Shura: Hi everyone I'm going to rewrite all of the origanal story Ouran high Juliet club you know why because i read over it and it sucked there was plot wholes and everything the charactors acted out of charactor and so on. Or I'd start something then jump to another thing so this is going to be a little bit the same in some ways but a lot different in others like a whole bunch of new chapters and everything so I hope you enjoy the non-rough daft Ja-ne

Nicale Tusuecio founded the Ouran Juliet club for the reason that she felt that the host club was holding a double standards for genders. Moreover, that they acted as if the females had more problems than the males. So with the help of her long time friend and her younger shyer cousin. She was able to make it come true. The Ouran Juliet Club consist of seven types

The Princess type which is our founder and president Nicky Tusuecio

The Mysterious type whom of which is our co-founder and vice president Ashley Unison

The Sporty Type Rina Ryuu

The Lota bad-girl type Lisabell Gunderson

The girly type Lillian Gunderson

The shy type Keykie Tusuecio

The girl next door type Yuki Rhizome

These girls help many male students in many different ways due to their specialties of their different types. They treat each customer as an person of different taste and do not go with the saying 'one size fits all' because it doesn't

Ouran High Academy for the rich and famous, here in its halls lay the heirs too many large businesses. Here they learn about all the things to help there through out their lives. Two famous clubs reside in these halls The Ouran High Host club who of which is adored by the female student body. In addition, the lesser known to the females and the members of the host club but adored by the male student body, The Ouran High Juliet Club. There in the north tower in the third music room is the Host's clubroom. However, in the south tower in the old abandon music room number six lays the Ouran Juliet club.

As we make our way toward the sixth music room in the south tower and open up the old red oak doors. We shall find the most dysfunctional female club in Ouran next to the knitting club of course now they are scary