A bit of randomness, now. This just proves that I have too much spare time.

Something about her...

Flora was a girl, (I mean, that's obvious, but stating the obvious is always a good place to start!) and Luke just didn't get her. For instance -

If he told her she was crazy, she would slap him round the arm, deny being crazy, then go and talk to her flowers.

If he did something just a tiny bit wierd, she would call him crazy, then go and talk to her flowers.

She would make the worst jokes, then look offended when no one laughed.

She got upset when she saw violets in the park once, and then went to buy a load of violets for the garden a day after.

He couldn't keep anything from her. She put it down to the fact that she spent 6 years of her life sneaking around a village without anyone noticing, but he put it down to her just being a girl.

She would ask for help to open a jam jar, and then slap his face and call him sexist if he said she wasn't strong enough.

She was always calling him sweet, but if he ever did do anything sweet, she would look really confused and say "Luke, if you've broken anything, you can tell me - I won't get mad at you!"

But the one thing he really didn't get is -

Why did he fancy her so much?

And not getting that annoyed him a lot.

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