stella whenever Mitzi was around, he just let her drag him away.

Stella knew that her chance had gone and it was time to move on, she pulled her hand away and whispered a sorry to Brandon and carried on washing the dishes.

But she couldn't stay away for too long, she looked back up at Brandon's face and saw a smile, he was smiling at her.

Stella's heart leapt and she gave a small smile back, she then continued to wash the dishes, not caring what anyone thought or spoke about her.

Because sometimes, a Princess will remember that love is far more important than her status…

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