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Hermione Granger, heaven sent

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Chapter 16

Early the following morning Cornelius Fudge sat in his office watching as an elegantly dressed blond haired man paced back and forward in front of the ministers desk. "Lucius there is nothing we can do, that Muggle fellow has closed Hogwarts and returned to what ever country they live in."

Lucius Malfoy looked at the man he had bribed so often and scowled at him. "The tournament must go ahead; there are plans that have been a long time in the making that can not be delayed. We must find someway to get this Muggle to change his mind," as Malfoy was speaking he had an idea in his mind. "We must suppress any news that Hogwarts is closed, that way parents of the students will send their children to Hogwarts on the first as usual, the headmistress will have no choice but to open the school."

Fudge huffed at the man he took orders from, for a price of course, then he spoke in a defeated tone, knowing that he was not going to get paid this time. "Too late to do that that damn Hufflepuff had the headmistress send out letters to all the parents, they were sent out before I left the meeting yesterday."

Lucius looked angrily at Fudge then growled "Then I must use some other more aggressive methods to make this Muggle scum to see things our way. Later Fudge there are people to contact." With that Malfoy stormed out of the office and just a few minutes later he climbed into the floo and was on his way home, while plotting a raid on the Muggles home and family.

As Lucius was walking through the ministry to the floo an owl entered the ministers office and dropped his morning paper in front of the minister. Fudge unrolled the Daily Prophet and almost instantly wished that he had never heard of the damn Tri-Wizard tournament. In very bold lettering the headline announced the closure of Hogwarts School. Feeling defeated and miserable Fudge read the article by Rita Skeeter. The article was practically word for word what had happened in the heads office at Hogwarts the previous day. Reading it even Fudge could see just how stupid he had been in the way he had dealt with the Muggle. He also knew that he would not be minister for many more hours. He knew it would be obvious to even the most stupid person that he Cornelius Fudge was the sole reason that Hogwarts had closed its doors for the first time in a thousand years. Cornelius Fudge would have felt even worse if he had known that the man that accompanied Mr Granger was Harry James Potter, the Harry James Potter. As it was the description Dumbledore had given the world of a raggedy dressed scrawny boy who wore cheap round spectacles was nothing like the way Harry actually looked. Which thanks to Hermione was a tall smartly dressed well groomed young man who wore modern silver oblong shaped glasses.

Lucius Malfoy was busy for the rest of the day as he made contact with his fellow death eaters and arranged for them to gather for a meeting, he informed each and every one of them that their Lord and master had returned and he had a task for them.

While Lucius was plotting, Richard, Helen, and Sarah were also making plans. According to Pomona there were one hundred and seventy three Muggleborn like Hermione who attended Hogwarts. Pomona had told them of the inbred bigotry in the wizarding world of Britain, how it was that no matter how good their exam results were Muggleborns could not get a better employment position than a shop assistant. By Friday afternoon plans were in place to provide the one hundred and seventy three students with portkeys that would bring them from their homes to a large property that the Potters owned, there they would be joined by Pomona and the staff of Hogwarts who would also have portkeys. Each evening at four thirty they would use the portkeys to return home. The protection wards for the building were provided by both Goblins and Elves and were even stronger than the wards of Hogwarts admitting only enrolled students and official staff.

Magical Schooling for the Muggleborn would continue along with added normal Muggle classes. All the students would be informed of the reason behind the Muggle classes, it was to allow them the opportunity to work in the Muggle world if they wished to do so once they had graduated. Harry suggested that they have both tennis courts and at least three football pitches added as well as a normal play area and everyone agreed it was a great idea. It started as a temporary fix for those students who could not be taught at home as the purebloods would undoubtedly be. The School that started in temporary classrooms would soon become The G.R.H (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff,) school. A well respected school that would continue to teach Muggleborn for several centuries.

Sunday evening Lucius Malfoy stood in front of forty two death eaters, sat in a chair next to him was the ugliest child ever seen. Our plan must succeed so that we can carry out the ritual that will free our master from this vile body he is trapped in, therefore each and everyone of us will take part in the raid this evening. The Muggles entire family is to be taken alive, they will be used as hostages to force the filthy creature to reopen Hogwarts and allow the Tri-Wizard tournament to take place, the tournament will be used to force the brat Potter out of hiding. Now into your groups, destroy what you can before you return. Our portkeys will activate in thirty seconds.

At the retreat the Potters and Grangers were sitting down for their evening meal. It was the first time that they had been joined by Hermione's grandfather who was looking forward to hearing all about what had been happening while he had been recovering from an illness. Just as the elves placed the meal on the table there were four loud gong sounds that echoed through the entire building. None of the occupants knew what the sound was or where it came from until Hermione asked Petal what was happening.

Petal looked at her mistress and a smile developed on her face as she said, "Thems the enemy repelling wards mistress, to be so loud there must have been many enemy attacking. Would mistress like some fresh bread brought out?"

Hermione looked quite surprised to hear that someone had attacked their home, looking down at the apparently undisturbed elf she asked. "Petal where are they sent?"

Petal chuckled as she said, "Oh they goes for a swim in the great sea to the west."

Forty two death eaters found their portkeys being repelled, but instead of returning to their starting point they found themselves arriving out in the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of a huge storm. Three hours later at Riddle mansion a vile creature shivered as the last of the fire died out. Voldemort screamed and shouted as he repeatedly summoned his death eaters and no one responded. Six hours after his death eaters had left Voldemort's body began to wither, without the potion he needed to take regularly he would wither until he was trapped in a dry mummified husk of a child's body with no means of escaping. His only hope was in one of his servants to answer his call before he was trapped permanently in the dilapidated mansion.

The forty two death eaters all dressed in their heavy robes had no chance of surviving even with their magic. Several of them tried using the bubblehead charm but they discovered that their water logged robes dragged them deeper than the charm could withstand. Not a single one of them survived the Atlantic storm, Voldemort's dreams of ruling the world all sank to the bottom of the deep ocean along with his minions. With the caretaker of the mansion dead from a killing curse there was no one to prevent the old mansion slowly falling apart. But by the time it collapsed Voldemort would be unaware of it trapped as he was inside the dry useless husk of what had once been a squib baby. Nagini his pet snake, having no one to open the door and unable to leave the room would starve to death. The rubble of the mansion would be bulldozed and eventually dumped into an unused Quarry and eventually buried under tons of rubble and rubbish. Voldemort would be buried with it and would never regain his freedom.

While the Potters and Grangers spent the next few days as they normally did, there was chaos in the magical world. Almost all the pureblood leaders had simply vanished without a word. There were no bodies so their next of kin were unable to claim their inheritance until seven years had passed. The purebloods soon learned that they were also unable to access the family vaults if they were not already keyed into them, and most of their heads of house were the kind of person who wouldn't dream of allowing his wife and children to access to his gold. Finding a job in the magical world was rather difficult and most of the so called elite had to take work in shops and pubs, which none of them had ever expected.

Richard and Helen with some input from Madam Sprout decided that Hogwarts should remain closed for at least a year to show the ministry that they had absolutely no control over what happened at the school. Meanwhile the only students they had were the Muggleborn. Headmistress Sprout took the enrolment book from Hogwarts and used it to inform any new Muggleborn's about her school and offered them a place.

Cornelius Fudge found himself besieged as families sent owls and the Wizengamot sent him a summons. At the Wizengamot meeting it took just fifteen minutes for someone to call for a vote of no confidence and he was ousted from his position then escorted from the ministry by two law officers. He left with tears in his eyes as he watched the doors closed behind him. His years spent working his way up the ranks to the top job were all wasted, he knew he would never find another job. There would be no more people around to pay him bribes.

Pomona Sprout and her former Hogwarts staff set up the GRH to work as Hogwarts had in its last few months. She did however add a couple of extra subjects so that the student she was teaching would be able to find work in the muggle world when they graduated. She wasn't at all surprised when not one of her former students looked for work in the magical world.

Richard Helen and the two young Potters opened Hogwarts as a primary school just a year after they had closed it, They still took several purebloods who could still afford to pay their fees over the following years. But Hogwarts was never the same again. The old school only started to get more students who could pay when seven years had passed and the families could claim their vaults. Harry and Hermione eventually took their final exams at the Irish ministry and both passed with very high marks.