House limped as fast as he could towards the lift, willing himself to make it before Wilson caught up with him. Sliding through the door he lent panting against the wall as the doors slid shut on Wilson's confused face.

House sighed; Wilson would just assume he had given House a flash of inspiration or something.

Leaning heavily on his side he knelt his head against the wall and willed for his erection to go down, damning his lack of control. He sighed loudly his mind reeling with possible causes of his condition.

The only thing his mind gave him was puberty, a cause of seemingly random and frequent erections. House groaned and left the lift quickly heading for his bike, concealing himself in his jacket.

The flat was comforting House gazed around and decided what he needed was a scotch, a scotch and his comfy sofa.

Smiling he relaxed into the soft cushions closing his eyes and ignoring the pain in his leg, about to drift off into a peaceful sleep. A loud ringing woke him, House groaned and lent over shuffling his hand around to find the phone.


"House! Where did you go!?"


"Your patient almost died, you haven't been answering calls. I demand an explanation!"

"I wasn't feeling well mommy" House whined down the phone,

"House get back here right now" Cuddy murmured her voice strain with exhaustion

"Whatever it is just come to my office, we need to talk"

"Is that just your way of saying you want in my pants, because I'm game"

Cuddy hung up and House groaned, back to the hospital, back to worrying about his problem.

House blinked at Wilson, he was leaning over the nurses' counter smiling shyly and pulling on his tie. Shaking his head he limped toward Cuddys office and burst in staring at her with his eyebrows raised.

Cuddy looked up and blushed, staring up determinately at Houses face

"Happy to see me?"

She coughed looking pointedly at his crotch; House looked down and let out a exasperated sigh. "It's not for you"

Cuddy frowned "What?"

House sighed again and limped to the sofa, lowering himself slowly and staring at the opposite wall.

"Its been happening for about a month, at first it was only once or twice a week but now it happens a few times a day" he scratched his jaw and lazily turned his gaze on her

"I'm not sure what sets it off"

Cuddy put a hand to her forehead and let out a long breath "is it the…"

"Drugs? No if anything they would stop" Gesturing to himself "This"

"Well something must be causing it, have you talked to Wilson? I mean it could be a symptom of …"

Cuddy's voice was lost to House, Wilson; House strained his thoughts back to when it first started.

He had been talking to Wilson and one of his girlfriends and Wilson had joked that House was jealous, House remembered feeling angry all of a sudden and then Wilson had kissed the girl goodbye which had just made him angrier.

House sighed, the next day Wilson had got pasta on his shirt and in his hair because House had jumped up when Wilson woke him up on his sofa. He smiled as he remembered how nice it was to know Wilson was there, and then he remembered a different feeling altogether as Wilson had exited his bathroom, shirtless, his hair wet and floppy in his eyes. Lust.

Houses eyes widened and he let out a great groan of revelation. He only ever got the condition when Wilson was around or if he was thinking about Wilson. He fancied his best friend.

House turned and stared wide eyed at Cuddy who was staring right back at him with a bewildered look on her face "House?"

"It's Wilson"


House just gaped at her, his mind reeling. Suddenly the door to her office opened and Wilson stood his confused face flipping between House and cuddy,

"Uh interrupting anything?"

Cuddy looked up at him and smiled "No, no no what is it?"

"Oh just a report on that patient you asked me to look over"

Wilson turned licking his lips and sliding a hand through his thick wavy hair, House bit back a whimper as Wilson fiddled with his tie, rubbing his neck and shifting his weight from one hip to the other.

He went to say something to House but was stopped by the sight of Houses face buried in his hands, his whole body crunched up.

He shook his head and gave a questioning look to cuddy who shrugged her shoulders and smiled politely, watching him leave the room.

When he was out of sight House rubbed his face with his hands and looked pleadingly at Cuddy, who raised an eyebrow House's erection evident and his face pained.

She paused and nodded "Wilson"

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