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I will not admit that I am wrong. I have my reasons, and I will stand by them. You also have your reasons for agreeing with Bella to… well you know what you agreed.

I'm sorry. Incredibly sorry for hitting you, it was unjust, dishonourable. At first I didn't know what drove me to hit you, now I know. Love. I love her so much, Carlisle. More than I can explain. I need to protect her. I can't let you turn her into a... vampire. It would be monstrous. Can't you see that?

I love you too, Carlisle. You're my mentor, my father. That's why you have to understand, I don't want her to be a monster.

Please, just please wait a few more months, let her be human. Let me have longer to see her blush, to lose myself in her brown eyes, to hear her heart.

Make the right decision.


Oh Edward. I thought, the poor boy had been suffering more than me, more than Esme. The note was soft in my hands, I stroked it gently, I had to make a decision. Agreeing with Edward or breaking promises with Bella.

Somebody knocked at the door. Edward.

He walked in, his eyes looking at the carpet. My hand reached out and touched his shoulder, his gaze left the floor and met mine, "I'm sorry Carlisle, truly I am."

"I know son. It's OK. You have every right to be angry," I replied, trying to comfort him.

"You will keep Bella human, won't you?" Edward asked suddenly, his eyes wide.

I didn't answer for a few seconds. "I will keep your opinion in mind; you know I will do what is best for our family, that includes Bella."

Edward opened his mouth to protest, but shut it quickly, trying to keep the peace.

We stood in my office for a few minutes. It was nice to see him again, without his face screwed up in anger.

"I better go, I need to apologise to our family for my behaviour." Edward said sincerely. He turned towards the door, before left he turned around.

"By the way, I don't hate you." He said, smiling crookedly.