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Three days later, hours before Ino's party, I stared up at the parlor sign that read 'Roots Ink', purposely spelt with a 'k' instead of a 'c'. I looked down at the address that Ino gave me before looking up at the place, as if expecting it to disappear on me. A hard jab in my side brought me to the quick realization that my company was getting impatient.

"Come on idiot, I've got to pick up Hinata tonight and I've still got to get ready for the party." I rolled my eyes before looking over to Kiba, who was the only one without something to do. Ino had dragged both Shikamaru and Chouji into decorating, while Sakura ran around, picking up all of the food for the party. Hinata and Neji had a family affair to attend, leaving Kiba lonely and bored. As for the bastard, there was no way I was going to bring him.

"Keep your pants on dog-breath. It's not like Hinata wants to see your ugly face anyways." I grinned at him before quickly dodging his swipe and moving into the tattoo parlor. A blast from the air conditioning hit me as soon as I walked in, making me shiver. I glanced around the shop while a grumbling Kiba moved behind me, looking at the several pictures of successful tattoos done. Assuming it was Sai's work, I had to admit that he was skilled. Each tattoo was different in a unique way, but all were connected by something I couldn't explain. And each one reminded me of something that was tucked in the back of my head. Where had I seen this designing before?

"Hello." I nearly screamed at the voice, pivoting to see a man standing next to the wall on my right. I blinked once, almost mistaking him for Sasuke. But the odd way he smiled was something that I knew Sasuke would never do, especially when it came to me. Plus, his hair was way too straight to ever come from the duck-butt do Sasuke wore.

"Uh…hey. You're Sai, right?" I was slightly freaked out by the eerie smile that continued to grow at my question.

"And you're stupid."

"No, I'm Naru—what did you just call me?!" I felt my eye twitch when he casually walked by me, and I glared back after I heard Kiba laugh.

"How'd he know your middle name?"

"Shut it Kiba!" I huffed when my growl, which only increased Kiba's humor. Trying to ignore my 'friend', I dropped my signed consent form onto the glass counter before walking after the ghost boy. The whole time I muttered while trying to keep my anger in check. The last thing I needed to do was get ink poisoned by this creep. "Look buddy, my friend made an appointment with you a couple days ago. You know Ino, right?"

"Of course I do. I never forget a pretty face." By now he had led me to a room in the back, which was covered with more work. In the middle sat what looked like a dentist chair, which made me feel much more restless than before. Did Sasuke get this nervous when he got his tattoo? Swallowing weakly, I shook my head to try to forget the bastard while looking back to the all too happy tattoo artist.

"Look, I'm not really sure how all this tattoo stuff works, so—"

"Of course you wouldn't understand." He didn't look up from setting up some freaky looking instrument that I could only assume was the tattoo gun. "Even simple concepts need a brain to understand them."

"What the hell is your problem?! I don't even know you!" Instead of answering, I got a book thrown at me. I blinked once before looking down, seeing the words 'tattoo ideas' printed formally on the front.

"You don't know what you want yet. Pick something, and I'll determine if it suits your lanky figure." Lanky?! I worked out enough to break this guy in two. He was half my size! I glared over at him, knowing that I was slightly dramatizing the weight difference between us. What made it worse was that he was obviously taller than me.

"Where are you getting this tattoo anyways? Gonna copy Sasuke and get a matching one on your neck? It'd be pretty cute." It took all of my power to keep my blush down while sending a death glare over to Kiba.

"No I'm not. And I am not doing this for that bastard! I just decided to get damn tattoo, is that so friggen hard to believe?!"

"Suuuure. You just decided to get one right after Sasuke. And you just want to get it before the party where said Uchiha will be so you can happen to show it off." He scoffed and sent me a look that clearly stated the bullshit he smelt. "You're turning it into another lover's quarrel."

"Sasuke and his pathetic tattoo can kiss my ass," I muttered, glaring down at the book in front of me. It took me a minute to realize I didn't deny Kiba's second remark.

"Uchiha Sasuke's tattoo was not pathetic." I blinked once before I looked up at Sai, who now sat on a tall stool. "I doubt you even know how to spell that."

"Wait wait wait! You mean…you did Sasuke's tattoo?!" I decided to ignore the insult in order to focus on Sai's quiet nod. No wonder the artwork seemed so familiar; I had only seen it up close and personal before. Kiba whistled while I slowly sat on the dentist chair, slightly taken aback by the fact we were in the same spot that Sasuke was one week ago.

"I am an acquaintance of his brother." He paused to fiddle with the gun before continuing to speak. "Uzumaki Naruto, yes?"

"How the hell do you know my last name?" I knew that Ino hadn't used her name to set up the appointment, but she had claimed to only use my first name. How this creep knew my last name was not on my own accord.

"It was mentioned."

"Sasuke was talking about the idiot?" Kiba was oh so helpful. Was this 'insult Naruto as much as you can' day? Because really, they needed to send out a memo before they planned shit like that.

"Perhaps." This guy was really ticking me off. I would have snapped at him it not for the thick needle that sat perched at the end of the gun. He turned to face me, an odd glint in his eyes making me re-think the tattoo. "Are you ready, or would you prefer to hold your boyfriend's hand?"

"Whoa, don't lump me in with him and Sasuke. I quite enjoy boobs."

"He's not my boyfriend," I shouted, Sai seeming unaffected as he glanced down my body. Feeling slightly embarrassed at the obvious check-out, I spoke again. "A-and neither is Sasuke."

"Yet." Sai said it with a smile, which I knew now was just a façade. But before I could start another fight, he moved his stool to rest next to the chair. He glanced at the page I was on in the book before something I could only describe as wicked entered his gaze. "I know the perfect tattoo."

"What? How the hell did you figure it out that fast?"

"Are you ready?"

"And what does it look like? Let me see it!"

"Where would you like it?" He ignored me completely, and I sent a look to Kiba to show my pure frustration with the tattoo artist. Kiba couldn't seem to keep the smirk off his face at my misery.

"I like him." Was all he said. Debating which one to kill first, I sighed and started to pull my shirt off. Ino had said that Sai was a professional who could pick out tattoos just by looking at people. And looking at all of the awesome work he had done on other people on the walls and in his book, I knew that he wasn't going to make it look bad. I liked his style, his creativity, and everything else except his mouth. If he was mute, maybe I could have felt a little more secure than I did.

"I want it on the back of my shoulder, right over my shoulder blade." Kiba sent me an odd look that I ignored as I stared at Sai. "My right shoulder blade." I could have gone for somewhere cooler, like around my bicep or even on my calf. But the spot was important to me, even if I wouldn't admit it out loud. It was the first place anyone had intimately touched me, even if it was Sasuke. I was instructed to sit facing the opposite wall with my back facing Sai's stool, which would give him the perfect height to reach my shoulder blade. I didn't like that I was blind to what Sai was doing to my skin, but it would have been impossible from the position of the tattoo to see.

"You ready?"

"Aren't you supposed to ask if I'm old enough to do this? For all you know, I could be some twelve year old who just looks older than I am."

"It would explain your small dick." I nearly fell over at his offhanded insult.

"You…You don't even know what my dick looks like!"

"Is that an offer?"

"Wha—NO that's not an offer, you creepy pervert!"

"Has Sasuke seen it?" I nearly choked on my own air at the seemingly innocent question, sending my face into a flush.


"Not yet, at least." And that one didn't even come from the damn freak.

"Will you stop saying stuff like that, Kiba? Me and Sasuke ar—"

"Age doesn't matter to me. You left your paperwork on the counter, yes?" How the hell did Sai know that? This guy just kept getting creepier by the second. "Good. Now try not to cry like a woman. You'll ruin your mascara."

The next two hours were pure hell. First, I had to deal with Kiba teasing me about Sai shaving the hair off of the back of my shoulder. Apparently, even bare skin had hairs that needed to be shaven, or else they would get in the way. I nearly cut myself when jerking after Sai's comment about how perfectly normal it was for a girl to shave. The bastard seemed to enjoy making me angry, because he continued to insult me while preparing his tools and the soon to be inked area. Then, once that was done, the torture began. It wasn't as painful as I expected it to be, but the stinging still made my tear ducks react much stronger than I wanted them to. I refused to cry, and thought about what Sasuke would say if he could see me now. Just thinking of his cocky smirk helped keep my cheeks dry, and I tried to focus on the conversation I was having with Kiba.

Halfway through my idiotic idea, Kiba got a call from Hinata. As luck would have it, Hinata needed Kiba's help. I couldn't hear most of the conversation, but I knew that Kiba was more than willing to go see his summer love before the party. I scoffed at his weak excuse, but I waved while he left. Figures the only person who could tell me how the tattoo really looked would bail on me. Losing my conversation partner (and wanting nothing to do with Sai), I couldn't keep my thoughts from switching over to Sasuke. I smiled at the thought of what Sasuke was going to think about my tattoo. Would he notice it was Sai's work? Would he remember the significance of the spot? Would he even care? He told me to 'impress' him, and yet I didn't even know what the design was. If Sai had chosen out Sasuke's tattoo as well, then I could only hope he would make them different. The last thing I wanted was the same tattoo.

I learned later on that there were worse things than that.

"Ah!" I hissed when a cold liquid was placed on the tattoo, and I glanced back to see Sai without his tattoo gun, but with a bottle of ointment.

"We're done, miss."

"For the last time, I'm a GUY!" He hummed and continued to dab the ointment on before starting to secure the same type of bandage that Sasuke had over my tattoo. It was only after he finished taping up the protective gauze that I realized something very important. "Hey wait! I didn't even get to see it!"

"You'll have to wait two hours to take off the bandage."

"But I want to see it." I moved to pull off the bandage, but Sai slapped my hand and smiled when I jerked back.

"If you remove it now, you'll ruin your tattoo. And you wouldn't wish to show Sasuke a blob, now would you?"


"Good. If you are unable to figure out how to remove the sticky tape, I'll be at the party to assist you." I blinked once, repeating what he said in my head.

"Wait…she invited you to the party?"

"Very good, Naruto-kun." He patted my head like a dog before turning away from me, starting to pack up his tools while I gaped.

"Why the hell would she do that?!"

"To make up for your presence."

"…I shouldn't pay you." I shouldn't of let him live at all, but my shoulder was too sore at the moment to hit him. Instead, I settled for a simple glare while I pushed off of the chair and shoved my hand into my back pocket.

"It's free." I paused and blinked once before looking up at Sai, confused. All the guy did was insult me and harass me the entire two hours, and now he was giving me a free tattoo? What the hell was wrong with him?



"…Because why?"

"I'll see you at the party, Naruto-kun." And before I even had time to ask him why the hell he wouldn't answer my question, I found myself out of the tattoo parlor and back onto the street. He didn't even give me time to get my shirt.

"You stupid jerk. You better hope that I don't see you at the damn party...But if I do, you better have my shirt!" Getting strange looks from the people in town as they walked past me, half naked and screaming my head off at a door, I quickly decided that yelling at him later would probably be a better idea. I wasted little time getting back to my house, which was thankfully empty. Mom and dad had gone out for dinner and a movie, just like two teenagers dating. See, told you they didn't act married.

Time flew while I prepared for the luau. By the time I got to the actual party, night had settled itself in the sky while the humidity of the day lingered. Tiki torches lit up the path to the backyard from the sliding door, and taking one step outside was like entering Hawaii. Well, what I thought it would be like anyways. Music was playing in the air while coconut cups were being passed around with god knows what in them. There were people in grass skirts and bikinis dancing, and I took a moment to appreciate the scene. But it was extremely short before a lei dropped over my head and forced me to stumble back into a set of giggles.

"About time you got here!" I turned to see the purple-bikini party host offering me a coconut drink. I grinned while shrugging.

"What type of party would it be if I didn't come fashionably late?" She laughed and shook her head before glancing around my body.

"So where is it? I want to see!"

"It's on my shoulder." I turned around for her, and I could practically hear the pout when she was met by my bandage. "I can't take it off until Sasuke gets here. I wanna see the teme's face when I show him it."

"I'm sure if Sai did it, it's gonna be great." I scoffed at the name and turned back to her.

"That guy is even more annoying than Sasuke, and I didn't think that was possible."

"He's someone that will grow on you eventually." We both turned our heads when Ino's name was called, and she waved at the newcomers before she turned back to me. "Well, I've got to go mingle. Go hang out with Shikamaru and keep him some company, will ya?"

"More like keep him awake." She laughed before weaving her way through the large dancing crowd. I decided to take the longer route and go around the dance floor, since I knew Shika would not be there. I quickly found him and Chouji sitting at one of the tables, Shikamaru practically sleeping (how he did that with all of this noise I wasn't sure) while Chouji munched away on Hawaiian pork. I slammed my hands down on the table, startling both of them. I could only chuckle when Chouji's pork dropped to the floor.

"Aw man, that was really good. Why'd you have to do that Naruto?"

"Think of it as helping you diet," I said, sitting next to Shikamaru. I glanced around the place casually, knowing I was searching for something specific. Or rather, someone. "Have you guys seen Sasuke?"

"Why, he forget to pick you up for your date?" Was it really that obvious that something was going on between me and Sasuke? If so, why the hell didn't Sasuke see it? And why was nobody surprised?

"For the last time, he ain't my boyfriend. You and Shikamaru came together and you're not dating!"

"Well duh, Shikamaru likes Ino," Chouji said, as if somehow that explained why me and Sasuke were different. He picked up another piece of pork and bit it before speaking. "And Sasuke was with Sakura last time I saw him."

"Thanks." I moved to get up, but one arched eyebrow from Shikamaru had me stop. Casually I sat back down, shrugging. "I'll go see him later."

I spent most of the night with everyone but Sasuke. Once I was done talking with Chouji and Shikamaru, I got pulled onto the dance floor with Sakura. We danced for a while, and then my attention was dragged into the house to help Ino grab some more food. After that, I got roped into holding the limbo pole with Neji, who seemed less than amused at the energetic party around him. But once his date, Tenten, finally arrived and swept the competition with her flexibility advantage, Neji seemed to lighten up. Apparently, dancing all summer paid off when it came to limbo. Finally, when I thought I was off the hook from everyone, I went looking for Sasuke again. It took two seconds to run straight into Kiba, Hinata, and Sasuke's evil twin. Well...eviler.

"Good evening Naruto-kun." I instantly glared at him, knowing his smile meant nothing good.

"Guess who I found a couple minutes ago? I was just introducing him to Hinata." Kiba seemed quite happy with himself, though I was guessing it was from the arm he had wrapped around the shy girl as opposed to finding Sai. Either way, I huffed and crossed my arms.

"Do you have my shirt? You made me forget it when you shoved me out of your tattoo place."

"How is your tattoo?" I was seriously getting annoyed with the way he ignored me. Following him with my gaze, I watched him move behind me and gently poke at the taping. "Very good. I'm impressed such a moronic person could listen to instructions."

"I'm going to drown you."

"That's not very lady-like." I jerked to slug him, but he wasn't there. Instead, my fist got caught by another dark haired, swimsuit wearing boy. The only difference was that this one didn't wear a shirt. My eyes widened as I stared up at Sasuke, who nonchalantly glanced to our hands before speaking.

"Any particular reason you're attacking me this time, dobe?" I snapped out of my surprise to try and pull my hand back, but he had a good hold on it.

"I wasn't trying to hit you, teme! I was trying to beat some sense into that pain in the ass. Now where the hell did he go?"

"Over here." Hearing him toward my right, I didn't bother to think of the consequences of turning toward him. Unfortunately, Sasuke was still holding onto my right hand, causing me to twist myself back into him. Unprepared for the contact, we both stumbled onto the ground. He caught himself with his other hand, but I heard him grunt when my ass fell into his lap. My arm now was twisted across my body while my back pressed to his chest, making it impossible to get off of him. I could hear Kiba laughing, probably from the awkward position or the flushed face I was sporting. Sasuke visibly stiffened underneath me, and I silently prayed for the ground to swallow me. When nothing happened, I glared up at Sai, who seemed quite pleased with his work. "I think I picked the perfect tattoo for you, Naruto-kun."

"What'd ya put on there, 'stupid'?" Kiba could barely speak through his laughter, which was seriously starting to irk me. Hinata gave me a sympathetic look before she moved over, helping me dislodge myself from Sasuke. I didn't dare look back at him when I opened my hand in his, pulling him up onto his feet. Once I knew he was steady, I quickly pulled back from the touch to look at Hinata.

"Are you okay?" She spoke quietly, which seemed to be a trend in the Hyuuga family. I nodded and smiled at her.

"Thanks a lot Hinata, you're a life saver." She blushed at the compliment and nervously pushed her hair behind her ear before moving back to stand with Kiba. Said boy had stopped laughing as soon as he realized Hinata was not amused by the fall. I smirked slightly before focusing my attention back onto Sasuke.

"Where have you been all night?"

"Around. Mainly looking for a particular dobe." Unwillingly, my heart skipped. Sasuke had wanted to find me? Feeling slightly swayed by the relaxed mood of the luau, I took a casual step toward him.

"Why?" I asked while Sasuke arched an eyebrow just as Shikamaru had done earlier. Maybe it was a genius thing.

"You told me you'd have your tattoo ready by tonight." Oh, yeah.

"And I do!"

"Then show it to me."

"I will! And it's gonna kick your tattoo's ass."

"Hn." He crossed his arms and glanced around as if he didn't even want to see it. Stupid cocky bastard. I couldn't wait to see his face when I showed him up.

"You two are very amusing to watch." I clenched both of my hands at my sides before I glared over at the instigator of the earlier fall. Some of my anger gave way to confusion when I saw a half wet cloth in his hand. When the hell did he get that? This guy was too sneaky for my comfort. "But you'll need to be more careful once we take your bandage off."

"Me?! You're the one who…you…just get the stupid bandage off of me!" I turned my back away from the others, speaking to distract myself from the slight sting of the tape. "You know, this whole 'tattoo' thing isn't that bad."

"Did it hurt?" I shook my head at Hinata's concerned question.

"Not too bad. It was more painful to listen to this asshole than the actual tattoo. My advice? Go to a mute tattoo artist." I felt the cloth against my slightly irritated skin, but the cool water felt nice. Soon after he pressed the dry side onto it, and after a second he pulled back.

"All set. You may show off your new tattoo, miss." So distracted by the idiot behind me, I didn't notice Hinata's gasp when I turned to glare at Sai.

"I am a guy damnit! If you call me a woman one more time I'll make su—"

"Naruto." I felt myself tense at my name. It wasn't what was said, but who said it. Slowly, I turned my head back to look at three very different expressions. The first one's mouth was partially open and her eyes showed just how shocked she was. The second couldn't seem to keep the grin off of his face and looked ready to crack into a flood of laughter. And the last one, the one who almost never used my name until tonight, was not smiling or gaping. His lips were pressed quietly together, his eyes not wavering as they stared at me. I could tell his body had tensed again, but his hands weren't clenched or ready to hit anything. Yet what truly set red flags up into my head was the barely visible pink that swelled in Sasuke's cheeks. Never, in the years that I had known Sasuke, had he blushed.

"Y-yeah?" The atmosphere made me stutter. I almost took a step closer to Sai when Sasuke started to move toward me. Instead, I stood my ground and suffered the shutter after he stopped behind me. Despite the slight pain I felt when he pressed his fingers against the tattoo; I couldn't help but hold my breath while Sasuke quietly studied it. Everyone was silent around us, as if waiting for Sasuke to speak. And when he did, I realized why.

"Is there a particular reason you have my name tattooed onto your shoulder?" Just like that, I felt my heart stop.

"Oh man! He really put Uchiha's name on your shoulder! That's so much better than stupid." Kiba's laughter now was uncontainable, but it almost sounded muffled in my head. I opened my mouth to ask what the hell they were talking about, but nothing came out. Instead, I turned my head back slowly to Sai, who didn't seem surprised by the accusation. In fact, he almost seemed proud. Proud. It made me realize how right Sasuke could be. I never saw the tattoo, and Sai had made sure I never got the chance to really ask about it. But why would Sai have done that? It wasn't like Sasuke was there with me! Sure Kiba had said some crap jokingly, but did Sai take it to heart? Not wanting to look back at Sasuke, I did the only thing I could think of. I shoved past Sai and ran straight through the tiki torches and into the hallway. I ran to the first mirror I could find, staring at the elaborate work that Sai had put into my tattoo. And, true to his word, Sasuke's name rested innocently against the tender skin of my shoulder.

This was not happening.

"And what does Sai have to do with this?" But, as you saw from our earlier conversation, it was. Despite the long flashback, I still found myself standing with Sasuke, pressed up against the wall. By how good my stomach burned from the warm contact of our skin, I was pretty sure it wasn't a dream.

"He...uh…he did the tattoo."

"I know that." He dropped his gaze from the mirror and back onto me, and I spared myself a heart failure by looking away. I didn't turn my head far before pale fingers caught my chin, immobilizing my head. I tensed for a minute, and he didn't wait for me to relax again to speak. "But Sai did not guess my name. We both know that."

"So Kiba said your name during it. It's not like dog-breath expected the prick to write your name on my fucking skin!" I tried to ignore my quickened breathing as I glared at him from the corners of my eyes.

"What did you say about me?" Getting sick of the interrogation, I smacked his hand off my chin and tried to push him off of me. I managed to get him to stumble a few steps back in surprise before his quick reflexes caught him. I ignored the slight tingle in my shoulder while I let the silence settle between us. He composed himself and straightened, as if I hadn't just shoved him. The slight bump in our conversation reminded me of something Sai said earlier.

"What about you, teme?"

"What about me?"

"I wasn't the only one talking! Sai figured out my last name because you were talking about me when you were getting your tattoo." He seemed to instantly dislike my knowledge, and a scowl marred his lips while I smirked. Feeling much more self-assured, I took a confident step toward him. "What did you say about me?"

"I didn't bring you up. Itachi did." Itachi? Why the hell would Sasuke's brother waste time talking about me? Sasuke answered the unspoken question. Even though I didn't force him to answer, he still seemed bothered by his own response. "My brother has…taken an interest in you."

"What? Itachi likes me?" I took a moment before I instantly scrunched my nose. "Ew! Itachi likes me!"

"Not that way, dobe."

"Oh phew! You scared me for a moment. I mean don't get me wrong, your brother's good looking and all but he's got those painted nails and the excessively long hair. And that black coat? I guess I can see why people think he's hot but he ain't no you—ah…" Shit! I didn't just say that. I didn't just admit that Sasuke was hotter than his brother or even hot to begin with. And I definitely didn't just imply that I saw Sasuke as something other than a bastard and my best friend. There was no way I could be that stupid, right?

"Hn." I got my answer to all of those answers when Sasuke pushed me against the wall. Yes, I was that stupid. I hissed at the pain that came with my shoulder rubbing against the wall, but he gave me no time to complain. My mouth became paralyzed the minute I caught his strong stare. But his wasn't. "So, dobe…you find me attractive?"

"No!" I gasped out, trying to think of something to block out the fuzziness that always slinked into my brain when Sasuke came that close to me. I could feel his quiet breathing against my sensitive skin, and I suddenly felt like a caged animal. Trying to get away from him I threw my fist out, but he was always quicker than me. After a second attempt with my left hand, I was left pinned back against the wall behind me. I contemplated kneeing him in the groin and running away to the hills of Tuscany, but I really didn't do well in high atmospheres. Plus, I didn't speak Tuscan…y…ish….yeah, whatever they spoke there. Remember, Sasuke plus me minus personal bubble equaled mushy brain.

"Running away?"

"As if!" Because I knew I'd never make it. But really he didn't have to know that. I felt his hands squeeze around my fists, and I realized this was the most intimate position we had been in since my room two months back. That really helped to keep my body from heating up. Desperate to find a way out of this situation, I said the first thing that came to my mind. "I-I didn't mean me! I mea-meant…shit uh…the girls! And the…the guys that are into guys. Not me. Cause I'm not into guys. And if I was into guys, I wouldn't be into you. I mean really, you've got a duck-butt! And…uh…you're so pale. And a real bastard and I don't want a bastard to be my boyfriend. But why am I even implying that I'm into men…because I'm not! And I'm not into you."

There was a tense moment of silence that was easily broken by a scoff.

"That…was just stupid."

"Shut up!" I shouted, not liking how right I knew he was. From the burning in my cheeks, and how I couldn't even meet his gaze now, I knew just how obvious it was I was lying. I dug my nails into my palms, angry at myself for letting my emotions so easily slip away from me. My dad had always warned me that one day, I was going to shove my foot straight into my mouth before I even had time to realize what happened. I just never thought it was going to be with Sasuke, in an isolated hallway, with his name tattooed onto my body.

"Dobe." I closed my eyes at the hair that gently slid against my jaw while Sasuke leaned his forehead against the wall behind me. His warm breath was driving my nerves crazy, and I swallowed a slight whine to focus on what the bastard was planning. Would he humiliate me in front of everyone? Or would he just kill me and dump my body into some secret lake at the edge of town? Well, normally he preferred verbal over physical, so I had a chance of living. "Sai knows too much."

"Huh?" Really, huh? Just what the hell was he going on about? He just found out I was attracted to him and he wanted to talk about Sai? I opened my eyes slowly to stare at the ceiling above me, not willing to turn my head to face him yet. It felt strangely nice to feel Sasuke's body resting against mine, almost like he was holding me. I knew it was crazy to think like that, but a dying man is allowed to think strange things and get away with it.

"I said…" My jaw flexed instinctively when I felt a soft brush of his lips against the skin over my jawbone, and I knew my eyes were wide at the possessive tone that flashed through his facial features. "Sai…knows too much."

"Uh…about?" I swallowed to keep my throat from completely drying out. Seriously, did I turn up the thermostat when I hit the wall? Because there was no way I was imagining the heat between the quickly disappearing space separating our mouths.

"Me." His fingers travelled down from my quickly relaxing hands, and I felt my breath quicken when he brushed his thumbs against both of my wrist pulses. His anger was blended with a look that was sending straight shocks of electricity into my groin.


"Yes." He studied me like I was a lab rat instead of his overheated best friend, and for a moment I thought he was finding the best way to kill me. But then, with a confident look, I felt Sasuke press into the inside of my thigh with something I knew was not there a few minutes ago.

"Te-Teme! What the hell is—"

"You impressed me. Though really, it was Sai that did all of the work." I should have yelled at him for continuing to bring that prick into our time. But his thigh brushed against my concealed arousal, and I hissed through my teeth at the pleasant feeling. There was no warning to the quiet kiss that was pressed to the side of my mouth, which completely threw me off guard. I parted my lips, and it wasn't until Sasuke pulled back from me that I realized he was waiting for me to speak.

"You…you like the tattoo?" I asked slowly, not entirely sure what to expect. Then again, if someone had told me that Uchiha Sasuke would have me pressed into a wall with a hard-on, I probably would have passed out from laughter. Suddenly, that idea did not sound quite as funny.

"It's my name on your body." We stared at each other quietly, me trying to put everything together while Sasuke watched. It shouldn't have taken me so long to realize that Sasuke had just semi-kissed me, and that maybe, just maybe, I was the dumb one for not realizing Sasuke had feelings too. I shouldn't have been so surprised to realize that Uchiha Sasuke's possessive nature was naturally turned on by his name branded onto me. Like I was now officially his property. And since Sai was friends with Itachi, another Uchiha, he knew what he was starting when he set his extremely evil plan into action. No wonder Itachi was 'interested' in me; even I had thought that Sasuke would be cranky and alone for the rest of his life. Knowing that someone, even if it was me, caught his interest must have been intriguing to the elder Uchiha. And maybe Itachi had been the Kiba in Sasuke's life, taunting him about his interest in his best friend. I would have laughed if I wasn't pissed over the idea of belonging to anyone. Especially Sasuke.

"You cocky bastard." I was now forced to mutter, Sasuke's smirking lips barely giving me room to speak. I still managed to scowl and glare up at him even while he rested his forehead against mine. To say I was flushed would be an understatement. I made fire hydrants look albino.

"Do you ever shut up?" If I hadn't before, Sasuke made sure my lips were too occupied to talk. I shivered against him before kissing back, eagerly pressing my tongue against his lips when he took too long. I always assumed that I would have to fight my way through anything with Sasuke. But it seemed like, for once, I didn't need to prove anything. Occasionally one of us would pull back from the kiss, out of breath or confidence. There was plenty of opportunity for insults and teasing. Still, I wasn't focusing on which one of us could hold our breaths better. And I was pretty sure that Sasuke had just about as much experience kissing as I did (which was none, for all you who were busting with curiosity). I just wanted to make sure Sasuke wasn't suffocating before I pressed my mouth back against his. He was like an addictive candy that I couldn't get enough of.

My heavy breathing bounced through the hallway when Sasuke's mouth slid against my throat, and I tried to pull my wrists from his grasp when his tongue darted past my pulse. After running for months from any touch that Sasuke gave me, I couldn't seem to press close enough to him now. I banged my head back against the wall when Sasuke's mouth sucked my sensitive skin. My back was arched, but my shoulder muscle was strained from trying to keep it away from the wall. The last thing I wanted to do was smudge Sasuke's name after finding out he liked it. I soon realized (at the same time that Sasuke's fingers discovered my shirtless chest) that there was no way I was staying bent like this for the entire night.

"Wa-wait." I moaned after he nipped along the tender skin, smoothing it over with his tongue. When he realized I was struggling much more than I had been, he silently looked up at me and waited for my breathing to catch up with my head. "We ca-can't…here…"

"Why not?" Damnit, how did he keep so calm? I felt like I had just run a marathon and Sasuke seemed like he had just watched. I swallowed weakly to keep my mouth wet while his eyes stared up at me. Was it the tiki light, or did he always look so demanding?

"We're in a hallway…Ino's hallway. And my tattoo…it can't keep hitting the wall." He seemed to mill over the reasoning while I took steady breaths to calm my racing heart. My eyes were transfixed when Sasuke brushed his lower lip with his tongue, and I was too aroused to realize it was unintentional. I leaned down, catching the thinking Uchiha off guard by pulling his tongue between my lips and sucking. He tensed, quickly looking to me while I pushed up to kiss him completely. I pulled my mouth back before he had a chance to respond, and smirked at the slight daze that coated Sasuke's eyes. Thankfully, my brain wasn't completely fogged up and I remembered something very helpful in Ino's house. "Guest room."

"Hn." But I could tell he was satisfied with my improvised plan.

He didn't seem to mind relinquishing his control to allow me to weave through the large house and away from the party. In no time I found familiar stairs that I had used to get to Ino's room, not once thinking they'd be used for another, much more pleasurable, reason. I could feel my nerves stirring up in my stomach as I stopped in front of the guest room door, knowing one push of my hand would open it for us. Still, I couldn't help but tremble and close my eyes at the thought. Part of me wanted to run as far away from Sasuke as I could. We hadn't talked about what this was or what it meant to our 'relationship'. For all I knew, Sasuke just wanted to have sex, and that tattoo was just a bonus. Somewhere, in the rational part of my head, I knew that wasn't it. Sasuke wouldn't do a casual fuck; it wasn't his style. But that part was buried, deep underneath the rest of my doubting thoughts.

I jumped slightly when I felt his slender fingers brush just under my tattoo. I closed my eyes tighter when he rested his lips against my shoulder, quietly sucking on the end of my neck before mumbling into my skin.

"It's not as hard as you think, dobe. Just twist the knob and push." I should have been angry that even aroused, Sasuke insulted me. But instead, I only flushed at the lack of acid in his voice. He wasn't doing it to offend. He was really trying to relax me, but he didn't know how without insults. Sasuke never knew how to comfort someone, because he normally never cared enough to try it. But this time, he did. And really, it was enough for me to nod and push the door open. I didn't hesitate in moving into the room, and I moaned at the heat that immediately burned my skin when Sasuke's fingers trailed down my stomach. My hips jolted and I could feel my cock stiffen again from the pleasure. My knees weakened when I felt the same fingers yank at my drawstring of my bathing suit, leaving the trunks barely hanging on my hips. I quickly turned to face him, and felt his hand slide into my hair a second before he placed a commanding kiss onto my mouth. The willingness to let me lead was gone the second we walked through the door, but it didn't stop me from trying.

His hands felt like fire as they scorched my sides while his mouth coaxed mine to respond. Unsure of which pleasure to focus on, I could only moan and grab his shoulders when his hand brushed my hardened nipple. My once comfortable shorts were becoming hot, but I refused to let Sasuke know how big of an affect he had on me. I slid my palms down his chest, and he quietly groaned into our kiss when I barely brushed over the front of his shorts. I smirked and pushed him toward the bed while I yanked at the string, getting frustrated when I realized he doubt knotted it. Then again, knowing the girls at the party I wasn't surprised at his security. I pushed him to sit on the bed, enjoying the height advantage as I stood over his thighs. Still, I didn't like the fact I had to pull my lips from his to look down at what I was doing. And by the way he leaned forward to punish my nipple with his teeth, I knew he didn't either.

I had barely managed to undo the knot when Sasuke pulled me closer, causing me to lose my balance. I fell into his lap and hissed when I felt our bodies press together. Struggling to keep my eyes open, I looked down at him to try and figure out why he had pulled me like that. A soft lick against my sensitive skin had me arching while digging my fingers into his shoulders. The pleasure almost hurt, and I pressed my hips into his to try and quell the ache. Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew my pride was rolling around in anger for letting Sasuke take control. Still, it wasn't enough to persuade me from moaning when his fingers crept over my exposed thigh and sunk underneath the loose bathing suit. His fingers felt like ice when they curled around my arousal, and I gasped at the touch.

The first few strokes were awkward and arousing at the same time. Then again, I would have been more bothered if Sasuke hadn't struggled. Touching yourself and touching someone else had to be a little bit different, since you couldn't feel it. The jerky motions reminded me that this wasn't something Sasuke did regularly, or ever. It made me realize how different this truly was, which only enhanced the awkwardness.But he easily tilted his wrist a little more toward me, and I was submerged in bliss. I struggled to keep my mouth quiet (surprise there), and I couldn't meet Sasuke's quiet gaze. Instead, I forced myself to breath and pressed my mouth against his neck, my noises vibrating the pale skin against my lips. He seemed unprepared, and I barely smirked when he groaned against my ear. My cockiness only lasted a second before I moaned, enjoying the swipe of his thumb against my slit.

"Off." Sasuke didn't mince words, and I felt his unoccupied hand pushing the back of my thigh up. I slowly pressed my knees onto the edge of the mattress, and nearly yelped at how he effortlessly swiveled us on the bed. I was stunned for a moment, my hands propped up behind me while Sasuke hovered between my thighs. We locked gazes again, and I felt myself shudder at the brewing lust that stormed in his features. His cheeks were more flushed than they were after any sport we'd played together, and his hot breathing set my nerves off. I shifted at the half-lidded stare that he pierced me with, but the movement caused me to wince. I relaxed my right arm, releasing any pressure on my shoulder. Maybe getting into this the same day I got my tattoo wasn't my brightest idea.

But Sasuke didn't agree. He seemed to notice my discomfort, and made an executive decision to alleviate my pain. My shorts were pulled down my legs without my consent, but any protest died in my throat when Sasuke's lips skimmed down my stomach. I arched into the touch, but Sasuke didn't apply any pressure while he ghosted my hips with his fingers. I chocked on a cry, barely thrusting my hips up before they were pressed down by one of his arms. Aggravated by the teasing, I tried to glare past my huffing chest and down at him.

"D-don't be a ba-bastard." He snorted quietly before dipping his lips down to encase the tender skin of my inner thigh between his lips. The spike of pleasure shot straight into my cock and I breathed through clenched teeth when he lazily slid his tongue closer to my central heat. My legs were quivering with the strain it took to keep from jerking up, but the last thing I needed was to knee him in the face. I felt his free hand wrap along the underside of my thigh, pulling it away from my other one. I barely had time to mentally question it before my elbow nearly buckled.

Jerking my head down, I could only moan when I felt Sasuke's mouth quietly slink down my straining member. Fuck, he was really doing it. I quivered at the strange feelings that bubbled just under the lust in my stomach. Sasuke flicked his gaze up at me when I cupped his cheek with my hand, my other arm barely able to hold me up. Still, I refused to let go while I panted, waiting for him to close his eyes and continue his ministrations on my sensitive skin. His mouth was hot, and I felt sweat forming along my back while I squirmed closer to it. He moved like he was made for my body, seeming to learn the pressure and speed that would easily send me toward the edge. I shook my head, trying to starve off my orgasm to enjoy feeling Sasuke around me.

But good things always come to an end (no pun intended). My muscles tensed, and I struggled to make words. In reality, it probably sounded like gibberish, but in my head it made sense. Either way, Sasuke ignored my incoherent talking and pulled away, making my body lurch forward in need. I gasped, my eyes shooting open when the biting feeling of incompletion filled my senses. By now, I had dropped to my elbow, too weak to hold myself up. I struggled to control my breathing, which I knew was impossible with the way my body was pulsing. I shifted my hips, hissing when my sensitive tip brushed against my stomach. Feeling a cooling air between my legs, I knew Sasuke had moved. For a panicking second, I thought he has decided just then that this was a mistake. And if he had, I would have killed him, boner and all, and then proceeded to drown myself in Ino's bathtub.

"Idiot." I heard his low voice next to the bed, and I tilted my head to see him leaning toward the head of the bed. When I realized he had propped the pillow against the headboard, I lazily blinked in hazy confusion. Really, it probably was because I was more concentrated on the naked hip that had just slid into view when Sasuke leaned back, his shorts dangerously clinging to his body. I tried to glare at the covering material, hoping to scare it enough to fall off. When lust seeped into my head, nothing needed to make sense. So when I saw the shorts starting to move down Sasuke's hips, my mind blocked out his helping hands and gave all the credit to my mind-control.

Any control, however, left me when I heard the shorts drop to the floor. My eyes widened at the site of pale skin that almost glowed. And I thought he was pale before? He lifted his leg onto the bed, covering the area of curiosity before I even got a chance to look. Instead, he spoke while moving toward the set-up he had made against the headboard.

"Come here." He glared back at me, but it easily lost its intimidation when it widened into shock. I don't think he expected to find me so close to him already, not needing a command to know what I wanted. My face was inches from his, and the loss of space made Sasuke fall back against the pillow. Or maybe that was from my hand sliding up his thigh, I didn't really care. All I knew was that I had never felt so curious, insecure, and aroused in my entire life. My fingers slid along his parted thighs, and I leaned between his knees to keep him from closing them. A part of me found it humorous that he was so fucking pale, except for a certain red part of his anatomy. But another, larger part of me found it shiver worthy. I looked up at him, grinning weakly when he sent me a glare. But really, the blush on his cheeks wasn't helping.

"You're hard." I was always good at stating the obvious. Seeing his mouth open to insult me, I decided I liked listening to him groan instead. So following the bastard's lead, I slipped my fingers up to wrap around his arousal and gave a confident stroke that rewarded me with a strangled groan. The noise went straight through my body, and I realized why Sasuke was so easily hard. Watching Sasuke close his eyes and rest his head against the headboard while his hips struggled to remain still was almost as arousing as feeling it. His lips barely parted when I rubbed my finger against the vein under his tip, silently encouraging me. I swiped the pre-cum down his shaft to make my palm glide easier. I noticed that Sasuke was much quieter than me, but it made the rare noises that slipped through his composure so much sweeter. And I wondered how many more I could get with my mouth.

Sasuke never gave me a chance. A hand shot out to slip behind my neck, pulling me toward his slightly more aggressive kiss. He didn't move my hand from stroking his cock, but his other hand pressed against the small of my back hard enough to make me straddle him again. The angle was hard on my wrist, but I ignored it while I swiped my tongue against his. Eyes I didn't remember closing shot open when the fingers on my back slid down, gliding along the curve of my ass. Suddenly flushing when I realized what he was implying, I pulled back from the kiss and glared at him.

"I'm not bottom." I was mildly surprised that I kept my voice as steady as I did while I spoke, but Sasuke wasn't impressed.

"Shut up, dobe."

"I can't be. I…uh…my shoulder!"

"What about it?" I sucked in a sharp breath when Sasuke's taunting lips captured my earlobe, reminding me all too easily of the havoc they could do somewhere else.

"Hah…I…I ca-can't…lay on it." Yup, there went my calm composure. But if you had Sasuke flicking his tongue against your ear, you'd lose your cool too.

"Hn." If he had a plan or not before he curled my toes with a hot breath into my ear, I wasn't sure. Since he set up the pillows, I guess it was possible. But after a few seconds of ear play, that stupid genius thought of a plan. "Find lube."

"Me?!" Hell, I could barely keep my eyes open when he sucked behind my ear. How did he even get there anyways? Sasuke's hand slid down my body to resume his earlier havoc on my cock, and I suddenly agreed with him. Lube was needed. And quite quickly. I scanned the room, eyes falling on the nightstand next to the bed. There had to be something in there. I shot out of Sasuke's grasp, ignoring the sensational burn I felt when our hips pressed together to yank open the first drawer. When nothing but dust entered my vision, I groaned and slammed it shut. Luckily, the second drawer dealt me a much better hand. I grabbed the substitute lube and pushed up onto my knees again, grinning while showing Sasuke my discovery.

"Suntan lotion." At the lack of interest in his voice, I nearly whined. This bastard got both of us overly worked up, and he was going to stop because of this?! A part of my insanity took hold of me when I realized that Sasuke could probably walk his aroused ass out of here. He was fine with self-control. Me, on the other hand, had no such thing. And the last thing I wanted to do was get so close to whatever this was, and then stop. So, shoving my pride down as far as I could, I caved.

"Not like it's going up your ass!" When I saw him arch an eyebrow, I made sure to clarify myself. "This time, anyways."

"Sure, dobe. Next time." The sarcasm was so thick in his voice I almost missed the promise of another time. Which meant Sasuke really didn't want this to stop tonight. That thought alone almost made my sacrifice worth it. Speaking of that…I moved to ask just how he planned to keep me off my back as the...bottom, but his mouth on mine distracted me again. Seriously, his tongue needed to be cloned for the better good of the world. It could probably stop world hunger and war. And I was fine with that, as long as I got to keep the original. Too caught up in the warmth that was Sasuke's mouth, I didn't realize Sasuke had even removed the bottle of my hand. Well, until I felt two frigid fingers sliding into my body. I instinctively tensed, then yanked back from the kiss. Of course the sharp movement backwards only pushed the fingers deeper inside of me. The pain was extremely unwelcomed, and I struggled to pull away from the intrusion. Of course the squirming didn't help the tearing feeling in my body, and I ended up pressing my forehead against his shoulder while raggedly whimpering.

"T-two? Really? F-fuck I hate you." I didn't expect an apology from him, because I don't think Sasuke had ever apologized for anything in his life. My body shook between the biting pain and pleasure that fought inside of my stomach. I barely lifted my head when I felt a quiet pressure against my temple, recognizing it almost instantly as Sasuke's lips. We both didn't speak, and I winced several times while my muscles tried to accept the invading fingers. Whenever I'd tense he'd stop moving, waiting for my slow relaxation to continue. The pain started to subside, but the embarrassment shot up when I realized exactly what Sasuke was doing. I could only hope this was a one-time feeling.

"Three." I felt the vibrations against my temple a few seconds before a third digit was added into the mix. For a moment I expected the same pain, and it was there without fail. But the feeling was fleeting, and gave way to a sensation that had my body tensing in a completely different way.

"Fuck!" I thought my back was going to snap when a burning sensation shot through my body, and I nearly whimpered when he pulled his fingers away from the nerves that caused the severe reaction. I didn't need to wait long for the toe-curling feeling, which Sasuke seemed to enjoy. I could feel his smirk against my temple, but my mouth was too occupied making incoherent sounds to insult him. My arms wound around his neck, gritting my teeth to finally stop myself from crying out anymore than I had. Not pleased with my lack of noise, Sasuke withdrew his fingers and smirked at my groan.

I shivered when he pulled me forward, brushing my chest against his before he rested his hands against my thighs. I swallowed weakly as I felt something shift underneath me, knowing instantly how much Sasuke enjoyed watching me squirm. Looking down at him, I know my curiosity was apparent. He squeezed my thighs silently, showing me exactly what he wanted from me. He was saying, literally, that the rest was in my hands. I took a slow breath to try and clear my head as I slid my hand behind me, knowing I had reached my destination when his breath hitched. For a few seconds, I explored the sensitive skin to watch the sharp movements of his chest before a glare told me to continue. I nodded, realizing that we were past the teasing stage. Realizing this was the real deal, that there was no turning back from this, I wanted to hesitate. But the small quiver that I felt underneath me when I brushed his body against mine pushed the idea of stopping out of my mind.

To say it stung would be an understatement. I could barely keep from crying out at the strong pain that first took over my mind. Wanting it to be over as fast as I could, I pressed myself completely against his body and nearly bit through my lip. He must have realized the same thing, because I found his mouth pressing mine open while he stroked my thighs. Though barely a consolation for the pain, I welcomed the distraction to try and lessen it. Quietly we kissed like the first time, hesitant but needy. This was a big step for us after all, and it was different than the others. It was something new; an intimate relationship. Adding the best guy friend factor into only enhanced the vulnerability that we didn't want to show each other. It was probably why I tried to ignore my low moan when he rocked his hips experimentally into mine, and he stayed silent despite the soft grip he had on my thighs.

If there was one thing that shouldn't have surprised me, it was the fact that it was nothing like porn. He didn't talk dirty or yank my hair, and he seemed satisfied with the one position. Sure, I was extremely vocal, but none of it was true sentences. Basically it sounded like I was losing my mind, which by the end, I was. Our rhythm was off at first, me moving too fast and completely missing why some guys preferred bottom. His hips jerked into me while I pressed myself up, making the thrust almost pointless. But my needy frustration made logic disappear. So finally, when one pale hand grabbed my hip tight enough to make me slow my pace, I nearly fell over at the sharp pleasure that came with Sasuke hitting deeply into me. Craving the feeling again, I eagerly pressed down while he shot his hips up, rewarding me with a brush of my prostate. I bucked at the feeling, and I felt myself constrict at the touch. The tightness affected Sasuke too, who quickly sped our movements up while keeping my rhythm on track. Now I saw why Sasuke seemed so impatient to hit my sensitive nerves. I swore when he reached a new jerky speed, and I pressed my hand onto his thigh to keep from falling over. Pleasure struck in my stomach like lightening, and you could tell how close my orgasm was by counting the seconds between each bolt of pleasure.

I felt my head get lead forward by Sasuke, and a mouth slid against mine hurriedly and without the finesse I had grown accustomed to with the Uchiha. His body was trembling, and I could feel it through our kiss. It took a moment for my hazy mind to realize that he was on the brink and holding back. In fact, it almost seemed like he was waiting for me. If that was true, I could tell he was getting impatient by the quick grasp of my arousal between our bodies. It didn't take much, the feelings of everything new completely overwhelming me. With a few hurried tugs, I was sent over the edge. The pleasure tensed my body and couldn't help but moan out Sasuke's name while he continued to coax my orgasm from me. Between the blinding sensations and finally falling back to earth, a quiet mumble of my name was pressed to my ear as the body underneath me tensed then shuddered. I was too lost to even notice if he pulled out or not.

The first thing I become aware of when I got a hold of me senses was that we had somehow managed to fall on our sides. Luckily it was my left, since I wasn't sure if my right could take any more of a beating. Sasuke was still resting inside me (well, guess I figured out that short term mystery) with his arm lazily draped over my waist. I couldn't make myself look up at him, silently wondering what was going through his mind. There was no way to deny we had sex. Hell, we were going to have problems denying the white spots on the sheets were anything but proof of sex. The real question was much harder to answer.

Where did we go next? Relationships were like ski slopes, really. You start at the bottom of the ski lift, and work your way up the long cable of steps. Occasionally you have technical difficulties and you get stuck, but stubbornness will eventually get you to the top. The top can give two very simple choices. You either take the plunge down the snowy hill and see if you can make it down alive, or you get back on the lift and go back to where you came from. Of course if you take that way, you never know what exactly was waiting for you at the bottom of the hill. This made the simple choices complicated.

Apparently, having sex turned me into Aristotle.

"Stop thinking, your brain isn't used to that." I could feel his lips moving against the top of my head, causing my cheeks to rush with color. He shifted, gripping my waist as he slowly pulled out. I wasn't sure what was worse; the soreness or the embarrassment. My body jerked slightly at the feeling, and I closed my eyes to try and pretend it didn't burn. Still, I knew I wasn't going to be moving for a couple minutes, which left me pressed against Sasuke's chest. We were both hot and sweaty, but it didn't seem to bother him. We stayed like that for what felt like forever, the only noise being the occasional shuffle of the sheets when he fidgeted. Finally, when I thought the silence was going to swallow us whole, I spoke.

"What the hell was that?"

"You're dumber than I thought."

"No no, I mean…I know what that was but uh….it's this-" to emphasis, I pressed my palm against my chest, feeling the quiet heartbeat underneath my skin. "…that I really don't get."

"Hn." I moved to pull my hand back, but Sasuke pressed his over my own before I could. The new intimacy felt strange and flipped in the pit of my stomach. I glanced up at him slowly, easily becoming anxious at the unreadable look in his features. "It's pretty simple, dobe."

"Simple? We just had sex in Ino's guest room and you call that simple?! There is no way that you're the genius here."

"You like me." He leaned closer to me, and I hesitantly accepted the proximity when I didn't hear any disgust in his voice. I watched his study my face as if trying to see if I had lied earlier. Because you know, everyone lets their best guy friend screw them when they don't really like them. I scowled at the analyzing, feeling more like a biology project than a sex partner. Finally, after finding what he was looking for, Sasuke spoke. "It can't be helped."

"What can't?"

"Us." I felt a slight wave of excitement run through my stomach when he quietly slinked his fingers between mine, pressing our hands closer to my heart.

"You mean…you mean we're…?" I could feel my heartbeat increasing, despite my lack of movement. I know he felt it too by the slight quirk of his lips.

"Don't ask stupid questions." His kiss answered for him. And then the next ten minutes of making out was just reinforcement in case missed the first silent admission. Eventually, we came back to the party with suspicious and accurate looks. Sasuke didn't seem bothered by it, and only tightened his grip around my waist. The rest of the night I spent trying to explain both the tattoo and where we had went for almost an hour. But really, the marks along both of our necks spoke much clearer than I did.

"His name on your shoulder? Troublesome." Shikamaru said dryly, taking a sip of his drink. He sent a quiet glance to Ino, who rested her head in her hand across from me. Chouji was busy getting more food, which left me with Shikamaru, Sasuke, and the pouting blonde.

"Well no wonder Sasuke never wanted to date me. I knew he was in blondes with blue eyes, I just never thought it'd be Naruto." I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Thanks, Ino."

"Well, I see you've enjoyed the tattoo." I mentally groaned as I glanced back at Sai, who looked just as pleased as ever. "I'm surprised you are able to walk, Naruto-kun."

"I really should hit you," I grumbled, glaring at him. It only seemed to brighten his smile before he turned his attention to Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, make sure to tell your brother I said hi." They shared a quiet stare before Sasuke scoffed.


"So tell me Sai, how did you know that Sasuke was going to like Naruto's tattoo?" Ino asked slowly, continuing to glance at my shoulder in curiosity.

"All men are possessive by nature. Seeing their name on something, in this case Naruto's awkward body is a territory claim. It can make any man step forward, in my personal experience." My jaw dropped at the implication.

"You've done this before?! How do you still have your license?"

"Nobody has ever complained." When Ino said that Sai could read his clients, she wasn't kidding. For someone who seemed intimately constipated, he could pass as a match maker without even trying.

"Any men?" When Sai blinked, we both glanced over to Ino. "You said any men, right?"

"Yes." He nodded, and I suddenly was aware of the contemplating look Ino had on her face. Suddenly, she turned to face the daydreaming boy next to her. With a confidence only Yamanaka Ino would have, she smiled and spoke to Sai while keeping her gaze on Shikamaru's reaction.

"Hey Sai, I think I finally know what I want to get on my hip. You know, for that tattoo?"

"Of course. What is it?" For once, I wasn't the last one to realize what was going on. I could tell by the very light blush on her face what Ino was going to say. Shika, who was too busy staring up at the night sky, didn't notice until the words had slipped out of her mouth and started what should have begun one February day years ago.

"I'm thinking 'Nara'. What cha think, Shikamaru?"

And for once, the genius was stumped.

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