House of Night

Broken- Hearted Girl

By Hannah Curbishley

Chapter 7- Back to Reality


I've been staying with Grandma for the last month, it's been nice, getting away from the pain.

I didn't do much, just sat in the garden thinking. Thinking about how I went from having everything to losing it all.

But I have the twins. But it's because of me they don't have a father.

I wish me and Erik were still together, I wish I'd never slept with Loren, I wish Erik knew I was pregnant. I know he'd make a great father. I wish my babies would have an amazing father. But they don't have a father, all they have is me. Me, Grandma and Stevie-Ray. Who has been staying with us ever since I collapsed.

I lay in the garden just looking at a clear blue sky, with my hand gently laid on my stomach. I closed my eyes and began to day dream. About me, Erik and the twins. A happy Family living by the sea, the twins laughing, Erik and me happy and married. Erik keeps saying he loves me.

"Z." My eyes snapped open at the sound of my best friend's voice.

"Hey Stevie-Ray." I said with a small smile, I didn't move from my place in the garden.

"Mind if I lie with you?" Stevie-Ray asked.

"Ok." I said with a small smile. Stevie-Ray lay next to me in the soft grass and we both watched the sky.

"It's beautiful isn't it. The Clear Blue Sky." I said with a small smile.

"Yeah it is. How are you Z?" Stevie-Ray asked.

"I've been better. I'm a pregnant broken hearted girl. Who's got to go back to school tomorrow to be called a slut and a slag." I said honestly. Back to school, back to my cold reality.

"It's going to be ok Z, I'll help you." Stevie-Ray said.

"Yeah but you can't go back to school with me." I said, I felt a tear fall down my check.

"You'll be fine Z, your brave, you'll face what ever they throw at you." Stevie-Ray said, wiping away my tear with her soft hand.

"I'm so scared Stevie-Ray, I need Erik. I love Erik. We need him." I said, resting my hand back on my stomach.

"It'll be ok honey, you have me and your grandma." Stevie-Ray said. She rested her hand over mine and gently squeezed my fingers.

"Doesn't stop my babies needing a father." I said honestly.

"It will work out between you and Erik. I can feel it. He'll come back, find out about the twins, find out that all that stuff with Loren was a mistake and you two will be back together. I don't know how it will happen but I know it will, I can feel it the air honey." Stevie-Ray said with a soft smile.

"I hope you right." I said with a smile and we both went back to lying in the grass, I closed my eyes and started to drift off to sleep and as I slept all I could dream about was what Stevie-Ray had said and how much I wanted it to be true. If only dreams did come true.


Back to School today... great. Grandma put my things in the back of her car. Me and Stevie-Ray got in the back of the car and we drove towards the House of Night. I was so terrified. I knew how everyone was going to react when they found out I was pregnant. I stared out of the car window, my mind was racing and all I wanted was to have Erik sitting next to me, I want to hear his perfect voice, I want him to say "It's ok Z I'm here, I love you" but I'll never hear him say "I love you" again. I ruined my one chance to be happy by being a slut.

"Z?" Stevie-Ray said, I looked at her, I was crying.

"Oh honey." Stevie-Ray said before she took me in her arms, I just sobbed into her chest.

"Zoebird you can't run away you have to face them. I know you're scared." Grandma said.

"I don't want too." I said with a weak tearful smile.

"I know sweetheart but you can't run away." Grandma said as she parked the car.

"Come on." Grandma said.

"See ya later." I said to Stevie-Ray

"Good Luck honey." Stevie-Ray said. I climbed out of the car and I followed Grandma inside school. I was back, the place I called home. My safe haven. If only. This had been the place that I'd once been happy. I once had everything, great friends, fantastic boyfriend and I lost it all in one night... god I'm stupid.

I stood outside as Grandma told Neferet I was back. Grandma took me to my room, she said she would stay with me for a little bit then she'd have to go. I lay on my bed, Grandma wrapped her arms around me, I started to drift off to sleep, back in my harsh reality.

I just silently cried in Grandma's arms, wanting the bed to sallow me up make me disappear, take me somewhere else.

I finally fell asleep but not for long and when I woke up I was alone with nothing but a note

"Zoebird I love you. Be safe my sweetheart, don't be scared I have faith in you love you Grandma x"

"I'm glad someone has faith in me." I whispered.

"I have faith in you Zoey." I turned fast at the sound of Nyx's voice

"Nyx." I said.

"Have faith my child, everything will work out, trust in your friend's words they are truthful. Good luck, my daughter." Nyx said before she disappeared

"Trust in my friend's words?" I said confused. I lay back down on the bed and I began to think about what Stevie-Ray had said "It will work out between you and Erik. I can feel it. He'll come back, find out about the twins, find out that all that stuff with Loren was a mistake and you two will be back together. I don't know how it will happen but I know it will, I can feel it the air honey." Oh my god Erik's coming back. What Stevie-Ray felt was a message from Nyx so maybe I wouldn't be a broken-hearted girl after all or is this just false hope?