Chapter 1.

How It All Started?

I know that I should have told him a long time ago. I should have told all of them, but I couldn't do it. First of all I had signed the Secrecy Act, which I'm bound to keep, and I also have to admit that I was scared. I still am. What would Edward and the rest of the Cullens think, when they find out that I'm not as innocent and weak as I have lead them to believe. They would hate me when I told them that I used to work for the government as a secret agent. As assassin. They would freak out when they would find out that I had risked my life every day by killing terrorists and drug dealers. There was no need to tell them, that I, clumsy Isabella Swan, had travelled around the world and deactivated nuclear bombs in Japan.

It all started when I was born. Very few people know that I was actually born in England and grew up with my uncle Alan. My parents were killed by a terrorist organisation when I was one year old. In their will they had given full custody to my mother's brother and I had inherited quite a fortune. Alan didn't like to talk about them - he said, that it would bring up old memories. I don't know much about my parents, but Alan has told me that they used to work for the British government just like my uncle. For MI6.

Ever since I have been able to walk, my uncle has been training me. He said that it was important to know things about criminals, who are lurking in the shadows, waiting to attack the government. He taught me different languages and traditions in different countries so that I could blend in while travelling and not pull any attention to me. Thanks to Alan I'm an amazing fighter as I have mastered different martial arts and I am also very good with different blades starting from small knives and ending with swords. He taught me how shoot with small arms and how to spy in broad daylight and not to get caught. He said that I was brilliant and meant for the world of assassins.

Even though my childhood wasn't like other children's, I still loved it. I love the way you can hear the wind blowing in your ears when fighting or the way you become one with the gun in your hand while shooting your eyes closed. It makes me feel unstoppable and even though I didn't get along with my uncle all time, I will always be grateful for the things he taught me.

Alan was one the MI6's best agents and he was often sent to missions on the other side of the world and I had to spent a lot of time alone. It made me grow up and become independent rather quickly. I remember the way I always worried that something might happen to him while away and he would never come back. Although he promised that that would never happen, I knew that he could get killed very easily. He was good at what he did and thanks to that he had made many enemies.

It was cold and rainy evening, which was not unusual for London and while living in England ever since I was born, I had gotten used to the constant cloud cover and grey sky. No, it wasn't weather that was bothering me. I was seven years old and Alan had been gone for almost a week. He had told the neighbour that he had to go on a business trip and had asked the old lady living next door to check on me every once in a while, which she had done happily, as she was rather attached to me. The rain was pouring when I saw a police car pull up in front of the house and two officers heading for the door with grim looks on their faces. I knew what was coming and even though I had prepared for this day, I still felt the panic rising in me and my eyes beginning to water. My uncle was dead.

I don't remember much of the next few days. The funeral was a gloomy event with very few people there. Alan had liked his privacy and I'm not even sure if he had friends besides my parents, who could now come and mourn over his dead body. There were couple of men there with black shades covering their eyes and they were wearing cheap black suits. Thanks to Alan's training I knew they had to be from the government. After the funeral one of them came to talk to me, explaining that Alan had written in his will that I should go live with the MI6. They trained me and by the time I was 15, I was one of their best agents. But I was depressed; don't get me wrong. I love what I do, but living in London brought back some very painful memories. MI6 noticed it and they provided a way out. They sent me to the United States to live with Renee and Charlie who had had earlier experiences with MI6 and knew what to expect from me. Unfortunately their marriage was doomed and Charlie went to live in Forks. I soon followed as I wasn't used to the Phoenix's sun. I had a deal with MI6. I could be a normal teenager and not race after terrorists on two conditions. I still had to train on my own and keep myself in good shape and they had the right to send me on missions if someone else wasn't available or when they thought that I was the only one who could handle the job. So here I am.

The Cullens had gone hunting as I had noticed that Edward's eyes had turned coal black - there was no need for him to torture himself with the scent of my blood. I was currently cleaning my gun and thinking how I had abandoned my training. Being with Edward drove me insane. Just a simple touch and I'm a goner. His cool hands and those delicious lips would drive every woman crazy and make them forget the most important things. But, I decided, he isn't here now and I might as well use my chance. I hid my gun in a suitcase, locked it and put the silver case under the open floorboard near the window. I pulled on my sweat pants and sweatshirt, put my hair in ponytail and quietly headed downstairs, so that I wouldn't wake Charlie. I started a slow jog but later sped up. I had missed this. While running I was in my element and no one could stop me.


I jumped over the branch on the path and tried to avoid the dirt covering the forest floor. Yesterday night there had been thunder storm forming puddles on the roads making it difficult to run. It was getting dark and as my night vision wasn't as good as the Cullen's, I couldn't see where I was going. I had rushed through water and my sneakers were soaking wet. But that didn't stop me for pushing myself harder and harder. The speed was exhilarating. Although I wasn't as clumsy as everyone thought I were, I still tripped on the branches on the ground and at some point I had managed to step in a small hole and slip on the ground. I felt a stinging pain in my ankle, but over the years I had gotten used to the pain and I didn't pay any attention to it. I ran miles, and considering the fact that I hadn't worked out properly for a long time, I was pretty pleased with myself. Running back through the forest towards Charlie's house, I couldn't stop thinking that I should run more often, but I remembered that Edward was constantly by my side and would never let me go out running in the dark alone. Don't get me wrong, I love Edward a lot, but sometime he and the rest of the Cullens, even Rose, are a bit too overprotective.

I crept quietly up the stairs so that I would not wake Charlie and made my way over to the bathroom. I took my time enjoying the hot water flowing down my arms and back and inhaling the hot steam in the air. I washed my hair with my strawberry shampoo and after finishing wrapped myself in a white towel. I made my way over to my bedroom and put on my black and white pyjamas. It didn't take long till I fell asleep with a soft smile on my face knowing, that when I wake up in the morning, I would be in Edward's arms, as he promised he would be back before dawn.

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