Rin who was outside at the time telling all of her sports friends about the Sweet Hearts like Nicky had ordered her too. Didn't have time to come in to hear the audio over the intercom or to check her email to see the email about Ashley and her sister. So she was completely obvious to what had happened while she was gone.

"Whad up everyone!" Rin greeted walking through the door of the Juliet club room only to be met with a wave of grim expressions and a depressing aura from the room and its occupants.

Yuki being the first to speak up turned to her best friend "Looks like you finally got your wish Rin. Ashley's not coming back to Ouran." Yuki said slightly depressed that her only artistic friend was leaving the school.

Rin blinked then dropped her duffle bag on the floor "W…What?" She questioned shocked at this news, and Nicky sighed "Look at your recent emails." She stated and Rin did as she was told.

She started at the picture for the longest time.

It all made sense now… Why Ashley was so upset about Rin complaining about her sister.

"Do I?" Ashley's voice rang in Rin's head as she remembered her tear filled eyes. Rin… Rin had always thought that Ashley had nothing wrong with her life and that it was completely prefect in every aspect. She had always searched for the one flaw about Ashley's home life to make her feel better about her own. But now that she had found it.

Now that she had found it, she only felt horrible for the rough time she had given Ashley in the past.

"Oh, I see…" Rin mumbled quietly not feeling as fiery as she was used to feeling. Rin's mom had always told her never to judge a book by its cover but she never listened. Now Rin wished more than anything that she could've took every insult that she said to Ashley back.

Rin knew better than anyone in that room what it was like to lose someone you love. She should know because Rin's parents were dead.

"What… What are we going to do?" Rin asked looking up at her friends looking terrified and guilty all at the same time.

Kyouya adjusted his glasses "We should first expose all of your guys' biggest secrets first before the Sweet Hearts do so they won't be able to have the same effect that they had have on Keykie, Ashley, and Nicky." Kyouya said but was cut off by Rin "What did they do to Nicky?" She shouted feeling protective of her club leader.

Everyone looked away and Lil walked over and whispered something into Rin's ear "Oh. Sorry." Rin said quietly and then Kyouya went on.

"After that we will have to report the Sweet hearts then take care of the situation with Ashley. Which I'm not quite sure how to handle because I know she loves Kristy very much." Kyouya spoke aloud making everyone turn to him in shock "How do you know her name!" Nicky shouted accusingly at Kyouya who smiled "My family takes care of Kristy's medical condition and I deliver medication to Ashley's house personally." He said smiling calmly at everyone only to receive glares.

"Why didn't you say something before?" Mori growled lowly surprising everyone once more.

"I'm still not used to Mori-sempai talking this much." Haruhi mumbled quietly but her mumbles were ignored.

Kyouya turned to the tall senior "Doctor-Patient confidently." He stated cleverly making everyone sweat drop.

But before anyone could do or say anything the door was kicked open by a tall brown haired tanned teen boy clad in leather from head to toe with bright green eyes.

"Hey bitches have you seen a chick name Lizzy?" He said sticking a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it up. Kyouya turned around and looked the boy up and down to try and figure out who he was.

"Tony? What the fuck are you doing here you bastard?" Lizzy yelled at the boy who smirked at her taking a long drag from his cigarette "Miss me?" He asked staring at Lizzy cockily, Lizzy flushed slightly.

"Fuck no." Lizzy said turning around, Kyouya stared at this… Tony darkly. With murderous aura coming off of him by the gallon. This made most of the host club members take a big step away from the Ootori.

'The bastard better be is related to her or so help me…' Kyouya thought planning Tony's slow and painful death then shook the thoughts away when he realized what he was thinking.

"Don't be like that Liz. Remember all the fun time we had last summer in Spain?" Tony said picking the tiny girl up and hugging her. Lizzy began to squirm "Yeah and I also remember you trying to kidnap me!" Lizzy shouted starting to look a bit frightened now that she was in Tony's arms.

"I said don't be like that Liz." Tony growled tightening his grip and Lizzy let out a tiny whimper. Kyouya twitched darkly then took this as a chance to step in. "Tony is it?" Kyouya snapped at the boy catching his attention "What's it to ya?" Tony questioned in a very gruff way.

"What it's to me is that you're man handling Miss Gunderson." Kyouya snapped grabbing Lizzy out of Tony's arms and Tony smirked.

"I see that you down graded on boyfriends Liz. Now you've got some prissy little girl as your boyfriend do ya?" Tony growled at Lizzy while Lizzy surprised Kyouya by clinging on him tighter and burying her face in his chest "Don't leave me alone with him." She whispered only loud enough for Kyouya to hear.

It was clear that Lizzy was scared of this boy which surprised Kyouya. He didn't think Lizzy was scared of anything. While every girl in his biology class freaked out over the frogs Lizzy asked when they got to 'fucking cut them open like the helpless little bitches they are.' (Directly quoted from the girl herself).

But Lizzy seemed to be downright terrified of this boy and Kyouya didn't like it.

"So what if I am her new boyfriend. But personally I have to say it was upgrade considering Miss Gunderson is after all an heiress and you are nothing more than some scuzzy little punk." Kyouya stated in his usual way but a little bit more cut into the sharpness of his words.

Then Lil spoke up "How did you find Lizzy anyway Tony? I thought she had a restraining order on you." Lil said as Tony smiled ear to ear.

"Lilly! You know as well as I do that no stupid ass piece of paper was going to keep me away from my Liz." Tony said with a slightly deranged look on his face the leaned over to Lizzy.

"Liz, if you come with me I'll leave your cousins alone." He hissed into Lizzy's ear but Kyouya glared at him.

"Lizzy is not going anywhere." Kyouya said extremely possessively walking away with Lizzy in his arms. Who appeared to be in a state of sheer terror.

"Make him go away Kyouya. Please make him go away." Lizzy pleaded quietly gripping on Kyouya's shirt surprising Kyouya even more.

That was the first time Lizzy called him his real name without any add on to it and she had said please to him. This other side of Lizzy scared Kyouya. Kyouya faintly wondered what the boy had done to Lizzy so horrible to make her so frightened of him.

Kyouya didn't want to know but however he wanted the boy to suffer for whatever he did. Slowly and painfully suffer for hurting his Lizzy.

Wait, his Lizzy? 'Where did that come from?' Kyouya wondered to himself curious as to when he became so possessive of Lizzy.

Kyouya shook his head all that mattered now was keeping Lizzy away from that boy.

"Don't you walk away from me." Tony growled darkly getting ready to grab Kyouya's shoulder but much to the host club's shock but not really to the Juliet's Keykie out of nowhere pulled out a lead pipe and hit Tony over the head with it.

"Don't dare you hurt Lizzy!" Keykie exclaimed spinning the pipe around much like an expert would making Honey stare at Keykie impressed but also very much curious as to where and how she had learnt how to do that.

With Tony down for the count Keykie flushed in embarrassment and shock at her own actions.

'It's been a while since I've used that pipe.' Keykie thought to herself, and then looked over at Honey who was staring at her.

"Key-chan?" He questioned, Keykie refused to look Honey in the eye believing that he must hate her.

"Keykie you didn't have to do that." Lil said reaching out for Keykie who was looking at the floor. "I… I… I had to he was going to hurt Lizzy." Keykie whispered quietly, the girls remained quiet knowing what it meant for Keykie to pull out her lead pipe like that.

Keykie then dropped said pipe on the floor "I hate using that thing so much." She said quietly but she was surprised when Honey ran up and hugged her waist seeing that he wasn't tall enough to hug her like a normal seventeen year old boy would. "Mitsukuni?" Keykie questioned her boyfriend who looked up and smiled "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to Key-chan. I don't care about the tattoo or the pipe." Honey said smiling up at Keykie softly knowing that she was upset. Keykie slowly began to tear up with joy that Honey didn't hate her for keep things from him.

"Tattoo?" The twins questioned curiously only to receive a glare from Honey warning them to lay off.

"Mitsukuni." Keykie said picking up Honey and hugging him tightly.

"We should all head home." Tamaki suddenly said then everyone looked at the clock it was almost seven. It seemed to be a very long day for everyone so with that everyone left Ouran and went home.

That is what they all did. Well, most of them. Honey went over to Keykie's because Keykie's mother was on the business trip and Honey was afraid the Sweet hearts might try something on her outside of school.

Keykie sat on the couch in her living room watching TV with her knees up to her chest. Well she wasn't really watching it to be honest; Keykie was trying to figure out how to tell Honey about her tattoo and how she got it because he was going to have to know eventually.

Keykie looked over at Honey who was staring at her then Honey looked away pretending that he was watching TV and happened to glance over in Keykie's direction.

"You're wondering about the tattoo aren't you?" Keykie mumbled burying her face into her knees. Honey sighed and switched off the TV. "I was a little bit to be honest. I never took you as someone who'd get a tattoo." Honey said honestly, Keykie turned to him and sighed.

"Honey I've changed a lot in the past few years and when I got that tattoo I wasn't the same person you know now. That Keykie was confused and very emotional." Keykie stated Honey stared at her quietly then spoke up.

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to Key-chan. But I will be curious about it even if you don't. But I won't ask if you don't want to talk about it." Honey reminded Keykie of his promise not to ask about it.

Keykie looked away from Honey as if looking into the past.

"You'd have to know why I have it sometime Mitsukuni. No time like the present my Dad would always say." Keykie said joking slightly at the end; Honey softened his stare at Keykie knowing about her deceased father.

"I got the tattoo two years ago; yes I know what you're thinking. How can a twelve year old girl get a tattoo? Well I ran away from home after my dad died, I felt crushed and cramped under the pressure to be successful like my father Kiku Tusuecio. That's the trouble about being the only child that's the heir to part of a company. You have to live up to greater expectations than you would with a sibling because when you're an only child your competition for success is adults and older children." Keykie stated almost emotionlessly trying to explain to Honey why she bared such a strange mark for the fourteen year old girl on her back.

"So, I ran away seeing that as the only way out. Eventually I made it to Osaka and I ran into a very strange but nice young woman named Sunako. She was a leader for a gang called the red lotus and offered me to join their ranks. Having nowhere to go and no intention to go back home I accepted the red lotus women taught me how to street fight they said I had a natural talent for using the lead pipe. And I would be lying if I said I hated being a part of that gang, because I didn't I felt happy and free of the pressure to succeed." Keykie went on, this surprised Honey greatly he had no idea that his Keykie joined the ranks of a gang.

"But," Keykie stated back up again catching Honey's attention "A gang is a gang no matter how nice they are to you at first. After I finished my training it was time to get imbedded into the ranks of the red lotus. I had to fight all the women that had taught me how to fight then fight the person who introduced me to the gang. That of course was the leader Sunako. But before all of that they took me out to a tattoo parlor and put that tattoo on my back as every member of the red lotus had." Keykie said explaining why she had the tattoo and Honey nodded in understanding.

"So how'd you get home?" Honey asked and Keykie smiled "Nicky and Ashley broke into the junk yard that the fight was going on in and kidnapped me bringing me back home." Keykie said remembering how mad she was at them but she was grateful now seeing what all could've happened during that time.

Honey smiled glad that Nicky and Ashley did then he frowned when he saw the look on Keykie's face.

"Y… You don't hate me do you?" Keykie asked looking very vulnerable at that moment and Honey smiled brightly then hugged Keykie.

"Of course not silly! I think the tattoo is really pretty and you looked really cool spinning that pipe around like that!" Honey exclaimed grinning at Keykie who teared up then hugged Honey tightly.

"Mitsukuni you don't how much that means to me." She mumbled burying her face in the top of Honey's head. Honey smiled softly then buried his face in the nape of Keykie's neck.

Honey didn't care that Keykie used to be a part of a gang or that she had a tattoo. In fact he was kind of relieved that Keykie wasn't pure as she looked to be because Honey often found himself wondering if he deserved Keykie or not because of how sweet she was. But now Honey knew they fit perfectly together because both of them were sweet with a touch of sour in the center.

Mori hesitated slightly at the front door, he didn't know if he should do this. It felt wrong to him to come here and just give Ashley more stress than she already had. Mori didn't want to burden the girl.

Mori considered just living the gift on the steps and knocking then running off as fast as he could. He was just about to do so when he heard laughing and music from the backyard.

Mori sneaking around somehow managing to stay out of sight saw Ashley outside playing on a harp with her mother and some other girl sitting on a nearby swing.

"I'm glad Kristy is having a good day today." Ashley said suddenly looking over at Kristy with loving eyes, there was no one else in the world Ashley cared for more than her mother and her sister.

Mrs. Unison smiled at her other daughter and stoked her eldest daughter's head softly listening to Ashley play on the harp.

Mori was surprised that Ashley could make that kind of face at anyone. To be honest he felt a tiny bit jealous of Kristy for receiving all that attention from Ashley. But Mori shook the thought away and turned back to the music Ashley was playing.

He sighed faintly he had always wanted to hear her play in person but never got the excuse to do so. Mori was about to listen more when he heard someone cough. He turned around to see a man that reminded him very much of Gabe.

Before the tall senior knew it he was in Mr. Unison's office with the door locked and shut.

"May I ask why you were watching my wife and daughters?" Mr. Unison asked calmly, he didn't seem like a man who would kill Mori without good reason. Mori looked down at the present in his hands and Mr. Unison sighed "You're another one of those boys aren't you? A fan of Ashley's right?" He questioned but Mori shook his head.

"No, I'm a friend of Ashley-san's it spread around in school about her sister and I learnt from Nicky that your other daughter Kristy's favorite color was red and that Kristy got cold easily and I thought it would be nice to get her a scarf for the winter. I… I didn't mean anything by it really." Mori said in his deep voice quietly feeling like Mr. Unison was boring into his very soul with his eyes. It reminded Mori so much of his own father it kind of frightened the kendo champion.

"Lair, you're in love with my daughter Ashley aren't you?" Mr. Unison stated not beating around the bush exasperating Mori slightly. Mori looked up then looked away embarrassed "I am… fond of her." He said hesitantly not wanting the anger the man. The last thing he wanted was not to be allowed to see Ashley again.

Mr. Unison sighed and adjusted his glasses "You must have been the boy that Haku was talking about. Ashley seems to like you as well she doesn't smile much due to her sister's condition. You must be something special then." Mr. Unison said with slight jealousy wondering how a boy could make Ashley smile but her own father couldn't.

Mori looked up surprised at Mr. Unison's words "She… only smiled because I helped her get away from some guy who was hugging on her and talking about marrying her." Mori explained and Mr. Unison smiled slightly "Ah yes Ren. I do enjoy setting the hounds on that boy. He's not right in the head but his heart is in the right place. The whole business behind him wanting to marry Ashley is because he wants to make sure she's happy due to her unfortunately unhappy childhood." Mr. Unison said mostly to himself but this caught Mori's concern.

"What happened?" Mori questioned with a genuinely concerned look on his face. Mori failed to notice the twinkle in Mr. Unison's eyes when he glanced up at Mori's face. "Ashley tends to suffer with her sister, I have no idea why. My wife says it's because of their close age. I say it's because of Ashley's heart. It's quite sensitive to people's pain you know. Not literally but Ashley does have a good heart even if she tries her best to hide it." Mr. Unison explained, Mori blinked but he wasn't all that surprised he had noticed how Keykie was able to manipulate Ashley by being cute and how she only had the other's best interest in mind.

It was true the mysterious type of the Juliet club wasn't all that bad as she made herself out to be. Mori noticed this and that's why he liked her because under all the ice Ashley had a heart of gold.

Mori then nodded in agreement and remembered the present. "Could you… give this to Kristy for me? You don't have to say it's from me to Ashley-san." Mori said handing over the box then standing up. Mr. Unison nodded and then stood up letting Mori out of his office then out of the Unison Estate.

"You hurt my daughter I'll hurt you." Mr. Unison said with a smile to Mori before closing the door.

Mori stood there for a moment then shrugged heading home. At least he didn't have to deal with the embarrassment of explaining himself to Ashley. Mori much rather take his chances with Ashley's father than face her.

Call him what you like but Mori was terrified of what Ashley might think of him.

"Takashi-san?" Scratch that about having a good drop and run, Takashi froze and turned around looking much like a deer in headlights to anyone who read him well enough.

Ashley was standing there with music sheets in her hands staring at Takashi questionably.

Mori tried to think of an excuse for him visiting her estate "Ugh… Mitsukuni wanted me to check up on you." He lied and he felt horrible lying to her but he rather not say to the girl he had a crush on 'Oh hey Ashley I was being some freaky ass stalker bringing your sick sister that you've worked so hard to protect a scarf in her favorite color then I watched you from the hedges play music for your sister only to be caught by your dad. How about we go for a movie on Friday?' Yeah that wouldn't sound very appealing at all.

Ashley blinked then nodded "Ah because he's busy with Keykie. Tell them I'm fine, I'll just be transferring to a school nearby." She stated and Mori almost cried out loud in misery that Ashley would be transferring much like Nicky had predicted.

Now there wouldn't be any excuse for him to come over! Or even talk to her! Hell Mori would be happy just being in the same room as her. It was official for Takashi Morinozuka he hated the Sweet Hearts Club.

"Do what you have to." Mori stated coolly while on the inside he was sulking in a corner much like Tamaki does with Haruhi rejects him. Mori then turned around and walked off leaving a very confused Ashley behind.

"Why was he here? Mitsukuni checked up on me an hour ago." She questioned aloud and shrugged guessing that Mori had a good reason to lie to her.

It's not like Mori had some sort of crush on her anyway, so she guessed that Mitsukuni just wanted someone who saw her in person to give feedback.

"Takashi-san liking me, now that's a joke." She mumbled to herself walking past her Father who smacked his forehead in exasperation.

This… was one of the reasons he wondered if he would ever have grandchildren from his daughter.

Mr. Unison shook his head then went back into his office; this Takashi seemed like an upright kid with a good head on his shoulders. Then Mr. Unison paused.

"Wait isn't that the boy Gabe wanted to murder?" He questioned aloud to himself, remembering one of his reasons for sending Gabe off to his Grandmother's in America.

"Lizzy you can let go now. I had Tony taken back to Spain everything is fine." Kyouya said in Lizzy's room trying to pry the girl off of him while his father and Lizzy's father were conversing down stairs.

Kyouya twitched slightly remembering what his father said 'When I said get closer to the Gunderson girl Kyouya I didn't mean this close.' It almost sounded like his father was cracking a joke in amusement to Kyouya's situation with Lizzy who just seemed to terrified to let go of him. Kyouya shook his head his father would never crack a joke, if he did Kyouya would have him screened for cancer.

"What is it so horrible that you'll hang onto me for safety that Tony did?" Kyouya questioned aloud not expecting an answer but Lizzy looked up at him with her large green eyes that were filled with tears.

"He killed my Grandpa because he tried to stop Tony from hurting me." Lizzy finally said causing Kyouya to stop trying to pry Lizzy off of him. Lizzy then tightened her grip on Kyouya "I hate being this scared. But I'm afraid if I let go then he'll hurt you too." Lizzy blurted aloud shocking Kyouya once more. He hadn't expected Lizzy to be concerned for his safety like this but she was.

Kyouya not knowing what to do sat down on Lizzy's bed and patted her back which seemed to calm Lizzy down considerably. For the first time in an hour she stopped shaking.

"I'm sorry." Lizzy mumbled into Kyouya's chest, by now Kyouya wasn't surprised with this out of character attitude he was getting from Lizzy. Her concern for his safety seemed to be the last straw for him when he came to being surprised about this other much more caring side of Lizzy.

"Its fine Lizzy, it's natural for any victim of abuse to react in such a way to exposure to their abuser." Kyouya stated Lizzy looked up at him her eyes a much more softer shade of green. "He hit me every day he had me captive. He said he wanted to see me cry and if I would cry then it would all be over. But I didn't. I didn't cry once for twelve days Kyouya. I know my Grandpa wouldn't have liked that his little girl was crying over some dumb boy. Kyouya I'm not scared of what he does to me. I'm scared of what he does to the people I know." Lizzy said quietly, Kyouya gritted his teeth not liking what he had heard about this Tony and what he did to what was his.

"Don't worry about Tony anymore Lizzy." Kyouya said before he could control himself he leaned down and kissed Lizzy on top of the head confusing the emotionally distrait girl. "Why-?" Lizzy when to ask but was cut off by Kyouya "Go to sleep." He ordered of her finally able to pull her off of him. Lizzy blinked "But what if-?" Lizzy was cut off again.

"Its fine I'll be right here." Kyouya stated and with that Lizzy seemed to believe him and climbed into bed going to sleep almost instantly. But before she went to sleep Kyouya heard her mumbled "You're not so terrible after all Kyouya." Which made him smile, normally Kyouya would be scolding himself for being so emotionally attached to Lizzy but right now he was going to get rid of a pest that has been bothering his Lizzy.

Not wanting to wake Lizzy up Kyouya sent a text to his private police that said "Get rid of Antoniou Hernández."

Kyouya shut his phone then looked over at Lizzy then glanced over at the door to see the maid from the other day smiling at him then she muttered something in Spanish and walked off.

Nicky would be lying if she said that she didn't like the attention she was getting from Hayate. Who was worried about her beyond compare, since Nicky's parents were outside with business partners Hayate stayed inside giving Nicky some companion to talk to.

Although she wondered why her parents would let Hayate stay with Nicky alone in her room with her door shut. They probably thought that Hayate was Ashley.

Nicky wasn't allowed out of bed due to Hayate's firm but gentle orders and she was being fed the best muffins in the world by him. Nicky didn't know whether or not to thank the Sweet Hearts or destroy them. Because this was a dream come true for Nicky. Having Hayate all alone and him waiting on her hand in foot was a plus.

Hayate came back in with another plate of treats for Nicky and Nicky getting tired of sitting up in her room watching TV alone pouted slightly.

"Hayate I'm lonely come sit next to me and we can watch TV together!" She said childishly, Hayate blinked and then shrugged sliding next into bed with Nicky.