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Ch 4

Naruto woke up comfortable for the first time ever. His cerulean blue eyes took in that he was in an unfamiliar bed. Pulling the duvet from him, he saw his clothes had been changed.

Wondering if Sarutobi had found him, he opened the door only to recognizing it for his apartment. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he looked back into the bedroom and back into the living room to see the difference.

He didn't get too much to contemplate his situation as his attention had changed over to the couch to see a vaguely familiar figure rise. His emerald green eyes had a slight glow to them. His midnight hair was pulled back out with a rubber band. His clothes were rumpled with his robes being used as a blanket.

Giving Naruto a kind smile, he then spoke soft voice, "Good morning."

"W-w-who are you?" Naruto stuttered.

Harry stood up before pulling on his robes. He walked over to the two year old, who was craning his neck up at Harry. Kneeling he gave a sad smile.

"I'm your new daddy. Do you…" Harry didn't even finish before a two year old slammed into him.

Wheezing slightly, he looked down at the boy who had burrowed deep into his stomach and robes. He wrapped his arms around his son. His mind couldn't but wonder what would have had happened if someone had done the same thing to him. 'I would have done the same.' His conscious said without pause.

They didn't move from there for a while as Naruto had tears of joy, and Harry felt happiness for finally having a family. It soon turned into a tickling game as Harry found Naruto extremely ticklish. His nimble fingers roamed Naruto's tickle spots. Childish and adult laughter filled the apartment as Naruto got back at his new dad.

The sun had fully risen before they went into the kitchen to find breakfast platters were already laid out. Harry looked just as surprised as Naruto, but Harry had an inkling as to who had done it. Sitting Naruto in a booster seat beside his own chair, he found the food cut up for Naruto to eat. Harry and Naruto quickly ate their food before there was an interruption. A crackling sound was soon followed by a house elf.

Harry knew immediately who it was before seeing Naruto's surprised look. A small roll piece of sausage had rolled out of his mouth as the creature's appearance surprised him. A smile appeared on the house elf's face before speaking a squeaky voice that reminded him of Ron entering puberty.

"Is master and little master needing anymore food of Tinker?"

Harry shook his head. "No, Tinker. We're doing fine." He then turned to Naruto, who was still in shock, "Naruto." His head snapped to Harry that almost made Harry wince. "This is Tinker. He is a house elf. He is here to help me and you."

Naruto absently nodded before he went back to his food loosing focus on Tinker and Harry. Harry smiled before turning to Tinker for a deeper explanation.

"Tinker, how did you find me?" Tinker shifted himself back and forth as he seemed to have an internal debate before answer.

"I is following master. Mummy and Daddy is wanted you protected master. I is following Mummy and Daddy." He said proudly as Harry groaned before burying his face in his hands.

Winky and Dobby made it a point to watch over Harry on and off the battlefield. They seemed to try to fit the absent parental figures at the same time follow his orders. The only reason he didn't have then with him is being him ordering the two to stay and watch over Hermione and Ron. He had forgotten about their son, Tinker.

After Naruto and Harry finished, Harry cleaned up Naruto. They moved to the living room so he could try to explain what he was. Harry had Naruto on his knee with Naruto's attention on him. Harry had thought about how to tell a short attention span of a toddle before coming up with an idea. "Frustro tui Oculus."

A thin line appeared on the middle Naruto's eyes before Naruto gasped as small figures appeared. They seemed like they were toy sized even though Harry in the background was closest to him. Harry started to tell his story.

"Alright Naruto, you know I can do what shinobi can't right." The boy bobbled his head. "I'm what people call a wizard." One of the figures dressed similarly like Harry waved out to Naruto. "I can do actual magic. I can make things appear out of thin air, turn things into something else, fly, change into animals, and much more." The figure waved his wand as Harry explained, conjuring a chair then changing the chair into a broom. It then started flying around the other figures before jumping off his broom while changing into a cat.

"As a wizard, my kind naturally hides from people who can't do magic like your village shinobi." Another figure waves her wand as she is covered in a bubble while the shinobi figure looks around in confusion. Both Naruto and the witch giggle. Harry smile before continuing the story.

"My friends and I are special wizards and witches. We're more powerful and stronger than regular wizards." A miniature Harry, Ron, Hermione appeared and started blasting away other people with their wands before acting silly. Ron puffed out his chest and buffed his fingers. Hermione giggled before pulling out a book out of nowhere and started reading. Harry, on the other hand, smirked as he went chasing after the cleaning cat.

"As your dad, I will protect you, but you need to keep my secrets. You can't tell them that I'm a wizard. You also can't tell them that I can do magic as they will take me away from you. Okay?" Harry said worriedly. Naruto, on the other hand, couldn't see Harry's worried face as he watched the illusion. Miniature Naruto was being held by Harry as he used his wand before one of the shinobi he was fighting took his wand. Naruto watched as his new dad was ripped from Naruto before being taken away and leaving Naruto alone.

The illusion soon disappeared with Naruto blinking rapidly for a few seconds before tears were wiped away by Harry. Naruto looked up to Harry and buried his face into Harry's chest. Harry knew it was harsh but Naruto needed to know the consequences if he spoke about Harry's abilities.

Even though Harry had made plans for certain precautions, they were all dependant that Naruto could keep all of his secrets. Even though he was magically powerful and strong, shinobi still could kill him if he was exhausted. The Sandaime Hokage was especially dangerous. He couldn't trust the old shinobi even if wasn't a legilimens. He had an oily feeling that reminded him of old Grindelwald.

Pushing his thoughts aside, he turned back to Naruto. He blinked in surprise as he got lost in thought to find Naruto and Tinker playing. He got up from the couch before sending a telepathic message to Tinker.

'Keep an eye on Naruto. I need to go to the office and sort through the files. Send him to me when he wants me.'

'I is looking after little master until little master wants master.' Harry couldn't help but wince at the house-elfish dialect of English. He made a note to fix that later.

Apparating silently into the office, his eye twitched when he saw the neatly, three-foot stack of papers. Tinker had cleaned up the office but still left all the paperwork. Trying the chair only to find it unconformable, he transfigured it into an executive chair. He turned to the papers, he started going through them.

Harry went through hundreds of tenant contracts that were ether voided by death, voided by non-payment, voided by moving out, or still in effect. Each contract was sorted into piles that were floating around the room. He also found old bills that were paid or overdue. These, too, also had their own stacks along with current relevant information like the deed, building blueprints, current bills, and current and old complaints/problems among his tenants.

Tinker and Naruto found Harry in newly expanded office. The room had seemed to come under new renovation as stacks of scrolls, books and papers all seemed to be revolving around Harry. Harry seemed not to pay attention to them or his audience as he changed the wall color to a burgundy color with walnut trim. The window had changed to a picture window looking out to the brown grass backyard. The simple fan/light fixture changed to a chandler. The desk also changed from a beat up metal desk to a walnut executive desk. Against one wall, there wasn't a blank spot as it was covered with walnut bookcases. Harry finished up with the closet as it was converted into another room filled with a copy of Harry's magical library. The walls were creamed colored with the ceiling charmed to look outside.

He looked over at Naruto and smiled at Naruto's awed expression. He chuckled before flicking his oak wand. The revolving material all neatly filled the book shelves in the main room.

"Now what can I do you for, my son?" Harry said only to see Naruto's outstretched hands.

Harry picked up his son only to have him curl up against him with his eyes getting heavy. He had his thumb in mouth. Giving a kiss on his son's messy blond hair, the three of them disappeared from the office to the apartment. Harry and Naruto ate before the two of them retired into Naruto's room.

Tinker cleaned up after the two as they retired for the night. He could hear Harry telling Naruto a story as he cleaned the kitchen. His father always told him to keep an ear out for Harry's stories as they always enrapture his audience. Tinker was no different only to interrupt by his proximity magic being tripped by shinobi again.

Tinker crackled only to appear where he saw an Anbu try to enter his master's wards forcefully. He had to admire his master's power, a dozen shinobi for the past two days tried to enter the property only to find an invisible ward stopping them. They tried different chakra techniques to enter only to fail and exhaust themselves.

This Anbu was different though. His silver hair stood up as his hitai-ite was pushed up to expose a scar and red eye that had revolving black tomoe, "Kai."

Tinker's eyes widened as the wards became visible only for a split second before disappearing from the naked eye again. Not knowing what just happened, he snapped his fingers adding onto the wards with a Muggle-repelling jinx. He watched as the Anbu was struggling with his body until he turned around without a single glance back at the building.

Tinker sighted in relief before turning back only to see Harry standing beside him. He squeaked in surprise only babbling an apology. Harry cut him off with his index finger to his lips. The elf complied with the order.

"Tinker, thank you for protecting the wards but that was unnecessary. I had known they were pounding onto the ward and let them. They need to learn some hard facts. Naruto is now my son and under my protection along with all my tenants. However, I can't help but worry about the power of the shinobi. I'm going to need your help again. It seems I going to fighting a new war and I don't know the sides." Tinker straightened up before the illusion revealed a teenage that was nearly shoulder height, bowed.

"It will be done, my lord." Harry smiled bitterly.

"This is going to be reconnaissance. Gather relevant information without exposing yourself. See if you can't get information on chakra and their techniques. Return in the morning." Tinker bowed again before disappearing in a wisp of smoke.

Harry turned back to the apartment and sighed. He knew he had a lot of work to do for their home. Naruto was asleep and that meant that Harry could continue the modifications on the complex.

Both Harry and Tinker worked into the early hours. Harry changed their apartment more into a three story penthouse protected by the Fidelius Charm with himself as secret-keeper. He then fixed the lobby from its shabby shape to wooden paneled walls, staircase, and thick, heavy apartment doors. Harry, by this time, went to his new bedroom, magically and physically exhausted.

This continued for the next month as Tinker and Harry would spend their time with Naruto during the day and work at night. Harry went through one apartment each night. However, Tinker would continue to explore not just the village but Hi no Kuni.

Tinker would leave his memories in a special pensive that Harry received from the Department of Mysteries just before it was destroyed during the war along with a few other things.

Harry and Tinker found that neither could use ninjutsu as it used chakra; however, ninja misconceived that genjutsu was the same. Genjutsu, unlike ninjutsu that to use chakra, is more mental oriented therefore used more spiritual part of chakra which also happen to be magic.

Chakra seemed to be a fusion of magic and physical chi. After a millennium of mixing spiritual and physical aspects to create chakra, the people of the land are incapable of separating their magic and chi. The continent were once a race of magic users only to lose it to create something more powerful in combat. Genjutsu is the last partial magic they had left.

Naruto and the other jinchuuriki, however, have more spiritual power since they have a demon spirit in them by fuuinjutsu. They are the only ones maybe, and he heavily stressed on maybe, are capable of doing magic but they need to be untrained first of chakra.

--- Three years later ---

Harry looked out the window in his office and had to smile as his son was wrestling with Tinker. Other children were running around playing as well but his focus was on his son. His office was filled with moving pictures floating around. He couldn't suppress his magical nature like any other of his kind and it showed.

Anyone who came into his office that asked, he would explain it off as fuuinjutsu. Several shinobi tried different tactics to figure out his power only to come up empty handed one way or another. Even the old kage tried his luck only to find himself out into the street faster than he could blink, literally.

Harry sighed as he knew that he needed to get back to England for its war. Hermione and Ron sent regular correspondence through either Winky or Dobby. ICW were becoming bolder in there smear campaign and silent war outside the public's eye.

Naruto still needed him but at the same time desired to become a shinobi. Harry could see it in his eyes. They had already started with the basics of magic with the help of Tinker's buried enclave of magic indigenous to the continent. They still used hand seals but they were one-handed and required speed for some spells. The three of them studied together with Harry and Tinker having no trouble at all since they were magical in origin with Naruto struggling somewhat when they did get the speed and accuracy to do the spell.

There were twelve seals that had no name to them. They only listed the picture of the sign and an animated picture of how fast they need to be. Also they didn't say anything for the spell to work unless it was a ritual. However like shinobi, they too held their knowledge and spells a secret. The enclave was supposed to become a learning center only for the masters to be killed before it could be opened. The spells only covered some transfiguration, charms, and dueling. However the largest section was for conjuring.

Harry looked over at the picture of 'Cerberus' only to sigh. He didn't want to leave his son here but he had little choice. He waved his hand away, and the lights dimmed to reveal a secret door. Opening the door, it revealed a ritual chamber he made over two years ago.

In the center, it held a bubbling cauldron on low, green flame. He cut his palm with a dagger before letting it pool in the palm of his hand. When it filled, he poured it into his potion and let his magic heal his palm.

He stepped back three steps from the cauldron before going threw several hundred hand seals while muttering in Latin. When he finished, the cauldron bubbled and hissed before a large, purple cloud came out, absorbing the potion.

It stayed there hanging over Harry waiting for his command. "I need you to take my appearance for Naruto's sake and the village's bane."

The cloud condensed in front of Harry before taking his appearance. "What is thy will, my master?" His voice and mannerisms were exactly the same as Harry's.

"I need to return to my world. Protect my son and teach him. You have my blood so you can teach him my physical style as well as have an idea what to train him in. Genjutsu training is a must with magic as a second priority."

"Understood, my master." The shade bowed once more. Harry went to the door to his office only to pause for a second. "One last thing, gather some allies from the village. I have a strange feeling that we're going to need them sometime in the future."

Harry charged his magic as grey smoke seemed to alter time and space. He gave Naruto and Tinker one last smile before going deeper into the smoke. His shade watched with confidence that his master will succeed.