The Plantation House.

Summary. . . . . . . . . Missing teens, an old slave plantation, what could possibly go wrong? Dean's about to find out as the brother's take on a hunt he was reluctant to pursue. Hurt Sam and Dean.

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A.N. . . . . . . . So I had a break away and spent some time with Darksupernatural down in Maryland. While I was there she showed me, from a distance, an old plantation house and slave cabin. Later I asked her to write me a scene and I would complete a one shot to go with it, she did but I have failed! It's gonna be longer than a one shot, Kris, sorry. Anyway here's the start, beware of a couple of bad words! As always I thank you all for stopping by and reading, catch you soon with part two, Peanut x

Dean had a bad feeling about this hunt. Ever since they had arrived in this small town in rural Maryland, something about the place had sent shivers down his spine, and a coil of apprehension to grip itself tightly in his stomach. It seemed simple enough, disappearances occurring in the town, teenagers, the bodies of the missing never found, all occurring after they had been dared to visit what the town called it's house of shame; an old plantation house and the slave cabin that stood eerily next to it. He had tried to insist to Sam that it wasn't their kind of gig, but his brother had been adamant, especially after reading about the last missing person, an eight year old boy. Wanting to escape from the bullying he received daily he had ran into the broken down house, he pursuers to chicken to follow, never to be seen again. So he had agreed to take a look, the unease he had been feeling increasing as they stepped out of the Impala and started grabbing the things they thought they might need.

Walking through the door, Sam eased by the rotting wood as it hung from hinges long since broken and rusted. He pulled the sawed off shotgun up instinctively as he stepped into a room, his feet disturbing dust that had lain idly for years, his eyes squinting as the brilliant sunset glinted off the dust motes that rose and floated lazily with every pass of his feet. He moved slowly forward, like a well trained soldier, as Dean followed closely behind, the older Winchester clearing the area as he swept the barrel of his own gun around the entry of the decrepit plantation house. Sam waited for his brother to fully enter before gesturing towards the back of the room and another sagging doorway, a set of stairs just seen in the gloom leading down towards the bowels of the house.

Dean's big brother instinct kicked in as he took in the blackness that lay behind the second door. Taking the lead and casting a wary glance at Sam he moved forward, holding the gun expertly in one hand as he pulled out a flashlight with his other and quickly turned it on. As he reached the doorway, he used silent signals to inform Sam of his intentions before quietly pushing the decaying wood to one side and easing his way down the stairs, wincing as they creaked and protested under the weight that was being put upon them, his feet automatically trying to find the sturdiest parts before Sam's heavier weight was placed upon them, yet more and more dust rising until the air began to feel choked with it.

He paused near the bottom as he heard Sam curse behind him, wondering what was wrong until he felt it himself, a chill that began to raise the fine hairs on the back of his neck. Stepping of the last tread and onto the dirt packed floor of the basement, he paused as his flashlight panned over the cobweb infested walls, insects scurrying away from the harshness of the beam, scurries of small feet sounding deafening in the otherwise quiet, as rodents hurried to hide. As the light swept over the far side of the room the glint of something attracted Dean's attention, the light returning as he investigated the objects further.

"Sonofabitch!" He angrily cried as he took in the sight that befell him. Two metal barred cages stood at opposite sides of the west wall, rotting threadbare blankets scattered across the floor, the sizes only just fit enough for large dogs; but as he took in the rest of the wall, Dean knew no dog had ever spent time there. In the vast space between the two cages shackles were imbedded into the course walls at various heights, chosen to inflict the most discomfort and pain to the person restrained there. Stepping closer he could even see the stains left behind from the blood that had been spilt.

"Damn" Sam breathed, causing Dean to turn and look at what his own flashlight had discovered. A small workbench stood against the north wall, an assortment of vicious looking implements tossed idly across it's top. Hooks, some dangling from the crumbling foundations, others still fixed solidly to the walls, held bullwhips, crops, belts and rods of differing sizes.

"This guy was one sick bastard. I think it's time to put him down." Dean spoke, pausing on the last word as his breath fogged before his eyes. He turned quickly to warn Sam, feeling his brother brush him as the temperature plummeted within the room. He grunted as he was slammed into the stone walls, the gun falling from his fingers as they uncurled instinctively. "Sam!" He cried, attempting to lift the gun again, only for it to be knocked from his hands to fall uselessly into the darkness, as he was once again flung with force, this time into the opposite wall. "I'll teach ya t' mind thy tongue boy." He heard before he fell into oblivion.

The pain registered as he fought his way through layers of consciousness, every inch of him resonating with an agony that caused his face to scrunch up, and small moans to be emitted. Attempting to open his eyes, forgetting for a moment where he was, he wondered why he couldn't see, his lids closing as his hands moved to rub wearily at his sockets before he tried again. Finally realizing he was in the dark somewhere, he moved his limbs desperate to stretch out the kinks he could feel, only to stop as his feet collided with an unmovable object. Moving into a sitting position he struggled to stand, his pounding head protesting the move, even more so as it soon collided with yet another solid structure. Having learnt his lesson he began to feel around, remembrance occurring as his fingers trailed across the cold steel bars of the cage, and the callous words of the plantation's overseer repeated themselves in his mind. With that memory came another, Sam. Sam was with him, but where was he now?

"Sammy?" He bellowed, not caring if the fugly heard him or not, he just had to hear his brother's voice, just needed to be reassured that Sam was alright. But all he got in return to his shout was the scurrying rats as they were disturbed yet again. "Sammy! C'mon god damn it! Answer me!"

"He can't answer thee boy. He preoccupied at the moment."

"You bastard! What have you done with him? If you've hurt him, I swear I will kill you, salt and burn you, raise you back from the dead, and repeat the whole process!"

The overseer just laughed at Dean's threats, choosing instead to drag a pole across the bars of the cell holding his prisoner. "I ain't done much yet boy, but me and pretty we gonna have us some fun. I's jus waitin' fer him to wake. I wanna see his eyes as he's teached a lesson."

"Don't you dare touch him! I swear I will make you pay if you've hurt even an inch of him!"

"Why, don't we have us a feisty one? It's a shame I didn't pick ya to mess with, but this one 'ere he looks like a screamer, and I aint had me a screamer in a long, long time."

"Please?" Dean begged, as he heard the spirit talk about hurting Sam. "Please, don't hurt him. Use me."

Again though the man just laughed, his chilling rumble filling the room, only to stop as groans and chains rattling caught his attention. "Well it looks like we about t' ave us a party boy."

"You sonofabitch! Don't you dare touch him." Dean shouted, desperately pulling at the bars that held him, not caring as bits of rust embedded deeply into the tender skin of his palms.

"Sammy! Sammy!" Dean shouted again, urgently needing his sibling to know he was there, even if he could do nothing to prevent what was about to occur."

"D'e?" Sam's confused and pained voice finally responded, the rattling of the chains intensifying as the confusion slipped away slightly, to be replaced be trepidation. "Dean?"

"I'm here Sam, I'm here. Are you okay?"

"Dean? Answer me! Dean, please talk to me. Dean!?"

Dean froze as Sam's words sunk in. He was talking to his brother, he was reassuring him that he was there. What was going on?

"Well will ya looky at that, I guess I hit 'im a tad harder than I wanted, musta messed his head, now aint that a treat?"

"Fuck!" Dean ground out between gritted teeth, his attack on the steel bars intensifying as he listened to Sam continue to plead for him to answer. "Don't do this." He begged, not wanting to satisfy the vile man, but willing to do anything to save his brother further pain. The man though just waked away to Dean's left and into the darkness. He strained his eyes to see even a glimpse of his brother, but the blackness was oppressive, coating everything within a few feet of the cage. He stopped his attempts to break the cage as he heard the faint scrape of sound from the opposite side of the room, the side he now remembered contained the wall and table of implements. "Nooooooooooo! Don't!" He screamed as he realized the callous man's intent. But it was no use, and all he could do was grip harder to the bars as he listened to the man tear apart Sam's clothing before the sickening sound of coiled rope attacking flesh resounding throughout the room, only abating as Sam's screams of agony replaced it.

To be continued. . . . . . . . . .

A.N. . . . . . . . I forgot to say, any spelling mistakes when the overseer is talking are intentional. Oh, and I hate the title so if anyone has any ideas, let me know? I hope that you enjoyed, Peanut x