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Max's POV

I felt the wind rushing past me, my whole body a razor blade against the air. I closed my eyes, letting my instincts pilot my wings, and tried to conjure up a decent memory of my mother. She was a part of the memories that I had thrown out of my mind, left for nature to do whatever it pleased with. I finally had a breakthrough and had a crystal clear visual of Her, I, and…Ella, was it? Baking chocolate chip cookies, me burning my fingers and tongue by eating them immediately. I sighed wistfully, and realized I had been losing altitude. I opened my eyes to see her house, far off in the distance, almost instantaneously right in front of me, my wings folding into my back several feet from the ground, as I landed on my toes, barely making a sound.

I did a quick surveillance of the immediate area, and, upon seeing nothing awry, I proceeded to knock on the door. My heart beat just as loudly as the approaching footsteps that followed. Then, the door was open, but the one standing in the entryway was neither Mom, nor Ella, but an older male.

"Can I help you?" He asked in a low, raspy voice, which made it immediately evident that he was a smoker.

"Um, is Dr. Martinez here?" My voice was entirely unaffected by the wave of uneasiness that coursed over me. He just arched one of his eyebrows, which was the same dark brown as his cropped hair, and blinked at this inquiry. He seemed to be thinking, and finally a look of understanding came over his eyes.

"You mean that Hispanic chic that sold me this place? She moved out last summer after she got hitched." He said, leaning on the doorframe. I took several deep breaths in attempts to steady myself.

"Do you know where she moved to?" I asked, keeping my expression even. I figured I'd better listen to his thoughts to make sure he was telling the truth.

'Let's see…Where was it…some sort of utensil….Forks? Ah, that's right, Forks, Washington. But how do I know it's a good idea to tell her? She could have bad intentions…'

It took everything I had not to just take off running right then, saying as I already knew where to find my mother. My wings were aching for me to let them fly me, and I had the direction sketched out in my head. But I had to stay and finish the conversation. He finally spoke.

"I do not recall that ever being mentioned. Sorry, but I can't help you there." He said cautiously, not sounding sorry at all.

"Thanks anyway," I shouted over my shoulder, running painfully slowly, at human pace, until I got far enough away to fly.

A million thoughts flooded through my head up there, with the open sky, and my wings beating in the familiar pattern of flight. The largest, however, though it was closely seconded by who the heck mom got married to, and that whole story, was do they think I'm dead. I wondered if the flock had dropped by her, maybe even stayed a while, while Fang, as the new leader, recounted to a crying Mom and Ella what had happened. I felt a sudden uneasiness at thinking about the flock so much, and promptly pushed them out of my mind, focusing only on my mother and half-sister.

Not long afterward, I hit the rain. It is exceedingly more difficult, not to mention annoying, to fly in the rain, but is still considerably easy for me to do. It had been a while since then, when I landed. Not because I was there, but because my instincts told me that I needed to walk the rest of the way. Well actually, run, but since it was human pace, it might as well have been walking.

Suddenly, I came out of the mossy forest and found myself on a slick sidewalk, continuing on, letting my instincts sniff out the way. I stopped in front of a house that had a police cruiser and a shiny yellow car that I believe was a sports vehicle. Just standing there, staring at the house and contemplating knocking, I had a sudden flash of the first night I went to Moms, after I had gotten shot from saving Ella.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the front door, and before I could turn back, I rang the door bell. My pulse rate jumped as the adrenaline seeped into my system. The door opened. Once again, an adult male opened it, but I predicted that this was my new father. I realized I should be saying something.

"Is Dr. Martinez here?" I asked, and my voice had just the tiniest bit of shakiness to it.

"Sure…" He said, turning around. But in doing so, he revealed Ella. Our eyes locked, and she jumped up, and stumbled over to me, resting her hand on my shoulder.

"M-Max?" She stuttered. I nodded. And she flung herself against me, crying. She pulled me into the house, past a shocked step-father, and into a living room, which revealed two more females, who also looked shocked. Ella continued sobbing into my already rain-soaked shirt, and I just stood entirely still, paralyzed.

"Ella, what's wrong?" I heard my mother's voice break off behind me, and I slowly turned. Upon seeing my face, she brought a hand to her mouth, and shook her head.

Ella managed to choke out words, though they were very broken, through her sobbing, to say, "It's her, Mom. It's Max." At this, mom broke down crying, too.

I think I heard someone say "What?" but I was to concentrated on the two bawling relatives whose faces were on my shoulders. I rigidly lifted my arms, and wrapped them loosely around them, one on Ella, one on Mom, and slowly pulled them tighter. I don't know how long we stood there, but gradually, their sobbing gave way to hiccups and sniffles, until they pulled away and sat down on the couch, pulling me between them. The two females and one male were still there, watching us with concerned expressions on their faces.

We sat in silence for a while, before Ella finally spoke.

"We thought you were dead." She said simply, but in a way that indicated that I had to explain why. I saw the others react to this. Concerned shock, interest, and puzzlement. Mom saw me staring at them, and, hastily, she gave each a name. The male was Charlie, the female with long brown hair was Bella, and the female with short cropped, spiky hair was Alice.

"Get them out." I said simply, earning me more shocked faces from Charlie, Bella, and Alice.

"Now hold on!" Charlie protested, "What is going on here?"

From the look on her face, she must have just realized that she forgot about me not knowing she was married, and tried to tell me. "Max, sweetie, Charlie and I are married." She said, her voice rough from sobbing.

"I know." I responded, my face still in the same expression it had been in since I first was dragged through the door.

"What?" She trilled, her voice straining and breaking to reach such a high octave.

"Must I explain?" I sighed, picking the answer out of her head, "How do you think I found you? First I went to your old house in Arizona, where the new owner said that you had moved out after getting hitched. When I got here, Charlie was the only male, and old enough, so I assumed it was him. From the way the brown haired female keeps glancing at him, I'm assuming she's his daughter, but I have no idea what the other female's relationship is." I droned.

Everyone just stared at me, and then Alice started laughing, a strange trilling sound that made me shift away from her. She and Bella looked surprised at this, and Alice stopped laughing.

"You're very perceptive. Good job. I'm Bella's sister in law. She married my brother." Alice said, her voice making me flinch. This caused another exchange of surprised glances between the girls.

"Now, who exactly are you?" Charlie asked, an accusatory tone in his question.

"I'm Max. Maximum Ride." I replied simply.

Mom sighed, and answered again. "She's my daughter and Ella's half sister, and now, you're step daughter."

Charlie, my new step father, as well as Bella and Alice, my new step sisters, stared at me now, assessing me with this new information, as if it would suddenly change everything about me. Charlie walked over and reached his hand out to either pat my back, or pull me in for a hug. This is when I panicked. Whatever he was doing, he was going to feel my wing, so my instincts took over and I slapped his hand away, using more power than was probably safe for him.

I inched away until my back was against a wall, and everyone else in the room froze, staring at me in disbelief. "Don't touch me." I hissed, my voice a low growl. Everyone's eyes just got wider. I looked at Charlie's hand, and realized what I had done. I was immediately ashamed. I looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry." I whispered. Then, turning to Mom, I added, "I'll be back" and then I ran out the door. I was going a little faster than the regular human speed, but I figured it could be passed off as being fast. I dashed into the forest, which offered a slight covering from the rain. Not that it mattered, for the small percentage that I had dried while inside was immediately re-soaked when I ran out.

I kept running, going deeper and deeper into the forest, until I felt safe enough. I could even hear a river in the distance. I climbed the tree, rather than fly up it, until I reached a high enough spot, and settled in the crook of the branch. The sad part was that here, sitting in the familiar bed of a tree, even though it was raining, was far more comfortable than the dog crate.

Out of habit, I murmured my lullaby, my prayer, which I would say every night. It was my wish, my soul desire for my flock. "Run, forever, fly, fly, forever, never let them catch you, ever."

Somewhere in the distance, a wolf howled, and my long night began.