Hey, my good ppls! I really don't know why I started this, because I have three other fics, all of which I should be updating right now, but I'll work on them tomorrow.

So, this is me, talking about random stuff on Avatar. Sometimes my very best friend Missy will talk, but she skipped out on coming over for the past TWO WEEKENDS, (I'm none too happy with her.) but this is me, Jette, short for Juliette, unfortunately. Picture a blonde, not a good looking blonde, ok? Actually, I don't know what is up with my hair this week so leave me alone. I don't know why I have an A/N when this whole thing is me rambling! Don't ask! And tell me what you would like to hear me rant about next. OK, here's the part you peeps came here for.

Jette's Thoughts ON

The Show

Yo. I just wrote a long A/N, and now I don't know how to start. Oh, well. I'm rambling on about Avatar, and as you all know, it is randomly about a twelve year old bald kid who gets frozen in an iceberg for a hundred years, and then the gangster Sokka comes along and teases his sister, who WAY over-reactes, and starts screaming and exploding chunks of ice. I don't know why Katara chose the hundred year mark of the war starting to randomly freak her brother out, I mean, she lives with SOKKA, for crying out loud. She should be used to it. But, NO, he makes one comment about her feminine-ness, and she goes all house-wife on him. Anyway, while Katara is suffering from Dramatic Wife Syndrome, Aang comes out and releases these huge blue beams for no reason at all, I mean, he's gone into the Avatar State a bazillion times, not once did I see him radiate blue beams except in the finale when he wouldn't kill a mass-murderer. (I'm a pacifist too, Aang. If I were you I'd man up and deal with it.)

ANYWAY, Katara calms down almost shockingly fast, and Aang looks threatening for half a second, then faints, which is really weird because that's not how people faint, all you people in charge. Sokka pokes him, an Aang wakes up to see Katara, all blowing hair and big eyes (her eyes are SOOO much bigger than anyone else in her famliy. Hakoda and Kya didn't have very large eyes, but they managed to pop out two very big-eyed kids. Either way, even when's Sokka's eyes are at their biggest, their STILL smaller than America's Next Top Housewife's.) anyway, Aang thinks she's all beautifull and all that crap, and he acts like he's dying, 'please.. come closer.' that crap? Then his eyes pop open and asks her to penguin sled with him. Sokka accuses him of being Fire Nation, (He's BALD, he has an AIRBENDING TATTOO, and he's wearing ORANGE FOOTIE PAJAMAS. I REALLY THING HE'S FIRE NATION.) And Aang smiles and shows innocent gray eyes, which somehow become darker, then a hazel color, then they turn BROWN. Either Aang has contact issues or his Avatar Powers come with the ability to change his eye color. (If he wanted to impress me, he could make his eyes electric pink to distract Fire Nation Hippees.)

Then, Zuko comes up in all his bald Fire Prince awesomeness, and freaks at his uncle for no good reason, and if you have the comic book of that first episode (Where they spell Katara's name Takara. Whoever did that was an idiot. I was TEN and I spotted that right away.) Zuko is shown in a flame type-thingy bubble, and it's totally over-dramatic, if you ask me. Then Sokka and Katara take Aang back to the Southern Water Tribe, I really don't know how they survive, if you watch the second episode they build with wood, and all their warships are wood, but in the South Pole THERE ARE NO TREES. And how are animals living there, I get penguins, they can eat fish who can survive the cold and find food underwater, but what about foxes? I don't think there's actually foxes in the South Pole, there's nothing but PENGUINS to eat, and I don't think foxes could eat a penguin, but I'm failing science, so what do I know?

So Aang uses his airbending, then Katara asks Aang to teach her to waterbend, which shows just how much of an airhead she is, because Aang is obviously an AIRBENDER, I don't know why Katara would ask that. Then they go penguin sledding, and find a ship that had been there since her Gran-Gran was little. And it was part of their first attacks, and both their parents looked pretty young, so Kanna must have been like, in her sixties when she had Hakoda or Kya or whoever she had, they need to tell us this crap.

Then they stupidly go in and booby into a booby-trap, which is weird, since they traps must be at least a hundred years old, it's amazing it still works, and I can't believe anyone would still monitor it, but Aang went through a door, then out of it, and somehow he managed to miss a booby-trap the first time but tripped it AFTER he found out he missed his golden years. OK then. By some coincidence, Zuko just HAPPENED to be patrolling by the South Pole at this time, so he looked through his REALLY good microscope, so good he could see Aang from miles away very clearly, but somehow he managed to miss the fact that there were TWO people running towards the village, then he goes and attacks the village, and Sokka gets OWNED by Zuko (its so ironic how they turn out to be like, best friends.) Zuko captures Aang, Aang goes into the Avatar State, (I'm kind of curious on how the tattoos glow, if the Avatar Power was created before tattoos were? Did they use special Avatar-Tattoo ink on everyone? If I tattooed foreign sayings on my arm & went into the Avatar State, would they glow? Huh? WOULD THEY?)

Aang escapes, then they take three months to fly to the other end of the world, wearing winter gear the enitre time, even though it would be summer in the Southern Hemiphere and they fly straight through the equator, but somehow no one got heatstroke.

So, they get to the North Pole and Katara learns waterbending, Sokka falls in love with a moon spirit, which seems like something only Sokka could get himself into. Then they meet Toph, the greatest earthbender around, who's like, the ONLY person who would not go with Aang. I can't make fun of Toph too much since Missy loves her, her name is tophrocker!, soo, yeah. Bunch of random crap in the Earth Kingdom, I'd walk you through it but then I would have nothing to rant about.

So, Aang gets shot in the back with a little lightning & Katara heals him with spirit water & he passes out into a coma forever, then Zuko gets shot in the HEART with more lightning & healed with regular water & was completely fine. LOGIC FLAW! Okay, Sorry, I'll be good now. So they walk around the Fire Nation for a while, and plan the invasion, which failed horribly, Aang give up WAY too easily, Fire Lord Ozai could have been in the bathroom or in a meeting! And he's way too obvious, why couldn't he sneak up behing him and cut off his head with an airblast?

Whatever, so they failed horribly and Zuko joined the Gaang. The writers put it in as like, I'm going to the goodside and you all didn't expect that, but really all they did was make us wait two & a half seasons for him to change sides. And the rest, I don't feel like talking about so until next time!

Yeah, wasn't very good, but I hope so people got laughs out of it! Review!