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For those of you with sensitive eyes and minds please be warned that I get quite naughty and sometime just downright dirty, don't read if that's not your thing.


'Oh, I hate you so much.'

'You've said that before.'

'Well I mean it, don't you come near me again!'

'You need to calm down Hermione.'


'Hermione, please calm down.'


'I'm so proud of you!'

'I love you so much!'

'I love you too.'

'I didn't mean what I said, before.'

'I know, we have done this before remember.'

'Yes, vividly! So have you given it any thought? It is you turn.'

'It is isn't it; I have one or two ideas...'

'And the winner is?'

'Welcome to the world Grace Marie Malfoy.'

Some years later...

From an early age Hermione Granger knew that there were certain things that would happen in her life; she would meet people and become lifelong friends, study and have a good job and fall head over heels in love with someone, marry them and start a family. In that order.

It wasn't much of a plan but it was what she wanted, that was before she received her letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, before the 'Troll Incident' and the friendship that soon followed. Before she found herself enemy to certain parts of this new community based on how she was born.

The plan had gotten a little sidetracked whilst trying to stay alive, but Hermione had never thought that it wouldn't work out. She, Hermione Granger would always stay friends with Harry, the Weasley's and many more people; she would work for the new ministry and marry Ron. Life would be perfect.

That was before the drunken mistake

Before the mother of all fights

Before her friends turned their back on her

Before Hermione had enough and left her life without a backwards glance.

Well, at least that is what she thought before she received that bloody letter.

Draco arrived home at exactly 5.45 as normal, and as normal he was attacked. A small child with thick mousy blonde hair had jumped out of the cloak cupboard.

'Did I get ya daddy? Did I make ya jump?' Draco laughed good naturally and picked his son up,

'If I say yes will you stop jumping out at me?'


'Okay okay, give me a kiss you little terror' the little boy placed a quick kiss to his dad's lips, then he frowned 'Daddy'

'Yes, Ty?' shifting the boys weight on his hip Draco started to walk down the corridor towards the kitchen 'Is mummy upset?' pausing slightly he asked 'why would you think that?' Ty shrugged his small shoulders. 'Maybe she's upset that you keep jumping out at daddy?' Draco suggested knowing full well what the problem was. Ty laughed 'Don't be silly daddy.'

Draco put his son down when they reached the kitchen but still rested a hand on his shoulder, he saw his wife's back as she knelt in front of their daughter putting her arms in a light pink jacket, 'All wrapped up for Nanny' Hermione brushed her nose against her two years olds then picked her up, she smiled radiantly when she noticed him. 'How long have you been there?' she asked, walking over to kiss him softly, 'Dadda!' Grace exclaimed happily stretching out her arms to be carried by her other parent. 'I only just got in, didn't you hear Ty try and scare me?' Taking hold of his little girl Draco kissed her curls, Hermione shook her head looking smiling, 'Ty come on you need to put you jacket on Nanny will be hear shortly. You wouldn't want to keep her waiting.'

One temper tantrum, four kissing and a few goodbyes later Hermione and Draco were in the living room on the sofa. This time minus the kids and plus two glasses of wine.

'So, I take it the reason we are getting rid of the kids is not because you need to do some more research for your book but because of the letter.' Draco started getting right to the heart of the situation, Hermione frowned her head resting on his lap,

'You got one too?'

'Yes I did,'

'What do you want to do?

'What do you want to do?'



'You're impossible when you're like this!' Hermione sat up while Draco just smiled at her. 'I don't know what I want to do, part of me wants to go then the other part thinks why bother. Now tell me what you are thinking?'

'My first thought was to tell them where to go!' Draco announced rubbing her back; Hermione looked at him, 'But then?'

'But then, I realise that it's been years. Everything should have calmed down and that if there was any trouble I'd be there for you anyway.'

'My hero' Hermione laughed, moving to sit on his lap wrapping an arm round his neck.

'Shut it.' Draco joked, 'So we're going then?'

Hermione nodded, 'We're going to our School Reunion'

'So are we going to make the most of our children-less night?' Draco asked. Hermione giggled as she got up from the sofa grabbed her husband's hand and led him to the bedroom 'Well, I'm actually stuck on the plot a bit so maybe you could help me.' She confessed, she let go of his warm hand and grabbed from her night stand a gold notepad and held it out for him 'You read it tell me what you think' Draco looked down at the flowing script in his hands and started reading...

Melissa was spread on the iron bed like a Greek Goddess, her gold curls covering her naked breasts, 'What took you so long?' she questioned him, 'Well if I knew what would be waiting for me when I got back I would never have bothered with these.' From behind his back he pulled out pair of pink fluffy handcuffs. Melissa breathing hitched slightly from the slight 'Don't just stand there, hurry up' she commanded, Phil removed his clothing slowly allowing her to see his flesh, he was hot for her his body responding without even touching her soft skin. Deciding that he was taking too long Melissa moved from her spot on the bed and slid closer to him, she slid her fingers over the front of his work trousers feeling his jerk under to touch. 'Get in the middle of the bed' Phil demanded of her; happily she complied opening up her legs so he could have a better look at her. Phil removed all his clothing and knelt on the bed, 'turn around' she flipped over, her breast push down on the cold silk sheet. She could feel the bed dip where his weight was by her head; she heard the clip of the handcuffs then felt him place one then the other around her slim wrist. She was so hot for him just waiting for him to impale her was making her wet....

Draco placed the notebook back on his wife's nightstand just as Hermione was coming out of the bathroom completely naked her hands behind her back, his voice thick with lust he asked 'So, how does it end?' Hermione shrugged, her body teasing him more by her movement 'I thought we could work on that together' she then brought her hand in front of her to show a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs.