Rina couldn't stop crying no matter how hard she tried. To find out the girl she loved was travelling to a different region without her was heartbreaking. Rina probably would have felt a bit better had she told Rikki exactly how she felt. She excluded herself from her friends and her Pokemon, choosing to lock her self in her room. Rina had dumped her Pokemon on Tizzy before retreating to the comfort of her bed.

Tizzy and Andy hardly spent any time with Rina. They felt it was best to leave her alone for a while so she could deal with it properly. At first they thought Rina was overreacting to the whole situation but then Andy managed to get Rina to talk to him.

Andy was quite shocked when Rina finally told him she liked girls and she loved Rikki.

He could sort of relate to the situation as he had been quite fond of Roger, but that relationship just didn't work out. Andy could only imagine how hard it was on Rina. When Tizzy was filled in Andy had to keep her from telling Rina that Rikki actually had feelings for too. Andy didn't feel it was right for them to tell her, even though he too was eager to spill the beans. Tizzy spent most of her time trying to get in contact with Rikki but it was no use. No matter how many messages she left Rikki, she hadn't yet got back to her. Professor Rowan wasn't much help either.

Nicholas and Sky battled each other but Sky didn't stand a chance. She lost and Nicholas was declared the Sinnoh League victor. Two days after Rikki left, the rest of the group also left as the League was finished.

Rina truly believed she had cried more than she ever had done before. She cried more than when Ashley broke Rina's bed when they were younger; more than when she woke up one day to find her dad's things were gone and so was he; more than when her mum turned to the drink; more than when Gallade was stolen from her. She cried more when Tizzy and Andy were killed, but that didn't count because Arceus brought them back to life.

The group were now on a boat which would take them back to Twinleaf Town. Rina planned on going home for a couple of days before heading out to Hoenn. She didn't know if she still had to take Ashley with her, but Rina would rather not have her little sister tagging along. Rina just wanted to go with her Pokemon and her two best friends.

Unfortunately, Tizzy and Andy had decided weeks ago that they wouldn't be joining Rina and eventually Rikki in Hoenn. They had plans of their own but they hadn't found the right time to tell Rina. They didn't know if Rina could cope with it all at once.

On the boat ride home Rina neglected her Pokemon and her appearance. Tizzy had been taking good care of Rina's Pokemon for her, while Andy tried to snap her out of her 'depression'. He was starting to think Rina was being extremely dramatic and he told her this in the nicest way possible. It was then that she thought about it properly and realised he was right.

An announcement was made and the passengers were told they would be docking in Twinleaf Town in roughly ten minutes, so they should get their stuff together. The group went back to their cabin and Rina was in the middle of packing up her stuff when Andy caught Tizzy's eye and nodded at her. Andy turned to face Rina's back and cleared his throat. Rina turned around and looked at him and Tizzy.

"You two should really start packing your stuff away; I want to get off this boat as soon as possible!" Rina said.

"Rina..." Andy began. He looked at Tizzy and she shook her head violently. Andy sighed. He was always the one who give the bad news. "Tizzy and I are staying on the boat."

"Why? Where is it going?" Rina asked with a confused expression on her face.

"Vermillion City in Kanto. We have been talking for a while now and we have decided to go back to Kanto so we can be closer to our friends and families. We plan on starting up a day care centre for cute Pokemon."

Rina looked at the floor sadly. She hadn't expected this. It was bad enough that Rikki had left, but now her two remaining best (human) friends were leaving too. She would hopefully be seeing Rikki soon, but she didn't know how long she would have to wait to see Tizzy and Andy again. Rina walked up to Tizzy and pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. Tizzy's eyes watered as she hugged her back just as tightly.

"Don't you ever forget me Rina," Tizzy said. Rina laughed softly as she pulled away, wiping her own tears away.

"How could I? You are a girl with pink hair and a huge Snorlax! You are unique Tizzy, and you are most definitely one of my best friends."

She then hugged Andy closely and told him to keep in contact. Rina pulled herself together as she attached her Pokeballs to her belt and smiled at Sparky. The boat stopped moving, allowing passengers fifteen minutes to get off the boat before it continued on to Kanto.

"Good luck you two; I'm sure your day care centre will be brilliant. I'll come and visit you, see you later."

"Bye Rina! We love you! And say hi to Rikki for us!"

Rina left the cabin with Sparky following behind her. She allowed her tears to flow freely as there was no point in wiping them away. She didn't think she would be able to stop herself from crying, not until she saw Rikki at least.

When Rina arrived home she was greeted by Ashley, who gave her a hug and then pulled her inside the house. Catherine said a quick hello and then went to the kitchen to get Rina a drink. She threw her bag down and slumped down on the sofa. Ashley jumped on the seat next to her and grinned.

"I saw you battle in the League! You done really well Rina!"

"Thanks but it was my Pokemon who did all the work."

Catherine walked back into the room, handed Rina her glass of water and then sat down on the armchair. Rina asked her mum if she watched the battle and Catherine looked at her awkwardly.

"Sorry love, I missed it. I was out with the girls. Ashley watched it though and she told me it was a good fight!"

Rina frowned at her mum but didn't say anything. She knew she was still drinking but she was afraid to ask why she wasn't making more of an effort to stop. Rina looked at her younger sister out of the corner of her eye and saw Ashley was trying to look anywhere but in their mum's direction.

The conversation didn't go much further. Ashley sauntered off with her Piplup and Rina's Pokemon to go into the garden and play. There was an awkward silence as Rina was left sitting in the room with her mum.

"Why don't you say something? I haven't seen you properly in months and you just sit there staring at your glass!"

Rina's head shot up and she glared at her mum. "I have nothing to say to the woman who cares more about drinking then her own daughters. You know what? I didn't want Ashley tagging along while I travel around Hoenn, but now I can't wait to get her out of here!" Rina slammed her glass down on the table. Water spilled over the edge and Catherine remained silent as Rina grabbed her bag and stormed upstairs to her room.

Rina sat on her bed with her legs crossed, the photos Tizzy had given her scattered in front of her. Tizzy took pictures nearly every day and she managed to capture a lot of memorable moments. Rina picked up a picture of Rikki chasing Andy around with a wooden spoon and smiled. She couldn't remember exactly what Andy had done wrong, but Rikki wouldn't talk to him for days. There was another picture of Rikki looking moody while Tizzy had her arms wrapped around her in a hug. Rina spent at least an hour arranging them into a collage in an empty scrapbook she found in Ashley's room.

Rina sighed and lay down on her bed. She didn't know what she was going to say to Rikki when she found her, she just knew that she had to confess her feelings to her. The longer she put it off the harder it would get, especially if Rikki suddenly got herself a boyfriend. Rina didn't see Rikki as the type to like girls, but she wanted to tell her anyway.

She considered texting her because it was so much easier, but it was also cowardly. Rina wanted to see Rikki's reaction and she wanted to make sure Rikki knew how serious she was being. She didn't know if she could say she loved Rikki, because love is a strong word. Rina wanted to word it properly because it mattered to her how she said it.

Rina got up from her bed and put her bag on her back. She was originally going to say at home for a couple of weeks to relax but now Rina was determined more than ever to get to Hoenn and speak to Rikki. Rina picked up her scrap book and held it to her chest as she walked down the stairs and into the garden.

"Come on, get your stuff. We're leaving in five minutes!"

Rina and Ashley said a brief goodbye to their mum and then they began the long journey to Snowpoint City. It would have taken about a week and a half but they managed to get a few lifts from people from city to city, so they arrived in Snowpoint in one week. They stayed there for a few days and got on the first boat to Hoenn. Rina had earned enough money to pay for the both of them, and Catherine had also given them some money.

It was decided that Ashley would stay with Rina until she was reunited with Rikki and then she would be joining a school until she was old enough to travel by herself. Ashley said she would eventually go home as she wanted to be close to her mum.

Rina stood at the front of the boat, looking out to the sea feeling nervous. She didn't know how she was going to go about finding Rikki, her only hope would be getting in contact with her and arranging to meet up. Rikki's phone was always going to voice mail but Rina wasn't going to give up.

Rina's phone bleeped – a text message from Rikki. Rina's heart skipped a beat as she read it. Rina gasped and read it over again, making sure she had read it right. She put her phone back in her pocket. There were tears in her eyes. She had just received a text that would probably change the rest of her life.

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