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20. A Little White Lie
Brittany's Point of View

I watched Ted so intently as he threw on clothes after his match.
He is so hot... He is so... hot.... He is so friggen hot... He is so god damn-
"Britt? Hellooo? Is my girlfriend in that body somewhere?"
"Sorry, I was a little distracted."
"Distracted?! Are you thinking about other guys?! Am I gonna have to start driving to the nearest bridge

"No, you dumbhead. I was distracted by your hot-ness, smart one."
"...Well, I am pretty damn beautiful... Just kidding." He said with a laugh.
"I think you're pretty damn beautiful."
"I think YOU are pretty damn beautiful." He said as he pulled me into a kiss.
Someone scoffed while walking past our room. This was the second or

possibly even third time this happened today. It was like every time I kissed him someone felt the need to

throw in their two cents.
Ted knew it bothered me by the look on my face.
"So... are you ever planning on changing so we can leave? Or would you like to walk around with that little

outfit on, having all the guys check you out? Or was that the plan in the first place? I bet it was, you want a

new man!"
"Shh! I'm going to get changed now! Just PLEASE stop doing that!"
He laughed, "Ok, just hurry a little. I'm extremely hungry."
"Sure, I'll be fast."
As I was getting changed, I hear Ted trying to sing about being hungry outside.
"Hungryyyyy. I am so hungryyyyy. I really want fries with cheeeeeese. I need to eat foooood. Because I am a

hungry.... dude? Cheeseburger and friesss... Would be beautiful in my eyessss... Wow, I am amazing. That

was a beautiful song."
"That was beautiful. I'm ready so you can spare me the song and dance and drive us to go get

"I'm insulted! Didn't you like my song?!"
"No not really." I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.
He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I see how it is. You insult me and think you can just make

it better by looking at me with those long eyelashes, and those sparkly brown eyes, and..." He paused for a minute, "What was I insulted about again?" We both laughed and I kissed him softly.
Out of nowhere someone started coughing violently.

Randy's Point of View

*Cough*.....*Cough,Cough*..... *Cough,Cough,Cough,Cough*
Apparently this isn't working. She didn't even turn around.
Britt turned around quickly, "Jesus Christ, are you ok?!"
I nodded and let out another small fake cough, "I just think I'm getting a cold, it's just that time... *cough cough*..."
"Randy you sound like you're getting sick, why don't you get Cesca to drive you home?" Britt asked.
"She left early to go with her cousin, and it's ok I took my truck anyway... I'll just go pick up some soup and some cough medicine... it's not a big deal."
"No, go home. Me and Ted are going to get food now so I'll drop off some soup later, and the pharmacy is right there so I can just get you some medicine. I'll stop by later and drop it off."
"No, really I'm fine, I can do it myself... *COUGH, COUGH*..."
"Go, get your butt home and stay there. I'll call you when I'm on my way."
"Fine, you're so stubborn."
HA! She fell for it! Wow. I'm really good. Or she's really oblivious. I turned around just to wave goodbye and I saw Ted's face. He did NOT look happy... Oh crap. That isn't good. I bet he knew what I was up to. Maybe he just was jealous that I was taking time away from him and his girlfriend. Whatever, the only important thing here is that my plan worked. Who cares if it was a little white lie? It worked and now I have to make sure my house looks good to complete my little white lie.