Synopsis: Takes place a year after the last murders in Harmony. This time, the story is centered on a small mining community called Pleasantville and is told from the point of view of a young woman named Laura Blaire. What happens when the mysterious Tom Hanniger mysteriously shows up and a new string of murders begin? Read on to find out.

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Now that all of that nonsense is out of the way…

Chapter 1:

Nightmare in Tunnel 5

Black was everywhere. It was as if the color had engulfed me and I was now resting at the pit of its stomach, waiting to be devoured. I couldn't make out any aspect of my surroundings. The darkness was as pure as having my eyes closed. I could feel some sort of jagged edge pushing into the skin of my back like glass. I tried to breath, but could only manage a few strangling gasps of something that left a bad taste in my mouth. I wasn't sure what it was, just that it felt heavy inside my lungs made the urge to cough nearly uncontrollable.

Nearly uncontrollable… but not impossible. Some instinct hidden deep within my mind forced me to suppress the sound I desperately wanted to make. My muscles tensed and tightened like the same instinct was ordering me to stay deathly still. None of the instincts or thoughts in my mind made any sense to me at that moment. I didn't understand my body's determination to remain in a place that I could not even seem to breathe in.

It also occurred to me in that same instant that I had no idea where I was. I didn't know what I was doing in the darkness or what my body knew that I did not, but I was alone. I managed, after assessing the situation that far, to unfreeze my body enough for it to begin to tremor. A rush of panic pulsed through the back surrounding me. There was not a word in my psychological vocabulary to describe my feelings. Fear didn't even begin to cover it.

Suddenly, a soft noise filled that air around my ears. I knew immediately that I had not made the sound… my mouth was still frozen with the ice of the panic that generated from my body's core. The tremors persisted as my mind raced to grasp this new sensory aspect of reality. I was not alone, as I had previously thought. There was something else in the darkness… something… breathing… and becoming closer with every sound that passed into my ears.

Seconds later, there was also a light. It was far away at first, but as the moments elapsed it grew into a distinct beam. I began to fight the instinct that froze me in place more fervently. At length, I managed to take a small step forward and then extend the overly tense muscles of my neck in the direction of the light to get a better look at it and its source.

There was someone else in the black, I could see that clearly now. A human figure dressed from head to toe in a black miners' uniform, complete with an air mask that covered the lower half of their face. I knew the attire well, having grown up in a community in if miners. Yet, something about seeing attire now, in my current state of mind, sent more tremors through my already shaking body. My mind again flashed quickly, attempting to put the current events into a coherent sequence that I could understand. It couldn't be....

My eyes flashed again to the miner figure, examining it entirely this time. That was when a scream at last escaped from my frozen lips. The clenched back hands of the miner held a pickaxe. The head of the blade gleamed brilliant red in the presence of the light atop the helmet. It was him. The murderer. The one that had drenched Harmony's mines in blood last Valentine's Day. There was no mistaking him now with the bloody weapon in his hands.

No sooner had the sound escaped me, I found myself illuminated by the light of the miner's helmet. I was marked now. Doomed. It was as if every ounce of his energy was now directed at me. His steps, quick and deliberate, were now coming toward at me. The grip on his pickaxe, strong and swift, tightened in anticipation of the deadly swing it was about the deliver. He was now a predator and I was as helpless as a deer in a meadow.

I tried to unlock my body, to at the very least run instead of standing stationary staring at my murder. But my efforts were futile, my body had locked itself to that one place as if it insisted on dying there… in that exact place. After a few frantic seconds, I stopped trying. Death was inevitable either way now that he had seen my face. If I ran, he would simply chase after me until he killed me. Any movement now would be utterly useless. The realization of death washed over me and drained the blood from my face. I could feel myself becoming colder and my trembling quicken.

My eyes blinked for their last worldly time. A single drop of the realization flowed down my pale, lifeless cheek. I then moved my eyes upward and stared into the miners mask and the figure that was now mere feet from me. Through the glass of the mask, I could see a pair of hazel eyes gazing back at me. It was the only thing I could see of the man inside the uniform… my true killer.

Every part of my remaining consciousness became consumed by the light brown iris' that held just a slight hint of green in their midst. The pickaxe began to move above the mask and the rest of the miner's body. For a moment, I caught a glimpse of blood red in the glass where the hazel eyes had me fixed. But it gave away to the brown and hint of green again… the last colors I would ever see on earth.

The axe lingered in its downward point in the air above our bodies a moment. It couldn't have lasted more than an instant, but in my final moments it seemed like an eternity. I took a last gasping breath of the dirty, thick air around me and tensed my body in preparation of the blow. As the axe passed back by the miner's eyes, everything went black. I saw nothing after that. Not the hazel eyes or the silver and bloody crimson of the pickaxe in its decent into my chest. A loud, persistent beeping noise crept into my ears. It consumed everything as the sound became louder and echoed in every part of my mind.

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