Ginny looked at Albus staring down on the ring Belinda had given him.

"When I was in my first year at Hogwarts I fund a magical artifact and was, bewitched, by it. I was taken captured and Ron and Harry risked their lives to save me."

Albus didn't look up at her. He knew she was trying to help, but he didn't feel any better.

"Did any of them lose their minds?"

"Ron might have and we just haven't noticed."

Ginny tried to get a smile, but it didn't work. She sighed and entered the room.

"Why couldn't I just have forgive her?"

"Did she need forgiving Al? Did she actually do something wrong?"

The boy shrank as his mother sat down across from him.

"You're just like your father some times. Your a hero, and you placed her on pedestal because that's what you do. So no one could touch her, and she would be just what you wanted her to be. But she never wanted to be on that pedestal, and it was unfair to her to put her there."

"You're not helping mom."

"I'm not trying to help you, I'm telling you that you screwed up and now you will have to live with it."

She got to her feet.

"And it doesn't help blaming your brother when you're angry at yourself."

Albus had started to cry and Ginny left to give him privacy.


Neville didn't know how, he wasn't even sure if it actually was working or if he too was losing his mind. Maybe it was because she had goblin blood in her or maybe she wasn't as damaged as first thought. But Neville could swear Belinda was getting better. It was going slowly, but just like growing a plant he took his time. He never said a word, except to the doctors and they just encouraged him to do what he was doing. As baffled as him. She didn't remember who people were or her past, but in every other sence she seemed... normal.

He needed someone else to see it, so when he was going for his weekly dinner with Ron and Hermione he brought Belinda. Hermione opened the door.

"Hello Belinda."

"Mrs. Weasley, thank you for including me in the invitation."

Belinda curtsied, and Hermione let them in. The dinner was wonderful and Belinda talket with both of them like nothing had happened. Like when she had first met them. After dinner she had offered to take of the table and Neville turned to Hermione and Ron.

"I'm not crazy am I?"

"It's amazing."

"But Neville, I hope you know that she might never get her memories back. I mean it's beyond anything that she got this good."

A cry filled the house. Hermione got to her feet.

"I'll take it."

Belinda was suddenly standing there smiling and Hermione pointed a little hesitatingly toward the stairs. Belinda walked up the stairs and when she saw the five year old girl standing in the hall her head felt like it had frozen.


The girl walked toward her and Belinda could feel her body act, but not knowing how it knew what to do. She could feel herself pick the girl up, to hold her and squeeze her hard. The girl smiled.

"Mom, you're back."

Belinda felt awful that she couldn't help the girl. When a new cry filled the room with sound and the lights flickered. Belinda's head felt like it was going to melt as a lifetime of memories came back. Her mother in the hospital, her grandparents dancing, her great-grandmother dying, talking to Neville. Calling him dad. Meeting Albus, James and Rose. Scorpius Malfoy. Getting pregnant and leaving school. Lexnog and the shop. Hugo and his drawings. Lilly and her laugh. Scorpius taking Justine and going after her. Being pregnant again and having Maverick. The war and finally everything that had happened since then. She looked down at Justine and got tears in her eyes.

"Are you crying mom?"

"Yes Justine."

Belinda hugged the daughter before walking into her son's room.

"Hi Maverick."

He had stopped crying and was now looking at her with the same huge dark eyes as Justine and his mother. Then he smiled, not knowing who she was, but recognising something about her that he liked. Belinda put down Justine, not being able to carry both of them and picked up Maverick. He leaned his head on her shoulder and stuck his tumb in his mouth. With Justine holding her other hand she walked down the stairs to the others.


The doctors couldn't believe it. No one believed it. Every day her room filled with doctors, journalists and just curious people. The nurses had to come in and force the people out when Belinda was getting tired. The ony person left to be Neville. About a week after her recovery Belinda turned to him.

"You have to find Lexnog."

"I'll try."

"No. How do you think I got well all of a sudden? He must have done something. You have to find him."

She was crying and Neville grabbed her hand, petting her on the cheek.

"I'll find him."

Thou he had no idea how to do it.


"You could talk to Bill. I mean he's got a foot in it at least."

Neville nodded.


Bill was a tall charming man, even the scars on his face was something that almost suited. They shook hands, having met at weddings, but never actually talked to one another.

"I've checked around, and there is a goblin village in the north of France."

"Great. How do we get there?"

"I've got a friend near by."

A floo powder trip later they were in France and Bill talked to a goblin. Neville picked up a few words, forbidden, stranger, offspring, but had never learned the language fully.

"He sais he will hear with the leaders, but wizards and witches don't get permission to visit."

"And you told them about Belinda."

"We'll try our best Neville."

Neville nodded.

That night the goblin came back.

"Belinda will be allowed in. No one else."

"But Lexnog is there?"

"They want to talk to Belinda."

The next morning Neville, Belinda and Bill traveled back through the floo powder and Bill introduced her to the goblin.

"Yuoi Bellow at your service."

He bowed and took of his hat. Belinda bowed her head back.

"Can I see him?"

He turned and she followed, leaving the other two men behind. He walked through the streets, down alleys and Belinda did her best to follow. Then the scenery changed, and without Belinda knowing how, they had entered the goblin city. She saw the looks, but didn't care about them. She followed Bellow until they came to a small house, thou it was the biggest of all the other houses. Bellow opened the door and Belinda went in. The goblin standing there wasn't Lexnog, but reminded her of him. He studied her, before shaking his head.


"Thank you."

"You speak our language?"

Belinda nodded.

"Lexnog taught me. Where is he?"

The goblin walked to a door that opened into a garden. At the end of the garden were a few gravestones. Belinda fell to her knees as she saw Lexnog's name.

"It's ancient goblin magic, but in short he gave his life for you. My brother spoke quite well of you before he died."

Belinda didn't try to hide her tears.

"What's the proper way for me to show my respects?"

She could hear a small laugh from the goblin.

"I see he was right. I'll show you."

For two days Belinda practiced the usual rituals when goblins die. When she was finished Bellow showed her back.

"You're okay, for a witch."

"Thank you, for everything."

He bowed and left. Belinda turned and walked in. Neville rose and walked over to her. She hugged him and cried again.


Belinda was sitting in her room looking down on the people going down on the street of Diagon Alley. She was finally released from the hospital and wanted to go back to work in the jewellery shop. Neville had said it was okay, and since school was about to start he had gone back to Hogwart. Belinda was fine with it, happy even. That he could go back to normal, and that she wasn't a bother anymore. The doorbell rang and she went downstairs to the showroom. She froze on the last step and looked at James. She hadn't spoken to any of the Potter boys since her recovery. Her choice, not theirs.

"What do you want?"

"I came to apologise."

"Okay. Now leave."

He looked at her with so much pain in his eyes she actually stopped breathing for a moment. He wasn't just a leader who had betrayed his subordinate, or a person who undesirably made his friend suffer. He was a man who had hurt the love of his life, and this softened her.

"Please leave James."

"Why won't you talk to me?"

"I trusted you and got hurt for it."

She hadn't told anyone about Lexnog, nothing but he was dead. It was a secret. Not that they had sworn her into secrecy, she just knew it was a secret.

"I'm so sorry."

Belinda turned her back to him and looked at the display cases behind her. Just illusions, of course, but it gave costumers a fair idea of what they wanted and what she could do.

"I love you."

She let out a snort and looked at him.

"Yeah I know. Albus loves just an image of me, and you love me despite of who I am. What luck. I don't know who of you that are worse. At least Al didn't use me, because he didn't know how I could be used. You knew, and you pushed me into doing something that almost ruined my life."

"Al was the one..."

"Al didn't think, he just acted on his emotions, but when has Al ever thought?"

She turned to display case again.

"I think that was why I loved him. I didn't like who I was, and he loved me because he didn't see it. You always saw it James."

"And you always saw me."

Belinda turned and leaned against the counter.

The doorbell rang and a midelage woman entered. Hannah Abbott. Belinda lit up and smiled to the woman, whom she had learned quite well since she and Neville had started dating after her recovery. She was the landlady at the Leaky Cauldron where Neville had been quite a deal during her illness.

"One moment Hannah."

She opened the cupboard where she kept all the finished pieces just waiting to get picked up. The right one just flew into her hands and she turned back to Hannah while unwrapping the paper. It was a necklace of a cauldron bewitched to look black and yellow. Hannah's face lit up.

"It's wonderful."

She tried it on and smiled to Belinda.

"And Neville really said I should have it?"

"His words, not mine."

"Come by the cauldron one day and I'll treat you to dinner."


Hannah continued to talk about different things, most concerning the Leaky Cauldron, and though Belinda found the woman a bit boring, she knew how much she made Neville happy and chatted along. Finally James coughed to make Hannah aware that he was still in the room. She looked confused from him to her and then it seemed to dawn on her.

"I'll see you on Friday then?"

"I'll tell you bad storys about dad."

Hannah laughed a bit unsure, then left. James opened his mouth, but the door into the house opened and Justine was standing there.

"Maverick fell and is crying."


Belinda walked up the stairs and in to the playroom where Maverick was crying. He saw her and ran to her, and after checking to see that he wasn't hurt she sent him happily playing again. Belinda was standing in the doorway looking at them, and Justine walked over to her. Reating her head on Belinda's hip.

"You've grown. You want to measure?"

The girl nodded eagerly and stood before the wall, the wall made mark and wrote down the hight, name, age, date. She had grown two centimetres since last time. The girl jumped up and down as her mother smiled to her.

"Me too."

Maverick stood where his siter had stood and he too had grown two centimetres. Justine grabbed his hands and together they jumped up and down in joy.

"Go wash yourself, it's lunch."

Belinda guided the two children to the bathroom. All the time James followed at a safe distance. When the kids were seated and the food on the table Belinda smiled to them and took James into the next room.

"Can you leave?"

"Is that what you want?"

Belinda sighed and looked down before looking up at him again.

"You have two choices James, either you can tell me how much Al loves me and misses me and try to put us back together, or you can tell me how much you love and miss me and try to get me to fall for you. So James Potter, what do you choose?"