Wilson woke at 7 o'clock on the dot. He smiled and rubbed his face, rolling onto his back in his bed, it would be a good day. He got up quickly and made a hot breakfast smiling and whistling as he worked, the same grin dragging him through his morning routine, time moving so fast Wilson barely had time to register it before he was out the door and driving towards the hospital, ready to ensure his plans would be put into place.

House blearily opened his eyes; his mind fuzzy in the warmth of his bed, pain slowly creeping into is leg. House reached a slow clumsy arm out and took two loose vicodin off of the bedside table, swallowing them quickly and easily.

He groaned as he rose from his bed and limped to the bathroom, trying ton make himself look less haggard. He sniffed the kitchen and smiled when he found pancakes in the fridge. Stuffing them down he groaned in anger at his beeper, it pulsating loudly on the table. Sighing House limped out of his home and froze, his bike was missing.

He felt sick and angry and stamped out to where his car sat a pink post it on the windscreen. House raised his eyebrow and snatched it off a familiar scrawl leaping out at him

Your bike got hit in the night, I got it taken away to be fixed. Don't panic. I put your car key in your coat pocket. House let out a breath and stuck his had into his pocket fingers closing around the sharp metal keys. House stared longingly at his bikes parking space but slid into the seat and drove away.

Wilson was sick of being asked what he was so happy about, he would just nod and say it was a good day. Anticipation swarming in his gut. He could barely think with it, jumping out of his seat when his alarm rang signaling lunch. He hurried down to the canteen almost breaking into a run the closer he got knowing that if he stopped, he may never get there.

House smiled for the first time since he had gotten to the hospital, Wilson was sat already in there regular seats in the canteen his nervousness clear from where House stood. The younger man was practically bouncing in his seat, glancing around his eyes darting from door to door until they finally came in to contact with Houses.

House grinned and nodded at the oncologist limping as fast as he could in case Wilson exploded before he got there.

"Hey Jimmy"

Wilson beamed up at him, "Hey"

House leant in and pecked Wilson on the lips before sliding into his seat. Wilson couldn't hold it in any longer and blurted out what he had been dying to say all day

"Happy anniversary"

House chuckled "Okay now? You looked like you would explode for a second there"

Wilson laughed ducking his head "Well it's nice to actually remember my anniversary for once"

House grinned "Congratulations at least now when you spend it with me, you wont have to buy ridiculous expensive gifts to make up for it"

"I can do that anyway, I booked us dinner tonight at seven"

House nodded taking half of Wilson's sandwich and inspecting the filling "Ew prawn salad? Okay you got me. You obviously went and bought me a gift"

Wilson blushed and rubbed the back of his neck, reaching out to take the sandwich off of House frowning when the diagnostician snatched his hand back.

"I though you hated prawn salad"

"Exactly and that's why you got it, so to punish you I'm going to eat this anyway. It's a matter of principle. So where is this gift? C'mon gimme gimme gimme"

Wilson beamed so suddenly House was caught off guard and froze mouthful of sandwich. "Well finish your lunch and you can come see it"

House frowned his mind suddenly reeling with all the possibilities, he swallowed hard. "What is it?"

"No telling, it's a surprise" Wilson's insides were buzzing, he had done well this time, he knew that this anniversary would be his best yet. They finished there lunch in record time house practically leaping out of his seat and heading towards there offices, sure that's where his gift would be.

Wilson however rose slowly to his feet and crossed his arms, smirking at his lovers retreating back "Uh Greg? This way"

House froze and raised an eyebrow, following Wilson out the door and eventually out of the hospital all together. "Where are we going?"

They arrived at the car park to find all three fellows cars blocking the view of Houses parking space, Wilson bouncing on the soles of his feet with glee.

"Jimmy what is this?"

"Go take a look"

House frowned at him but obliged, limping slowly around the cars until his present came into a view. Houses mouth dropped open and he visibly wobbled on his cane.

Sat where his car should have been was a large black motorbike, its sides spiked and blown out new helmet and jacket sitting on top. Wilson laughed at the look on Houses face and walked up next to him grabbing his arm

"Figured I'd get something you'd actually like rather than something romantic"

House leant into him his face still shocked "This is the most romantic thing anybody has ever given me"

Wilson chuckled and squeezed Houses hand "Go on then try it out"

House practically bounced away from him, sliding on the jacket and helmet and lifting his leg over the bike grinning at Wilson.

Suddenly Chase burst out of the hospital his arms panicked swirling around. "House! She needs surgery!"

House frowned and pouted at Chase "Right now?"

Chase could barely catch his breath "Yes now!"

"But… the bike?"

Chase frowned at him crossing his arms "House I think our patient is a little more important than a stupid bike"

Wilson nodded towards the exit and House's sighed his face dropping "Not to me it isn't" he slumped in his seat slowly getting off the bike and following Chase away.

Wilson sighed disappointed for House when his lover shouted out, the sound reverberating around the empty car park

"You will have to wait until dinner for your present"

Wilson gasped shocked that House had actually got him a gift, grinning he folded the jacket and slid it into the storage box on the back of the bike, next to the helmet.

Wilson was sat outside the operating theatre head in his hands new suit rumpled, hair sticking up where he had been running his hands through it. His excitement for the day wearing thin, it was almost over, suddenly House burst out of the operating room, sweaty and haggard looking. He stopped when he saw Wilson seated, holding a plastic bag.

"What's in the bag?"

"Clean suit and shirt, new shoes for you"

House raised his eyebrows limping forward, frowning when Wilson moved the bag away from him

"We missed the reservation"

House frowned and mouthed the word "oh"

"It's okay; I mean it wasn't your fault. I just wanted our first anniversary to be special"

Wilson looked so downhearted House felt bad, he actually felt guilty. "I'm sorry your day was ruined"

Wilson sighed and looked up at him "Can we go home?"

House stared at him for a moment and then nodded, leaning towards Wilson when he stood up softly brushing his lips against the oncologists and heading toward the exit

"Hey it isn't ruined; I can make it up to you"

Back at home Wilson was feeling better; he smiled as he stirred the pot, the kitchen warm Houses soft piano playing in the background.

"Dinners ready!"

Wilson served the curry and brought it out into the living room, grinning at House who was already in his seat looking up at him expectantly

"Great, I got our evening tivo'd , and whiskey right here" House gestured next to his seat grinning . Wilson sighed and sank into his seat, handing his lover dinner.

They ate in comfortable silence, the film House had selected largely being ignored in place of stolen glances and soft smiles. When they had finished Wilson got up straight away to take the plates to the kitchen.

House took this time to prepare his own surprise. Wilson sighed happily; at least they always could have this, even if they never went on proper dates. He wiped his hands on a dishcloth and wandered back into the living room, the cold floor shocking his sockless feet, he stopped when he noticed that House had disappeared.

"Greg?" he crept toward the bedroom finding nothing, the same for the bathroom .House wasn't in the flat.

Wilson pouted hands on hips. "Greg where are you?" he slumped back into the sofa groaning. He didn't need this to ruin the end of his day, his opened his eyes and flexed his fingers as they brushed over a piece of paper

'I'm at the park, come quick.'

Wilson frowned running a hand through his hair and rolling his eyes. Of course House would want to do something strange today. He sighed accepting that he would have to go outside into the cold winter night and find his lover.

Slipping on a pair of shoes, his favorite coat and one of Houses old scarves he tramped outside heading for the nearest park.

House watched Wilson's back retreat and clambered to his feet as quietly as he could, freezing as he fell into the side table fearing the noise would cause his younger over to come running.

When he didn't House let out a breath and pulled his coat, sneakers and jacket from their hiding place behind the piano, ensuring he had his gift and had left the note. Then fully dressed he limped as quickly as he could passing the door of the kitchen admiring Wilson's ass as he bent over the cupboards to put away the plates.

Forcing himself to carry on he slowly creaked open the door and let it close slowly behind him hurrying away to hide at the park.

Wilson stamped his feet and glanced around, looking or tell tale cane prints in the falling snow. He stopped when he spotted a dark form sat on a bench on top of the hill, snow falling in white clouds around him the light from the streetlights making everything glistening, the only sounds Wilson's panting breaths and the soft flutter of snow.

Wilson raised an eyebrow and walked quickly over to where House was sat staring out into the white abyss.


House looked at him smiling softly and looking back out into the snow.


Wilson slid in next to the diagnostician, scooting closer trying to steal the warmth radiating from him.

"Jimmy, what time is it?"

Wilson raised his eyebrows and shook his wrist blinking at the clock face of his watch "Uh five to twelve"

"Five minutes left"

"Greg what is this"

House looked at him for moment as if weighing up scenarios, and then he slowly put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a thick gold band staring at it like a foreign object. Wilson couldn't breathe

"G-G-Greg are you…proposing?"

House blushed and looked at him "I like to think of it more as claiming you as my own"

Wilson beamed "You got me something romantic"

Houses head ducked and he mumbled something "Is that a yes?"

Wilson grabbed his arm and took the ring, sliding it onto his finger "Yes"

House nodded letting a small smile flicker over his features. Wilson examined the ring, his grin growing with every detail his took in. The band was thick and heavy, completely plain except for a single letter engraved just inside.


"H for Houses" House smiled at him and looked up into the clouds

"H for Houses" Wilson murmured to himself admiring the ring "That is just so…"

Wilson looked up at his lover smiling

"Unlike me?" House turned his eyes onto his lover eyebrows raised

"Yeah" Wilson tightened his grip on Houses arm "What does your ring say?"

House pulled another band out of his pocket and passed it over, watching as Wilson read the single digit '1'

"Your number 1?"

House grinned at him "Why thank you Jimmy. That's me the first Wilson husband, numero uno".

House beamed at him stroking his hair and smugly licking his lips

Wilson laughed out loud and pushed the ring onto his fiancés finger. The cold air swirling the white plumes around them, a eerie church bell clanging in the distance, signaling the end of the best day of James Wilson's life so far.

"I love you Greg"

"I love you too Jimmy"