"I Love You, Idiot."

Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC 17
Warning: sex scene
Disclaimer: I don't Merlin or any of the characters!

First I was shocked, but when I got over that I started to respond. I could tell he was surprised, probably thought I would push him away or something. Prat. His mouth felt so good against mine and I couldn't help but moan into his. I opened my mouth and his tongue plunged into it. He started doing something with his mouth that made my knees buckle. He quickly wrapped his arms around my waist and my arms grabbed his upper arms.

His hands moved downwards and slowly towards my front. I could feel him un-lacing my breeches and his hand going inside. I felt him grasp my cock and i gasped into his mouth at the contact and instantly moaned straight after.

We had to break off the kiss, in need of air. As I slowly started to get my breath back, his hand tightened over my cock and started to slowly stroke it. I could feel my breath going again and I closed my eyes in bliss.

I felt his hand still and I opened my eyes in confusion. He took his hand out of my breeches and my confusion deepened. I saw his hands go to his own breeches and realization kicked in. He tugged his breeches down and I couldn't help but stare. I was brought out of my daze by a deep chuckle. My face instantly went red and I tried to look away but Arthur grabbed my chin and turned my face to his. He looked at me for a moment and then gave me a small smile and gently kissed me.

He turned me round to lean against the wall and pulled my breeches down to me knees. I felt him move his fingers down and to my entrance. He slowly started to push a finger in and I squirmed from the contact. I've never been touched there before and the sensation was a little strange. His finger felt wet and I realized that he must put them in his mouth beforehand. He then added another finger and pushed in deeper. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not until they hit something inside me that made the feeling turn into instant pleasure. I moaned loudly and could just tell that Arthur was smiling.

He did that for a little while longer, hitting my button every time, until he took his fingers out. I moaned at the loss of contact till I felt him position his cock at my entrance and pushed in a little. I groaned at that and begged for him to push in more. He complied and pushed all the way in. He started to move in and out, gradually getting faster until he was eventually thrusting in out and out at a rapid pace.

I felt him move his hand around the front of my body and grasp my cock again. He pumped it in time with his thrusts until I was begging for release. The pressure eventually gathered up and I couldn't hold it in any more. I came first, with Arthur a split second behind me.

We rested against the wall for a minute so we could catch our breath back. Arthur slowly pulled out of me and turned me around. He gave me a short sweet kiss on the mouth and rested his head against mine. I closed my eyes, but then opened them when I heard him say four words.

"I love you, idiot."