Lost & Found


Netto's Thoughts

"Being left behind can either be the best thing to happen to a person, or it can be the worst. But it can only be the best choice if the person chooses to make a good thing out of it, if they try their best to be best, to change ones life and become someone new… someone different.

I didn't expect that the one thing that mainly pushed me away from home, actually brought me to my new home.

…I am in love, it's real I hope. I don't want these past few days to have been a parallel world where these events never happened in my own, they were different. It's real alright I know. I can tell. It's no dream. This is reality, this is now.

What was so great about Akihara? Nothing… Friends… most of them moved away or made new friends. Meiru… I could actually say that we were both in love and I thought everything was going great I thought she was the one… but she was kidnapped and never seen again… it was horrible a big part of me that I had known for so long just deleted. My life just tumbled down after that, there was only one person who was there…

Everyone… just gone. Im glad I managed to say goodbye and good luck to everyone except Meiru, I only said goodbye and see you soon. I wish I had said see you tomorrow. She might still be around…

But all that was over half a year ago, my life is very different now. Im happy, he's happy. We're happy together. The one person I do miss the most, papa. I speak to him and he tells me to be strong. He believes that after a few years, mama might say sorry when she understands; she might want me back… not as an outcast, as her son…

…I never expected anything that happened to happen.

…I guess I should show you what I mean…"