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A/N: Written for the 10 letters community on LJ. Prompt was joke. Mangetsu is Suigetsu's older brother by the way.


"It might be wise to get to know her, in case the alliance doesn't fall through. I suggest that letters would help," Hozuki Kaito told his son.
"I understand, father," Mangetsu replied, looking at him.

Formal letter writing is part of the education of clan heirs, even in Kiri, but Mangetsu had never been particularly adept at it. He thinks for a moment before putting brush to paper.

Dear Inuzuka Hana,
As you may have heard, our most beloved Kages have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the current alliance between Kiri and Konoha be strengthened by a marriage. They have suggested that two prominent clans should offer their heirs for this purpose. Our clans have put themselves forward and I will look forward to meeting you in the near future.
Yours sincerely,
Hozuki Mangetsu

Mangetsu sighed, frowning down at the letter, the product of hours of thought. Who was he kidding? This wasn't him at all. He reached for a new sheet of paper and began again.

Screw that.
Look, I'm sure you're a perfectly nice girl (for a Konoha-nin) but I have plans. Important ones that involve a lot of blood and swords but definitely not marriage. You can have my brother instead.
On second thoughts, you can't have him either. His plans are too similar to mine for him to be interested.
Besides, an alliance strengthened by marriage? We're shinobi, not daimyo. They aren't fooling anyone. They're basically asking one of us to be a long-term, very obvious spy.
I doubt you'd survive in Kiri anyway, Konoha-nin are pretty soft. I'd heard most of you don't kill until at least six months as a genin. (My first kill was before I entered the Academy.)
Your picture makes it very hard to understand why on earth your name means flower. Seriously did your mother look at you and think that giving you that name would somehow make up for your looks?
Hozuki Mangetsu

He looked the new version over, satisfied. The first letter was laid over the top of the second and he went to find a messenger.

This is actually a slightly expanded version of the one on LJ.

The pairing? Well, I have this sort of vague idea that I'll eventually write Hana in a fic with every big brother in Naruto (separate stories, mind you.)

Since there aren't any other Mangetsu fics about, I decided to do his one first. (Yes, I know that I posted the Madara one before this. Technicalities.)