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He knew he was leaving as soon as he got the list of people who were going to die. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew. He wanted to stay to keep an eye on what he felt like were his children. His son, Mason who was the black sheep of the family always the screw up, but came though at the end. Daisy the one that wanted to be loved because she never had anyone to love her. Roxy the tough one of the group of reapers. She didn't really need looking out for, but sometimes she did and last, but not least George, or Georgia the youngest grim reaper the one that he called peanut. He glanced around the Der Waffle Haus and listened to them talking to each other. He looked at each one of them. He didn't want to say goodbye to them because he didn't want them to know that he was leaving them. He ate the last piece of his burnt bacon and opened up his book. The trio stopped talking and stared at him all waiting for their post it notes. He glanced at Cameron Cane who was sitting at the next booth. He was going to be the next group leader and he hoped that he would be a good leader for them. Keeping the last post it note for himself he watched as the rest of them got up and walked towards the exit and leave.

Looking around one last time watching Kiffany as she waited on someone else. He got up and walked towards the exit as Cameron walked beside him. He looked at his watch as he saw his mark. It was a minute before he was to take this person's soul.

"Take care of them for me." Rube said as he looked at Cameron.

Cameron nodded and watched as Rube walked up to his mark and watched as not only the marks lights came though, but also Rube's as well. He turned and walked away. Tonight he would have to set fire at Der Waffle Haus after everyone was out and then take up the job of group leader.

The End