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Snape was riddled with regret, anger and loss. Lying under his sheets, which were now thankfully just sheets, he tossed and turned in his attempt to find sleep. Sleep didn't come. And so, instead, He lay processing the events that had taken place mere hours ago. He had successfully angered a very powerful witch and had paid the price as she had yelled at him, transforming all sorts of horrid things to crawl across his body. He had also, quite possibly, lost the love of his life to the clutches of the dark lord. Aside from the pain radiating from the gashes in his torso that he gained during a 'punishment session' with the dark lord, his heart was causing him endless pain. Would he get her back? Would she still love him?

The endless questions plagued him, fuelling the fire inside him that burnt the good thoughts and left nothing but hopelessness and self hatred. Similar questions plagued Ana as she paced back and forth in Minerva's study. The older witch was in her tartan dressing gown, a cup of coffee in her hand and a worried look upon her tired and lined face.

"Ana, we have been here for hours. We have nothing more to consider. She is at the Malfoy's, a place we cannot enter! No-one knows where it is anyway. Yes we suspect it's somewhere in Russia, but we don't actually know! She must make the choice to come home and join the right side." Said the older witch, irritation sharpening her voice.

"I cannot stand here and do nothing Minerva, not when it is my fault that she left! She thinks that I love him! The pain she will be feeling is unbelievable. I need to help her." She yelled fiercely, pacing faster. Her long curls flowing behind her and the magic that simmered under her pores causing the air to crackle.

"Ana! There – is – nothing – we – can – do!" Minerva punctuated every word with irritation. Before she breathed in deeply and continued in a much calmer voice; her patience was wearing precariously thin but she was trying very hard to rope it back in.

"Anybody other than a death eater will be deflected in the floo system and come out of a gate in goodness knows where."

"But Hermione didn't did she? She got there, the floo reports said she arrived safely. How do you explain that?" Ana countered.

"Ana, she has a mark very much like the Dark mark does she not? She is involved with Voldermort in a soul deep level. Of course she will have been able to get there, Lord Voldermort will have been expecting her to come – he has, after all, been willing her to come for almost a month now."

Ana looked ready to cry, sparks flying from the end of her wand as she turned about the room. Stopping dead however, realization dawned on her beautiful face.

"We can't get in, but Snape can." She said slowly.

"Ana? He has just suffered unimaginable pain. He is barely fit to fight for her. No, we must wait for her to come back of her own accord."

"And what if she doesn't? What if she truly believes that he and I are an item and that I love him and vice versa. Snape declares he loves her – he should help us fight for her. Waiting for her gives her no support! She is 18 Minerva , still practically a child. She needs us – she needs him." Ana said firmly, though she felt a discomfort of some sort.

"I – Oh I don't know." Minerva answered pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration and weariness.

Ana seemed set, determined. Her eyes were hard glaciers of unyielding resolve; but her stomach twisting hesitantly.

"I'm going to talk to him." She threw over her shoulder as she opened the door and stalked the corridors at an alarming rate.

"No! Ana wait until the morning." Minerva shouted after her, knowing it would d no good, but wanting to try anyway. Sitting back down Minerva growled slightly and vanished her tea, only to replace it with a summoned whisky from her quarters.

"Well. I didn't expect to see you here so soon. What is it that I can help you with?" Snape spat at the beautiful woman in front of him, who's chest was rising and falling at an incredible rate. Growling like an angry cat she barely restrained her arms from reaching for her wand and hexing his balls off. Calming herself, or trying to, Ana closed her eyes briefly and flexed her wand hand. Before she re opened her eyes and stared callously into his eyes.

"You can help, you snarky git, by escorting me and yourself into Malfoy Manner. That is where she is and so that is where we will go."

Snape blanched. "You can't expect me to take you and myself into such danger at this moment in time! We will never get passed the front door – they will kill us dead." Despite the cold exterior and tone, to those who knew him, his expression was one of resigned acceptance.

Ana advanced on him; her eyes blazing in anger and fortitude, her tone one of firm authority. "We have no choice. She needs to be brought back here and shown that we don't love each other." She snarled at him, but even as she said it she felt a twist in her stomach of uncertainty.

"Ana – I want to bring her home! I want to help her. But in this condition? And with only two of us? We have no chance of even reaching her. I want to be successful in bringing her home – a failed attempt to seize her could end in either one of us dying. Not to mention her. What if we fall short in bringing her home and she dies trying to protect us in a fight that might induce? I would never forgive myself … could you?" His tone was imploring and almost desperate.

Ana looked down, a wetness in eyes, "No I don't think I could. But we have to try! What other choice do we have?" Her voice broke with devastation and delayed tears.

"What do we do Severus? W- what do we do?" She looked back at him, her anger taking its true form of distress and agony.

"Oh Ana. I don't know – I just – I really don't know." Lifting his arms he embraced her tightly as she threw herself at him in tears.

Holding onto him tightly Ana allowed her tears, those that had been swallowed and turned into anger before, to run freely. She was the strongest woman he had ever met, beautiful with so much power and strength of mind. Rarely did she show weakness, but this time it was not weakness in herself it was the love that she felt for her friend and student. His thumb gently rubbed her arm as he whispered words of soothing comfort. He felt his insides turn, holding her like this, feeling her skin on his and her breath on his chest he was uncertain as to what he did feel for her. No matter how much they argued and fought, no matter how they insulted and tormented each other, it was mutually agreed, if unsaid, that they were very good friends. She was the only one, besides Dumbledore and Minerva, that he knew her could trust with his life. Seeming to feel his inner turmoil and her tears having stopped, Ana looked up at him. Having no shame in her tear washed face she smiled gently, allowing him to see her torment for himself within her eyes.

Lying there, her body against his, and her hand upon his heart she stared unflinching into his eyes. What was it between them? Was anything more than a fondness? Had she given Hermione the right impression even if she didn't know it yet? In his eyes she could she see the same questions.

Biting her lip in both confusion and uncertainty she searched the deep black eyes that x-rayed her own. Stretching her body upwards and tipping her head backwards, she brought her hand to his cheek and brought down his head. A seconds hesitance as their lips were millimetres apart past before the gap was closed and their lips met. All uncertainty left Ana as his lips moved against hers, she felt his grip tighten around her as he pulled her closer to him, and she felt his tongue run along her bottom lip asking for entrance, which she willingly gave him.

Pulling back after several endearing moments, breathing hard, she felt instantly terrible and said the one thing that was causing her a mini storm, "Hermione."

He froze, his grip becoming slack. With one swift motion he pushed both her and himself off the bed and turned on her.

"What were we doing? How could I? How could you? How could WE? It is her I love!" He was fuming, past angry, he was livid.

Ana didn't know whether to be ashamed, hurt or angry. "You kissed me!" she spat.

He scoffed, "No I did not, you kissed ME!"

Ana shook her head, "What does it matter, we still need to go and get her! Whether or not you feel anything for me, she is our priority."

"I love her. I'm - sorry I kissed you." He bowed his head before pulling on a shirt from the post on the end of his bed.

"I- what are you doing?"

"I'm getting dressed. Then I am going to send forks to Dumbledore and alert the order as to where we are going and what is happening. Then Ana – I am going to take you and me to the Malfoy manner. "

Smiling despite the pain in her heart, she braced herself for the upcoming battle. "Thank you Severus." Casting her eyes down as she saw a spasm go through him at the sound of his name.

"We won't speak of what just happened. To anyone; especially not Hermione. " He said firmly almost viciously. Ana's heart twisted again.

"I- Yes, yes of course. It was a – a mistake. It won't happen again." She said, not looking him in the eyes. Swallowing hard she continued;

"You erm – you get dressed and find some food. Make sure you take some strength potions and anything else you may need. I will go and pack a few things in a rucksack – If we are to do a mission impossible we will need to be prepared." She continued walking out of the infirmary.

"Ana-" He called to her, a sort tone, to which she replied only by turning to face him, eyes still downcast.

"Thank you." He finished, nodding to her before turning away and proceeding to get dressed.

She turned away again, leaving through the doors and sprinting back up the stairs to her own study. Pulling out a small chalkboard she threw numbers at it, trying to arrange and rearrange an outcome with a good percent. She was good with numbers, fabulous. And yet at times like this she really wished she wasn't. She wished she could look at them and not understand, she didn't want to understand! The numbers were telling her, her mind was telling her but her heart wasn't listening. Her heart was telling her to run into his arms and kiss him again, the numbers told her though that it would never be. No matter how much she wanted it.

Allowing the pain in her heart to engulf her for a few more minutes she buried her head in her hands. Tears fell silently down her cheeks and her beautiful face twisted in her inner anguish. He would never love her, he had said so. She shouldn't love him either, not when her friend loved him so dearly.

Narcissa hesitated in leaving Hermione with the dark lord,

"Go!" he hissed at her.

Narcissa jumped but still hesitated in moving, noticing the suspicion rising in Voldermort Hermione sent a shove of spirit into Narcissa, telling her to move and get out of there. Narcissa obeyed, scurrying down the halls and out of sight without a second glance.

" I knew you would come my love, my Queen." He hissed at her, pulling her body towards him and kissing her deeply. Finding her nerves standing to attention at his touch she moaned involuntarily. Lifting her up and allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist, he walked down the corridor and into a magnificent suite. Carefully lowering her onto the glorious four poster king size bed, Voldermort kissed down Hermione's neck, his cold hands everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Narcissa walked as quickly as possible whilst trying to avoid detection. Passing nobody in the corridors, she felt safe enough to enter a study, rarely used by anybody these days, pick up the floo powder and step through the flames into Hogwarts Infirmary.

Hit with a wave of panic, nausea and homesickness, Narcissa looked upon the shaken form of Severus Snape, head bowed in his hands and body shaking slightly with silent sobs. He obviously hadn't heard or seen her yet. Walking, as if on air, up behind his bed she watched for a few seconds before whispering his name.