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Halo: Crossed Fates

Chapter 1

Touch of Fate

Nala 'Aidasee was happy. Not only she was accepted into Holy Covenant but also her request that female sangheili could prove their usefulness to the Covenant. It was even an honor to serve Thel 'Vadamee, The Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice. She had known him some time even though he couldn't remember her. No surprise. He was taken to the service of the Covenant really young. And after his departure she had dreamed to be the most feasts sangheili warrior.

Half of her time she was forced to became priestess of the Gods but she didn't find any honor in it. In secret she trained herself. But it didn't last long until one of her Sisters figure out what she was doing, at firs she thought that she was going to be executed but instead they send her to special mission on human colony world known as Telox III. She had to survive there for three weeks, without getting killed or captured.

While her stay on the planet she had many times when she almost got killed or captured for interrogations. She was ether lucky or just blessed by the Gods, she always thought. Soon after her so called test she was promoted into ranks of the Holy Covenant. They created her completely different armor, so that they could recognize her.

While her helmet looked like any ordinary sangheili armor, rest of it reminded armor of Honor Guard. The color her armor used was blue like any other Minor sangheili. While she up ranked Majors, she still out ranked Ultras. After she got her armor, she was registered in the Fleet of Particular Justice and she witness many battles.

Soon she was able to witness glorious victory against humans at Reach. As the fleet was ready to glass the planet, Ascendant Justices pilot reported "Commander! A single human ship is still functional! And it looks like it's retreating!" "Follow it!" Thel ordered. " It might bring us right into heart of their colonies!"

After a hour of chasing human ship called Pillar of Autumn it finally exited slipspace. Nalas heart started to beat two times faster. Not to mention that everyone were thrilled about what they saw. Halo. The very source of their religion. This was just perfect. Now she might prove herself to other sangheili males that she and other females were capable to do prophets will.

"Nala 'Aidasee!" Thel announced. "You and Ossoona Isna 'Nosolee shall lead a strike team on that human vessel. Your mission is to capture either their A.I or the Ship Master. We need their information. Don't fail me." he said while looking directly at her. "It will be an honor!"

Pillar of Autumn

The humans fought hard. Really hard. It was difficult for Nala and her squad to break through a small human ambush team. But Isna 'Nosolee was able to sneak by them and continue his quest. After few minutes of battle and with some heavy loses Nala had to retreat. At the airlock.

"Isna where are you? Have you found anything that might be useful to our Supreme Commander?" Nala asked through her radio, while rest of her squad were treating their wounded. "Nothing special. Their A.I has been either deleted or removed. There is no sigh of it in their system."

"Very well." she nodded. "But I was able to find this vessels Ship Master." This got Nalas attention. Even though the Ship Master wasn't valuable as their . They were still useful. "Have you found his location?"

"He seems to be at their Command Center." Isna whispered little quieter. "Hold your position. I'm on my way there!" she immediately said. "Don't be a fool! Here the security is tight! I was lucky able to get this far! And besides the…" Isna was never able to finish his sentence as Nala shut her COM link. "Let's keep moving!"

"Uuuumm… Mistress. I don't think that's wise. Didn't you hear what the Ossoona just said? And he wanted to warn us about something." Major Adla said. "It doesn't matter. We have a mission to complete!" she said without thinking about her soldiers opinion. All that matters to her was that she could succeed in her mission and even impress Thel 'Vadamee.

"Should we at least try to contact another team. With our small squad I doubt we can make it." Nala didn't care one bit. She had already made her choice. "Lets keep moving!"

After few minutes of walk, they came into a room which showed right to the human Cryo Chamber. Quickly one of her unggoy minion started making squeak noises and pointed at the human computers main screen. For a short time Nalas blood ran cold. In the screen was the picture of Demon. "Demon!? Aboard this vessel! So this is what Isna tried to warm me about." she quickly thought to retreat her troops but decided to continue.

Seeker of Truth

Something had troubled Thel for a while. The female that he sent for the recovery mission. There was something familiar with her but he couldn't put the pieces together. "Maybe few hours of rest might bright the mind." Almost immediately he had fallen asleep. No surprise. all that stress from the last battle into discovering The Sacred Ring. This all had happened too fast.

In his dream he was in a strange looking building. It was full of sangheili younglings. Males to be exact. He quickly recognized it as the same place in which he had left Sanghelios behind to serve The Covenant. As looked over younglings he recognized some of them. One of them was Zhar, his former friend and comrade. He felt something twitch in his stomach as he remembered their battle. Zhar has questioned the wisdom of the Prophets and tried to assassinate them, so he defended them and killed him. "May Gods forgive you my friend." he silently whispered.

The other male that Zhar was talking was Rtas 'Vadumee. Even though he didn't miss his mandibles, he was still recognizable from his green eyes. The other thing that caught his sight was lonely sangheili in the corner. He gasped as he realized it was his younger self. Then all of suddenly a female sangheili came to him started to talk with him, or his younger self. After a small talk the female seemed to give him something he could clearly see. Then the female left with a sorrow in her eyes.

Thel started walk carefully closer to his younger self so he could see what the female gave to him. After few steps the younger Thel raised his head and stared right into face of older self. Only reactions Thel was able to make was quick gasp and few steps backwards then he awoke from his dream.

As he rose from his bed walked right at his lockers and started looking for something that didn't what to look for. After hours of searching he thought that might have found it. In his hand he hold a small round pin with a strange Forerunner symbol.

"It's called The Symbol of Bind. My mother gave it to me. She said that "When another person gives this to another who cares about each others, their souls are connected. And they are destined to stay together." and I wanted to give it to you. So you could remember me." female had said. "Thank you Nala. I'll make sure to keep it save." he had said.

Thel put the pin on his desk while he dressed up in armor. After he dressed he put the pin onto his chest and started to walk back to the brige. "I think we might have little talk Nala. After you return." he thought with smile on his face.

Pillar of Autumn

This have gone too downhill. She was stuck with only handful of warriors fighting against small band of humans. What makes the matter worse was that "The Demon" was with them! "Argh! This is getting us nowhere!" Nala yelled as she returned to her cover after being hit by servile times by human pistol. She quickly grabbed another plasma rifle. "Throw our last plasma grenadines! When they get distracted by the explosion, I hold them off so you retreat!"

"But Mistress…"

"No time to argue Major! Just do it!"

Adla and four other nodded. Soon five plasma grenadines flew straight for the humans. "Get it off! GET IT OFF!" screamed tech human. Rest of humans including Demon quickly scattered as the grenadines blow off.

"Now! Go!" Nala screamed as she started firing with her dual plasma rifles. All the humans could do was sit down and wait. But since Spartan 117's, also known as Master Chief had personal shields like every Covenant Elite. With quick reflexes he jumped left side of the corridor and raised his Assault Rifle. Quickly Nala had to retreat herself when hail of bullets started drain her shields. They collapsed really fast, because of this Nala felt pain in her right foot. She grunted as she fall on her knee.

"I hate to do this." She quickly took her last plasma grenade from her belt and throw it. It dropped right front of Demon, who had little time to take cover. Grenades explosion was big enough to bring down Demons shields, while this all was happening Nala had limped bad to her squad.

Suddenly her COM channel opened and she could hear Isnas voice. "Nala! You must leave this vessel!"

"What is Isna?"

"The human Ship Master has lost his mind! He is going to crash land their vessel into Sacred Ring!"

"What!? We have to stop him!"

"Too late. The ship is already moving. You must leave now! I will follow this Keezz." then her radio went dead.

It was already bad that she had to retreat from few battles. But abandoning the whole battle, could ruin her whole reputation. But still if the situation was this bad she had no choice.

As she entered back to their boarding craft, she ordered the pilot the get them back to Seeker of Truth. But as they detached from the ship a single plasma torpedo bolt hit right in the spot where the craft have been. The explosion made the pilot loose control of the craft, as they flew right towards the surface of Halo. "Hold on on something! This is going to be one unpleasant landing!" pilot yelled. "Well if I'm going to die, at least I die right on the Sacred Ring." she thought. Soon as the craft had exited from the atmosphere her world darkened as the craft crashed.

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