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The Malfoy family were splashed all over the front of every paper the following day, Rita Skeeter had gotten a photo of them following Harry through the Ministry, Draco clutching the hooded Grace to his body and Hermione moving swiftly behind them with Ty holding on to her hand, the blonde hair giving away her family members.

There was speculation over the reason for the hurried journey through the Ministry of Magic, especially when Ginny Potter was seen being dragged away by the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, the gossip columns exploded, there were lots of theories being printed;

A love affair; Pansy Parkinson as the victim and Hermione as the gold digging loose women.

Draco and Hermione's forbidden love and secret wedding while they were still at school.

Draco using a love potion on Hermione to make her fall in love with him so he could clear his family name.

Hermione was working as Draco's nanny to educate his children and there was no relationship between them.

Hermione was quite shocked that nothing that was ever printed hurt her, well maybe the one were Draco was really in love with the hag Pansy Parkinson, but Draco just hugged her tighter and burned the paper.

Months passed before the truth finally came out.

The Malfoy family were trying to get back to a normal life; Grace only had to be in the obliviator Headquarters for fifteen minutes before she was back to her normal self, Hermione broke down in tears when her little girl called her mummy again.

It took slightly longer for Grace's hair to go back to its normal shade of blonde, Draco got so annoyed that he shaved all her hair off then gave her a quick hair growth potion. Hermione couldn't blame him, she had put him and her family through so much that it was hard not to feel guilty all the time.

The date of Ginny's trail grew nearer and some reporter did their homework they got a look at (and a copy of) the original arrest papers for Ginny Potter and also divorce papers for Mr and Mrs Potter. the journalist went to print; for once the truth was out there for all the see in black and white.

Draco and Hermione were soon bombarded with sympathy letters from all over the wizarding world; Molly Weasley was beside herself from the photos that Hermione had seen briefly in the paper. The older woman had lost a lot of weight in a short space of time that her skin just seemed to hang off her.

The Malfoy's became stronger because of it and Hermione book sales went through the roof. Hermione had also just started to send a monthly letter to Harry to try and build the least damaged bridge, although this all started with Harry Hermione found that she could forgive him more than she could Ron or Ginny which Draco found infuriating.

The Diary of Hermione Malfoy

14th February

I was thinking back to that day again today. It still sends a shiver down my spine; I have never felt more powerless in my life. Even now eight months later I wake up in the night and have to check on them, I know this will pass I just have to deal with it. At least Draco has started to sleep in our bed again; I think it was Ty's teasing that made him come back, "I'm a big boy daddy I can look after Grace!" Is it strange that I love him more for it?

So, I know I haven't updated in a while but it's been a little busy around here...

Draco's planning something for tonight, I wanted to over look Valentine's Day but he wouldn't hear of it... this baby is 13 days late and I do not want to go anywhere!

I knew I was right, Maggie finally confessed to me that she had sex with Ron!! I'm not sure how I feel about it; I know that Draco will go ballistic. She says it's nothing heavy just the occasional dalliance but Maggie has never held anything back from me before so it makes me wonder. I've never seen him around when I pop over and she doesn't come over to ours as often so... Watch this space.

Yesterday we had dinner with the Longbottom's, Hannah made me her spicy curry but nothing. I am still the size of a whale! If Draco rubs my belly like I'm a dog one more time I think I might chop his hand off! Affection my arse.

We are no longer on the front of every newspaper, which I am thankful for.

We have just enrolled Grace into Ty's Nursery (that will an emotional day when she leaves me)

I could go on forever about what has happened about Ginny being sent to St Mundos, about Draco having a few of his former house mates over for dinner but I need to find my husband, looks like the curry did the trick as my waters just broke!!!!

Hermione never did have enough time. Exactly 62 minutes later with the help of her devoted husband, Hermione Malfoy gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

"How are you feeling?" Draco asked her, Hermione just smiled. She was sat in her own bed and held her warm baby in her arms. Ty and Grace were at the bottom of the bed watching their little brother.

"Was I that small?" asked Ty, his head tilted to the side taking in the length of small child. "No Ty, you were a big baby but Grace, you were so small Granny M was afraid to hold you." Draco informed his children a smile playing at the corner of his lips as he remembered his mother.

Grace laughed along with her brother. There was a knock on the bedroom door and they all turned to see Maggie pop her bed in the door "Hello." She said then spotted Hermione. "Oh, look at you! Give me a squeeze." She demanded, reaching out for the small child.

Hermione reluctantly handed over the infant and smiled as Maggie started pulling funny faces at the newborn, "And what is your name mister?" she asked, then looked up at Draco "Who's turn is it to name the baby?" she asked, Draco shrugged but nodded to Hermione.

"Can I name him mummy?" Grace asked. Hermione and Draco shared a look. "How about the two of you think of a name and we'll see." Draco tried to reason; Ty and Grace immediately started whispering to each other.

"So, I guess a curry is the trick then." Maggie laughed, still rocking the child. Draco sat by his wife's side and took her face in his hands "So, I changed our plans for tonight you'll be happy to know." He informed her, Hermione frowned confused "I was going to take you for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Never mind, we have many years to make it up." Hermione smiled and reached up to give him a kiss. "So, who did we drag you from?" Draco asked Maggie when his wife had released him; the woman blushed slightly "No one." She said quickly. Too quickly. Hermione frowned at her.

"You met up with him again?" she asked trying not to make it sound like an accusation.

"Met up with whom?" Draco chipped in looking between the two females.

"It's nothing really Hermione. Just... just someone to pass the time with."

"You've always made a point to never 'pass the time' with anyone on Valentine's Day."

"Well, I felt lonely that's all. It's not a crime is it?"

"Wow, what is going on here?" Draco questioned

"Can we call him Gabriel?" Ty asked making all the adults turn their heads to him.

"How did you come up with that name?" Hermione asked her eldest son, Ty shrugged his shoulders but blushed slightly which made Draco laugh "This wouldn't have anything to do with a certain Sweet would it?"

Hermione looked at her husband confused, her son wanted to name his brother after a candy? "No, I like the name." Ty informed his parents and stormed out of the room with Grace following closely behind him.

Draco stood up to stretch then turned to his wife to explain "There is a new little girl at his nursery called Sweet who I do believe our son has a small crush on, she just so happens to have a teddy called Gabriel." Hermione laughed and held her hands out for her son again, Maggie gave up the small bundle "Well, little man. Your brother wants to call you Gabriel. How do you feel about that?" the newborn puckered his lips and Hermione smiled brighter "Gabriel it is then."

"So, you going to tell me what is going on between you two?" Draco asked, Hermione flicked her eyes to Maggie who took a deep breath "I've sort of been sleeping with someone that Hermione doesn't approve of. But, I didn't go into it lightly it just sort of happened and it feels sort of nice." the woman shrugged again wrapping her arms around her waist.

"That doesn't sound like you." Draco frowned down at his wife who pouted.

"I can't help it." Hermione admitted

"I know it's my fault Hermione and if you really do not want me to be with him after everything that has happened then I guess I understand." The blonde woman hung her head and Hermione's heart melted just a little bit for the women who was better than a sister to her.

"I just need time; it might be a lot of time mind but just let me deal, okay."

"Thanks Hermione, you know at first I hated him on principle right?"

Hermione laughed, "I remember, Ron tends to have that effect on people. You should have seen the way Draco used to treat him at school!" Hermione looked up at Draco who had frozen, he slowly looked to Maggie "You are seeing a Weasley?" he asked in a disgusted whisper, Maggie quickly looked between Draco and Hermione. "I'm not exactly seeing him; I don't want any labels or anything."

Hermione coughed to stop the other women who didn't know Draco as well as she did. The tightening of his fist the clenching of his jaw were all signs of his blazing fury. "Maggie why don't you go, I'm tired you know having given birth and all and I'll chat to you soon." Maggie left them and Draco still didn't move until Gabriel started to cry

"Now what is all this little guy?" Draco asked, sitting beside his wife again and cradled his son, he wrapped an arm around Hermione's shoulder. Soon the child was settled and Hermione was fast asleep Ty and Grace came back into the room shortly after and sat at the bottom of the bed reading the muggle book 'The Golden Compass' that Hermione had got them.

Draco sighed in contentment, damn his life was good.

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