Chapter 7 – New Home

"Netto! … Netto-kun! Please, Stop this!" Rockman cried.

He knew Netto would give up after a few seconds; he couldn't really be planning to kill himself, not this way.

He gave it a few minutes more and Netto still not had resurfaced. His heart and face full of worry.

"Netto!" he cried once more, and still no reply.

He quickly rushed into the sea, trying to get to his position before he completely ran out of air, but it became difficult walking there, so he began to swim as fast as he could.

He ducked under the sea and found Netto lying on the ocean bed, almost dead and out of oxygen.

He swam up to him, and grabbed him as quick as he could and brought him to the surface, his body was pale and colder than the ocean.

He swam back to the beach and sat Netto down on his clothes, so that the sand wouldn't stick to him.

"Netto…" He checked his pulse which was very weak and slow.

He placed his head to his chest to check his heart, which could barley be heard. His body was even paler than when it was in the sea…

He held Netto's nose closed and opened his mouth and started breathing air into him, checking down and making sure his chest was moving up and down, after a few, he went back to his chest and placed his hands near to the heart and started pumping it.

He went back to his mouth and started to breath air into again, his face was full of seriousness, he had stopped crying, he just wanted to save him, even if Netto awoke and still hated him, he'd be glad Netto that was alive.

He put his head to his chest, his heart was beating a lot more and his pulse was normal, but Netto still had not awakened.

His body was still pale and cold. Rockman picked Netto up and placed him on his lap, his arm wrapped tightly around him trying everything to warm him up, he picked up Netto's clothes and brushed off the sand and wrapped them around Netto.

He clung onto Netto as if it was his life, and he watched the sun slowly come into the sky. He occasionally caught a glimpse of Netto's member and it made him remember that he took Netto as his last night. So he would always have that memory even if Netto still hated him.

"Rockman…" Netto whispered and smiled, his eyes still shut tight.

He must be dreaming Rockman thought, he stood up and picked Netto up again and took him back to his room above the curry house

Back in Netto's room, he removed his suit, put Netto in bed and climbed in with him trying to warm him up. Netto lay silent but still breathing; he had warmed up a lot more now that there was a cover over him.

Rockman felt pleased that he saved him, any longer and Netto would have been too far gone. But still, he couldn't believe that Netto really wanted to move on and forget about his family and him…

Rockman himself slowly started to fall asleep, but at least they were back in the room, door closed and left in peace since the resturant was closed that day.

Before he fell completely asleep he felt his body being nuzzled by Netto who was still dreaming "I love you… Rockman" He lay completely down next to Netto, their bodies next to each other, keeping each other warm.

He smiled happily and said "I love you too, Netto-kun" he eventually fell asleep, smiling.

A few hours on, Netto opened his eyes wide and realised Im still alive, how?! He sat up quickly; the grip of someone's arms around him tightened and pulled him back down.

He looked beside him and noticed Rockman still sleeping but must have had consciousness to notice Netto get up, he didn't want Netto to go, the bed was too warm and comfortable.

Rockman isn't the idiot.

"I'm sorry Rockman, for everything…"

I'm the idiot…

He cuddled up to him closer and wrapped his arms around him this time. Netto felt himself slowly drifting asleep once again, warm and in the embrace of the person, er... navi he loved the most.

He felt his lips touch the lips of Rockman who had leaned in and kissed him His lips are warm and smooth… just like last time except, he had no idea that I was Netto, I had no idea he was Rockman, and we were so confident with each other… but that werid feeling we got from the water, which must have been alcohol… when we first kissed on the beach I am never going to forget that.

He kissed him back and tried to get on top of him but was already pushed back as Rockman rolled on top of him and kept him down as he slowly started kissing his soft neck and noticed marks that looked like hickeys of some sort.

"Netto, what are these marks? Where did you get them from..."

"Don't you remember? You gave them to me"

"I did?" Rockman said questioningly.

Netto rose up and started biting at his neck and pulled him down further, Rockman tried to resist moaning, but Netto was being a bit too rough, like he was trying to tear at the skin.

When Netto stopped to catch his breath, Rockman dived into his lips to stop him from continuing with the biting. Rockman pulled back from the kiss and let Netto speak up...

"You gave me marks; I should be able to give you a mark!" Netto exclaimed.

"You're going to give a wound, not a mark!" Rockman replied.

They both laughed, Rockman fell to the side and both went quiet for a bit. All was better between the two. Netto just got carried away and felt like his life needed to end, but if he did end it, he would never see Rockman again.

"I should call Hikari-san" Rockman climbed out of bed and changed into this human clothes and pulled the pet out from his pocket.

He waited for a moment until Yuichiro's face appeared on screen.

"Hikari-san, I've found Netto" Rockman said smiling happily.

"You have?! How is he? Can I speak to him?" He asked softly, he seemed excited at first, but being an adult he needed to keep calm. Rockman handed the pet over to Netto, whose face appeared on the screen.

"Papa… I'm sorry" He rushed "For everything, for making you worry mostly" he added, tears welling up in his eyes, he truley was sorry.

Yuichiro shook his head "No, its okay Netto, I'm sorry too, for making you angry and not helping you out enough" He wanted to make it up to Netto; he did get him into this situation in the first place.

"What do you want me to do papa?" Netto asked

Yuichiro smiled "Netto, I think you should do what you think is best, you can stay there if you think your doing better than here, but I wont stop you from coming home, if you do decide to stay, I'll come over and visit every now and then, just try not to stop me" He said smiling

Netto turned and looked at Rockman; he still needed to talk to Rockman about how he was able to appear in the real world.

"Netto, whatever you decide to do, I'll just follow you like I always have" Netto smiled in reply.

"We're staying here" Netto smiled back

"I knew you'd say that, your mother over time will slowly come to accept you and Rockman for who you both are" Yuichiro smiled and waved his goodbye.

"Bye papa" He closed the communication and put the pet on the table.

Netto turned and looked at Rockman who was now stood next to him.

"Is this what you really want, Rockman?"

"I should be asking you that!" He retorted back "I don't care where we are as long as I'm with you…" Netto moved over to him and cuddled up to him, Rockman placed his arms around him in return.

"Rockman, how can you appear in the real world?" He finally decided to ask.

"Your father created a dimensional generator out of data materials and placed it in my program, once the program was activated I was able to appear in the real world constantly because I am basically a walking dimensional area" (Did that make any sense?)

"Oh, that's pretty clever, I knew he'd come up with something to get you into this world at some point"

"Yeah, but I don't know if I can return to the pet, it's laced within my program and now laced within my body so…"

"I don't mind, when your out here I can do this" Netto leaped into Rockman's hands and started kissing him passionately as the sun shone through the window, shining over Netto's nakedness.

And that's how it happened. Me and Rockman, Taurin… happy forever… I hope. I love Rockman so much. I don't want this amazing feeling to end. But how is it two people who were in love in the first place… fell in love again with each other? It's funny. Netto thought smiling at Rockman.

Hope you enjoyed it guys ;)