She crept up the stairs, quietly. Her feet made no noise upon the floor. In fact, if it weren't for the wet arousal slowly seeping from her hot center, he probably wouldn't have even known she was there.

How he wanted her, waited for her. He wanted to consume her the moment she stepped through the door. Too long, every hour apart was far too long. He cock throbbed for her, ached in its hard, iron mast. As she neared the door, a soft whimper came from his throat. He wanted to be buried so deep inside her he forgot his own name…

The door swung open, revealing a hot and bothered Bella, wearing nothing but a tiny scrap of black lace over her sopping cunt, eyes hungry. But not for blood. No…she needed to feel, to burn…she needed to experience heaven and hell in all the right ways…

She dove at him, her body aching and needy, overflowing with want to have him deep inside her, calling her name.

He shoved her down onto the bed, ripping away the tiny scrap of lace and kissing her fiercely, loving the feel of her hot tongue in his mouth, sucking on his own. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as she hitched her leg up around his waist and ground her pussy into his hard dick. Soon they were both panting and moaning, all thoughts of foreplay gone.

"Edward," she whimpered. "I need you now!"

Yes…yes yes yes yes!!

"Oh Bella!" he cried, thrusting himself into her body in one hard stroke.

"YES!!!" She screamed, her head slamming down into the mattress. "Oh E-Edward! Faster! I need y-you!"

"I need you too Bella!" he growled, his thrusts speeding up to the point where each slam into her tight core sent the bed slamming into the wall.






Oh my GOD!!

"Fuck!" he yelled, slamming himself into her harder, faster, his moves blurring together. He couldn't hold out any longer, he needed to release into her, his love, his life, his forever. "I love you Bella! Come for me! Come fore me now!"

"Edward!" she called out. "I'm coming! Oh Edward I love you!" her body tightened around his shaft as her release came, her scream echoing around the room. "Edward!"

"Yes baby," he panted, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" he buried himself up to the hilt, his release filling her, satisfying him, tying them together all over again.

He fell down on top of her, pulling her limp body so that she could rest on top of him. "My beautiful Bella, I love you so much," he breathed, his smile spreading lazily across his face.

"I love you too Edward," she whispered, nuzzling her face into his neck.

Midnight had never been so beautiful.