The chase

Chapter One

The mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean were crashing onto the 'Creeper' ship. The 'Creeper' was an old and tatty ship. It had survived many strong and spectacular storms, horrific and horrible hurricanes, terrible and treacherous tornadoes. But, this storm was the most dangerous, perilous, and treacherous storm the 'creeper' had ever travelled on.

"The seas have never been liked this before, me thinks something has gone wrong, or the god of the seas, Poseidon has punished us because of the sins and crimes we have all been committing-" the old man who was full of wisdom was stopped before he could say another word.

"If you don't stop your little chitchat then I'm going to have to slit your throat. Believe me, I will." The rough and menacing sailor spoke as if he was going to viciously attack the old man. As he spoke a chill went down the old man's and whoever was listening spine.

All the passengers and the crew of the 'creeper' were sitting and standing in the sitting/eating area. It was a modern eating area. The room had all the latest kitchen appliances. Including a pristine double oven and grill (there were two of these), a brand new microwave, dishwasher (two of those) sink (two of those), etc. The kitchen looked really clean, considering there was only a couple members of staff.

Soon after the sailor had spoken everyone could hear a bloodcurdling scream. Everyone looked around. It didn't come from inside the room. Surely it couldn't have come from outside the ship, or anywhere else because everyone is in the room? There was a low chatter between the passengers and the crew. Suddenly a strange looking man entered the room and asked for a man called 'scabs'. Each and every one of the people in the room looked around the room to see who scabs. Was

"What do you want and make it quick." demanded the menacing sailor.

"It's her; she's playing up again, sir. She just won't do what I say, sir" the boy who was speaking was a young lad; he was fair-haired, dark brown eyes, had a small nose and was quite tall. From the way he was speaking he sounded quite scared. He didn't make any eye contact with scabs; the young boy was simply scared of him.

Scabs got up and started to mutter curses under his breath. By the way he walked he looked like he was either going to cause some violence or threaten someone.