House of Night

Broken-Hearted Girl

By Hannah Curbishley

Author Comment

Right this story is starts at the end of Chosen no spoilers for Untamed & Hunted will be revealed in this story to make it clear Zoey has been at the house of night for five months and with Erik for four please review


Chapter 1- Unexpected

Zoey's Point of View

I held the white stick in my shaky hand, the single word pregnant written on this stick had made my world come crashing down! My name is Zoey Redbird I've been living at the house of Night now for four months now I have control of the elements Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Spirit, I've got at the moment three boyfriend my Humans boyfriend Heath , my house of night boyfriend Erik and my professor Loren Blake, I know what your thinking god what a slut, she can't possible now who the father of her baby is, but you wrong Erik is the father I'm sure of it he's the only one I've slept with, I love Erik, Heath and I have imprinted that's the only reason I'm with him and Loren I'm not actually sure he makes me feel different grown-up oh this is a mess, this baby is unexpected I'm scared now what do I do next?

Author Comment

Sorry its short but I was trying to keep the first chapter simple next chapter should be longer!