A/N: This is part three. Or perhaps in Slytherin, and You'll find your real friends is part one and two.

Belinda got to her feet and grinned with satisfaction. Her mother's grave looked a lot better now covered in flowers. Most witches and wizards would just conger them up with magic, but Neville wouldn't have liked it. Belinda didn't mind. She was born to work with her hands.

«It's a gift mom. From dad. Neville.»

«You're so lonely you have to talk to stone Belinda?»

She turned around, fear on her face. The man standing a few feet away from her was someone she thought she was finally done with.

«Al said you were dead.»

«Al said... Really Belinda, you trust what a gryffindoor tells you?»

Belinda reached for her wand, but he was quicker and grabbed her wrist.

«Don't be foolish Belinda. You think I'm alone? You don't think that your little friend sitting on the bench is watched?»

He placed a hand on her stomach and Belinda wanted to throw up.

"You really want to hurt the father of your children?"

"She's not yours Scorpius."

"She is mine Belinda. And so is the child you're carrying. Or did you just think you had put on some weight?"

Belinda took a step back. Away from him and his words.

«Even if I'm married...»

«You're denying it?»

«I'm a married woman Scorpius. How can you claim that it's yours?»

He grinned and Belinda felt sick.

«How are you to explain that thou you've only been back a month, yet you're already three months pregnant? How do you think your little goodie tosho gryffindoor will do when he finds out you've cheated on him? The prince can't be with a witch you know?»

Belinda pulled out her wand, but he had vanished before the spell had been uttered. His laughter making her skin crawl. She walked over to the bench and James.

«What's wrong Belinda?»

«You lied to me.»

«I don't understand.»

«You said Scorpius was dead James. You and Al looked into my eyes and swore he was out of my life. That I didn't have to think about him anymore.»

James tried to touch her, but she jerked away. For a bleak moment, Belinda had actually thought she could belong. That who she was, wasn't that bad. She was the green stain on a perfect red carpet.

«I'm pregnant James.»


«I'm three months pregnant.»

Silence. Belinda wanted to cry, but her head got in the way. She didn't want to show she was weak. Belinda knew she wasn't evil. But she wasn't one of the good guy either. She didn't know what that made her.

"Did he rape you?"


"You were under a spell. Belinda..."

"You know he didn't bewitch me James. I wasn't raped. It wasn't to save Justine. I chose to sleep with Scorpius, and now I'm pregnant."

More silence. Belinda looked down on her wedding ring.

"Does Al know?"

"I tried to tell him, but he didn't want to listen. He said that wasn't important."

"He might think otherwise now. Wait, you talked to Scorpius?"

Slow James?

"Yes. He came over when I was finished with mom's grave. Again, didn't you and Al tell me he was dead?"

"I thought he was. This could be a problem. I have to contact the others?"


He just gave a look Belinda had seen more and more. The I-can't-tell-so-don't-ask look. She hated that look.

"Can we just get home?"

They bent down and touched the port key. An old boot. They landed in front of the store. James just walked away without even saying good bye. Belinda turned and walked in.

"Hello Belinda. How was it?"

"Fine Lexnog. How's things here?"

"Fine. I was teaching Justine gobledook. Justine tell mommy what I learned you."

The girl grinned and clapped her hands.


Belinda got tears in her eyes and kissed the girl gently. This made her laugh and clap her hands more.

"What is the matter Belinda?"

"Nothing Lexnog."

"Did something happen?"

"I don't want to talk about it. Is Al back?"

The goblin shook his head and Belinda walked at the back of the store and up the stairs leading to her house. Her home. She walked up to the room she was sharing with Albus and this made the tears run down her cheeks. She loved Al, but he was a hero with zero tolerance for anything not fitting into his hero world. Cheating on him, even thinking about the circumstance, was something he wouldn't tolerate. Belinda walked over to Clementine, the owl Al had gotten to her all those years ago, and petted her gently. She hooted gently like she was reasuring her that she wasn't alone. Belinda sat down on the bed, her hands clutched so hard in her lap she cut off all blood flow.

"Belinda, Lexnog said you needed to talk to me."

She couldn't look at him first. He sat down next to her and as he gently touched her she broke down.

"Belinda, what's wrong? What happened?"

He wrapped his arms tight around her, but all Belinda could do was cry. Finally she got control over her body and she made distance between them.

"I slept with Scorpius. When he held me prisoner."

Albus got to his feet and his body got hard and angry.

"I told, I don't want to listen to that."

"Please Al."

"No. What happened then? Why can't we just pretend it didn't happen?"

Belinda pressed both hands over her stomach and the tears flew down her body again. His face paled.


"It's not like I did it deliberately."

"You slept with him."

The door opened and James, with Rose close behind him, came in. James was out of breath.

"You told him?"

"I hadn't come to that part yet."

Belinda turned and sat down on the bed. She was tired. Tired of crying. Of begging to be accepted. Albus looked from Belinda to James. He was angry, hurt, but most of all confused.


"Scorpius is alive Al. He talked to Belinda at the graveyard."

Rose gasped. Belinda looked at her with apathy. How cliché. Albus was just standing there, his fists clinched, swearing under his breath. Then he looked at her, and Belinda didn't even blink.

"Are you sure?"

"You don't think I recognise the father of my children?"

I'm just kidding myself believing I can get away from him. Get away from that fact. I'm bound to him by Justine, by the child I'm carrying now. And to be honest. Haven't he been the only person who has ever wanted me without judging me? Him, and Neville. Albus just looked at her, before turning to James.

"Have you told dad?"

"I can't find him. Talk to her."

"I'll find him."

Then Albus left. Belinda didn't know if she was happy or sad. There was like something had broken inside her. Like it had been broken ever since Scorpius came back.


"Don't touch me Rose."

"He didn't mean it."

Belinda looked at Rose. What does she know?

"Yes he did, and he has all right to feel that way. I slept with Scorpius, Rose. I cheated on him. I'm carrying his child. Justine, in some way, could be Albus's daughter. But this one..."

Belinda placed a hand on er stomach. She really had been fooling herself when she ignored how much she had put on. How hard her stomach had turned.

"You were his prisoner Belinda. It's called stocholm syndrom. You did it because your survival instincts told you to. Belinda, anyone would have done the same. I would have done the same."

Belinda grabbed the closest thing she could find, a picture frame with her grandparents on her birthday, and threw it against thew wall.

"How dare you say you would have done the same? You who have never felt unwanted or unloved? You who have always hade a home? Parents who loved you? A family who cared for you? You who have always been accepted for exactly who you are? You who were created of love, and never been hurt by anyone? How can you even dare compare us?"

Then she apparated out of the room.


She looked at the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who walked by the bench where she was sitting. Muggels. How can they not know? How can they deny our presence? Why do we have to hide? Why do I have to hide? Belinda shook her head. She couldn't think like that. She had to, she had to think of Justine and the baby. No matter what she had done, what everyone else had done. They were innocent.

"Have you steamed off?"

She looked up and wasn't sure to laugh, cry or yell at the man standing in front of her.

"If I haven't, you're pushing your luck."

"Don't I always?"

He grinned and Belinda moved so he could sit down next to her.

"You have to give Al time Belinda. That's all."

"Have you every thought what would have happened if you had come after me the first time I met your family, and not Al."

"You mean, what would have happened if you had fallen for me, and not my little brother?"

He grabbed her hand and studied it.

"I love Al Belinda. And you do too. And you two will always end up together."

He let go of her hand.

"Let's not talk of things that would only hurt the people we care for."

"You're maybe right."

She sighed and crossed her arms, pressing them against the body.

"Why is it, that every time I think I can get on with my life, he enters and screws it up? Why can't he just leave me alone?"

"You are hard person to let go of."

Belinda looked up at the air, which slowly darkened, letting the lights of the city take over.


Belinda couldn't think as she walked up the stairs toward the bedroom. Her hands were cold and she rubbed them together to get some warmth in to them, but nothing. She opened the door and saw him packing his bag. Their marriage license had turned into a divorce settelment. Belinda swallowed hard.

"Don't ask me to stay."

"I won't."

In some way Belinda felt free. She sat down on the bed.

"I can't stay Belinda."

"I know, the prince can't be with a witch."

Albus sighed and then he and his things were gone.


Belinda moved with Lexnog to France. She needed to get away. Neville was at school most time of the year, and Belinda had no one else. She lived in a small house in the French countryside, and after a while she gave birth to her child. And thou she couldn't help loving her children with all her heart, Belinda still fell to sleep crying every night. Once a week she travled into town with the things Lexnog and her had made and sold them. It had been over a year since she moved when she came home, to find her home gone. It was like it had exploded. She started to scream and one of the French muggles that had come to help out tried to comfort her on a language she couldn't speak very well. Belinda looked around when she suddenly saw a figure in the shadow. She started to run toward it and as he turned she recognised it as James.

"Did you do this? Why did you do this?"

He apparated and Belinda had no idea where he had gone to. She fell to the ground screaming and crying. Feeling utterly alone.


She looked up as he entered the pub as she knew he would.


"Take a seat Scorpius."

She finished her beer and ordered another one from the bartender. He was a wizard and quickly refilled her glass.

"So what do you want?"

"I heard about what happened."

"And you've come to laugh at me?"

Belinda couldn't help the tears forming in her eyes, but refused to let them fall. Scorpius gently grabbed her hand.

"They were my children too, and I promis you they will pay."

She let out a sickening laugh. She hadn't thought she could miss someone as much as she missed her two children. Scorpius got up and started to walk toward the door.

"We had a second daughter. Did you know that? Jen. Justine and Jen."

Belinda couldn't help crying now and hid her face in her hands. Scorpius walked back to her and let her cry against his shoulder. When she was done crying she pulled a bit away, but he kept holding her.

"Come back with me Belinda."

"I don't believe in your cause Scorpius. Don't think I haven't heard things about you too? I know you are building an army."

He smiled and gently took a strain of hair behind her ear.

"I'm not asking you to come as a soldier, I want you as my partner."

Belinda looked at him, his big eyes and with just enough hesitation she grabbed his hand.