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Ch. 1

Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at the battle field with dead, dispassionate eyes. Rotting corpses and howling beings were all that they saw. Voldemort had gotten more than he bargained for. Not only did he try to enslave the human race, but also the intelligent races of all United Kingdom, Voldemort's days had finally come up numbered.

Waving his oak wand, the three of them had cleaned up as if they hadn't been fighting for their lives only an hour earlier. Harry, then, banished the wounded to the medical tents strategically placed in the Forbidden Forest. Ron followed his lead and banished the dead into the dungeon of Hogwarts Castle. Hermione made a sweeping motion only for the battlefield to be swallowed up by Hogwarts' wards. The land had shown not a hint of a battle before the three of them disappeared by the swish of their cloaks.


Harry let himself fall into the headmaster's chair as he rubbed his temples. Ron and Hermione glanced at each other before giving a fanged grin. They knew that Harry was still trying to sort out his memories.

While most thought Harry was the most powerful of the trio, it was actually Ron who held the largest magical reserves. Harry came in a distant second followed by Hermione trailing behind in third. Hermione, on the other hand, had control that Ron did not. She could use exacting amounts of magic for each spell that Ron couldn't match no matter how much he tried. Harry did have something that nether could compare, his replenishing of magic went a lot quicker than Dumbledore or Voldemort had ever seen before. It wasn't wise to draw out a battle with Harry as he could regenerate his magic faster than any potion or spell could ever accomplish.

The three of them became to known to the magical world as Cerberus. For they bring destruction for all those who oppose them. They had been known to combine spells to wipe out whole battalions of Voldemort's minions. For this also, they became outlaws to ICW, who were composed of ancient, pureblood families. Out of fear and mostly siding with Voldemort, the pureblood families have a kill-on-sight order on them.

"Harry, what are we going to do?" Hermione broke the silence.

Harry blinked several times as he tried to focus on Hermione. His voice was rough with disuse, "I don't know. The ICW will no doubt try to take over Magical United Kingdom since we eliminated Voldemort."

"In which, they will call for our heads as war criminals." Ron spat at the end.

Harry shifted his eyes towards Ron as his magical aura had become visible for several seconds before controlling himself. "Agreed. It wouldn't look good if we started killing the so called good guys in public, so we can't stay here unless we want to start another war."

Harry grimaced while the other two gave each other another glance to each other. He didn't even need to raise his head to know that the two of them would fight again for their home. Though Harry agreed to fight for his home, his soul couldn't take it again so soon after they finished the newest Dark Lord of United Kingdom.

"We really don't have much of a choice." Ron said with grim determination.

"Ron's right Harry, we didn't just fight one battle only to lose the war to some bigot traditionalist."

Harry's face grimaced even further as he shifted his eyes from one to another. He could see both of them getting pumped up again. He dropped his gaze to the ground. His heart was ripping from his body as he spoke his next words slowly. "I'm sorry, but I can't."

Hermione startled him when she raised his chin up to their eyes. Her eyes were had understanding as Ron had resignation.

"I – I just can't do it again. My mind says it is logical to follow through what we were pulled into and my heart so wants to protect what is ours…" Harry trailed off only for Ron to finish.

"But your soul needs to mend because of what you lost." Harry nodded.

"We understand Harry. Ron and I fight the ICW. Go heal first Harry, and then we'll see each other again." Harry gave a soft smile.

"Thank you." Harry said as they stood up and gave each other hugs.

"We'll be together again; after all we are the Cerberus." Harry nodded before seemingly to go hazy as his unique transportation spell took effect.

Ron and Hermione gave a longing look as they wanted to go with him but knew it was up to them until Harry returned.