The Start Of The Journey.

Twinleaf town, a small town in the Sinnoh region, home to many people and Pokemon alike. One small house on the right of the town is where Rina lives with her mother, Catherine, her little sister, Ashley, and many Pokemon. Twinleaf town is usually a happy quiet place... but right now? It's the complete opposite.
"Mum! Ashley is playing marbles with my Pokeballs again!" A fifteen year old girl's voice whined throughout the house.
"Rinaaa, let me come with you pleaseee?" Another girl, around the age of 7 pleaded.
"Look. I've already told you, you're too young! In 3 years you'll be able to go out by yourself, and plus, I don't want you hanging around me." The fifteen year old, Rina, snatched her Pokeballs up from her little sisters grasp. Rina looked at Ashley's face, and knew what was coming.

"Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Rina hurt me real bad!" Ashley cried out, wanting attention from their mum.
"Would you be quiet! I'm trying to sleep!" A muffled yet loud voice came from a bedroom upstairs. Rina knew all to well her mum shouldn't be disturbed, her mum was a good mum, at times, but ever since their dad had walked out on them she had turned to drinking. Rina sighed and gave Ashley a cuddle, telling her to be quiet.
Once Ashley had calmed down Rina made her way upstairs, tip-toeing as to not wake her mum up again. She held onto her Pokeballs proudly as she entered her bedroom. It wasn't that big, but it was big enough for her stuff to fit in. The walls were painted a light yellow colour, but many posters of various Pokemon were up on the walls, much to her mum's dismay. She had floorboards put down, and in the centre was a yellow fluffy rug. In the corner was a normal, plain bed with a few cushions, and of course she had her wardrobe and a dresser. Put her favourite part of her room was the four, brown shelves on the walls, which held all her Pokedolls which she loved. She placed her Pokeballs on the bed, and gently shook the sleeping Pichu. It awoke with a smile on its face.

"Hey Sparky, today's the day we finally leave on our journey!" Rina spoke quietly.
"Pichu!" Her Pichu, nicknamed Sparky was unusual, instead of their normal pink cheeks, they were a light green. Rina has yet to discover why her very first Pokemon, which was given to her as an egg on her tenth birthday by her cousin, Jordan, was slightly different. Rina sat at her dresser and looked at her reflection, her sapphire eyes staring back at her, her long brown hair was neatly in place, and her pale skin was perfect. She wore a plain light blue top, with a white pleated skirt just above her knees. On her feet were light blue and white striped flat shoes. She decided to hold all the items she would need in a Pikachu backpack. At fifteen, Rina wasn't that tall, but she didn't care.

Rina was originally meant to leave home at the age of ten, like everyone else, but due to her mum's depression, Rina was forced to stay at home to help look after Ashley. But now everything was okay. Her mum was taking classes to help with her drinking problems, along with other people like her, and their neighbour, Sheila was going to help out. In the five long years of waiting, Rina had visited a daycare centre a few times, and decided to help out there with unwanted Pokemon. But Rina had become so attached to certain Pokemon; she was able to keep them.

She stuffed her Pokeballs in her bag, and got up to see her mum and sister one last time. Sparky comfortably sat on her shoulder. She made her way across the hall to her mum's room and pushed the door open slightly. The curtains were still closed and the only light in the room came from the digital clock. 7:45am, it read. Great, just great, she was to reach Sandgem town at 8:00am to see Professor Rowan, and it takes around twenty minutes to get there. She was going to have to hurry up if she didn't want to be late.
"Hm..." A soft moan came from her sleeping mum, which meant she was half awake.

'Probably has a hangover, yet again' Rina thought to herself.
"I'm leaving now, Sheila will be here in a bit. I'll call you when I get to Sandgem town, love you"

No answer.

After saying a tearful goodbye to Ashley, and bumping into Sheila on her way out and saying yet more goodbyes, she finally was ready to leave. She glanced at her watch and saw it was already 7:57am.

"Yikes! Sparky we better get moving!"

Rina ran as fast as her legs could carry her (which wasn't that fast) she encountered a few Starly and the occasional Bidoof in the grass, but didn't stop to battle. Besides, her Pokemon were all around level twenty anyway, no use battling level five Pokemon.

It was 8:23 by the time Rina reached Sandgem town; it was yet another small town, with the basic shops and Pokemon centre. Professor Rowan's lab was the biggest building, making it hard to miss. Also there was a small but clean beach. Many Krabby and Shellder could probably be found here.

Rina headed straight for the lab, but as she stepped inside she nearly collapsed due to being tired, so she had to rest a bit. After a few minutes of getting her breath back, she finally spoke to Professor Rowan, he was a fairly tall (kind of scary) looking man. He wore the usual lab coat, and had white hair, along with a white moustache. Many of his assistances were busy doing whatever they did. The lab was filled with various machines and books, but what stood out the most was the table near the back, on it was three Pokeballs – obviously the starter Pokemon.

"S...sorry I'm la-te" Was all she could say, so Rowan shook his head and chuckled a bit.

"It's okay, hello Sparky, good to see you again. Now Rina, here I have a Pokedex, you're already familiar with one of these I believe? If you don't mind I would like you to do me a favour. I'm studying Pokemon you see, and I'm far too old to venture out, so I would like you to gather as much information as possible as you travel around Sinnoh."

Rina, finally having all her breath back, took the red device and placed it in side pocket of her bag.

"Sure professor. Oh! How about I record the information of my Pokemon? I have a few rare ones!" She exclaimed in delight. Rowan nodded in agreement as Rina took out her Pokeballs and released everyone.
"Oh my! What a collection!"

Stood before them was Sparky, of course, two Eevee, a Starly, and a Ralts. They greeted each other and Rina, then looked strangely at Rowan, having never met him before.
"The two Eevee are brother and sister!"

Rina took out her Pokedex and first pointed it to Sparky.

"Pichu, the electric mouse Pokemon" Came a female voice. "The electric sacs on its cheeks are small, but can still produce a powerful electric shock. This Pichu is a female, and is currently level 24. The moves known are; Charm, Thunder shock, Thunder wave and Sweet kiss."

Rina gave Rowan a confused look.

"Since when does a Pokedex tell you the moves known?" She asked while tilting her head to the side slightly.

"Ah yes, I failed to mention, we recently upgraded it. Now, how about you scan your other Pokemon?"

Rina then pointed the Pokedex at one Eevee.

"I'll just scan one, since I know they have the same moves and are the same level."

"Eevee, the evolution Pokemon. A rare Pokemon that takes on harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms. This Eevee is a male, and is currently level 22. The moves known are; Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand Attack and Helping Hand."

"So that means the other Eevee is female. I'm going to need to be able to tell them apart somehow..."Rina went off into her own little world, wondering how she could tell them apart.

*Cough!* "Ahem!"
Rina jumped at looked around at Rowan who had a unreadable expression on his face.
"Uh, sorry... what was that?" She said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"I was saying. In Jubilife town, which is where you should head next, there is a shop that sells accessories. Maybe you could tell them apart with different coloured ribbons or something?" Rowan kindly suggested. Rina took an immediate liking to the suggestion.

"Oh yes! That's perfect, thank you! I'll just finish scanning my Pokemon then I'll be off."

"Starly, the starling Pokemon. Because they are weak individually, they form groups. However they bicker if the group gets too big. This Starly is a female, and is currently level 21. The moves known are; Wing Attack, Double Team, Whirlwind and Tackle."

Finally, Rina moved over to Ralts, who was waiting patiently.

"Ralts, the feeling Pokemon. It uses the horns on its head to sense human's emotions. It is said to appear in front of cheerful people. This Ralts is a male, and is currently level 18. The moves known are; Growl, Confusion, Teleport and Lucky Chant."

"Oh... I had no clue Ralts wasn't even level 20 yet! Looks like I will be training with you for a while then." Rina said as she called back all her Pokemon but Sparky, who preferred Rina's company rather than being alone in a Pokeball, and Ralts, because of the fact he needed training.

"Due to Ralts being male, he will evolve into a Gallade, when you use a certain stone on him."

Rina nodded in understanding, while Rowan continued to talk.

"Also, have you any clue what you might evolve those Eevee's into? I'm sure you know they have many evolutions."

Rina tapped her chin in thought, and wondered about what type she might like.

"Honestly I haven't thought of that much, I'm not to sure yet, maybe I'll depend it on what they want, and not what I want."

"Good idea, now be safe on your journey, and don't forget to call me and your mum every once in a while, and don't forget about that Pokedex."

Rina nodded then waved goodbye and she headed outside of the lab, only to bump into something – or someone.