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"I'm pregnant."

The words had practically spilled out of her mouth and when the silence hit immediately afterwards, she just swallowed. Then suddenly there were two squeals of excitement—one from Brooke and one from Samantha—both of them wrapping their arms around Haley excitedly as Jamie looked up from his toys on the floor. He had absolutely no idea what was going on, but he knew that the three females were happy and so he smiled.

At the same time Haley was filling Brooke in about the changes she was going to need to make since she was expecting, Sam and Dean were looking things over in the shed. Sam had yet to even know that Haley was pregnant because she'd found out the day before and hadn't had time to tell him—not in the way she wanted to tell him—and since she had known Brooke was first, she felt Brooke at least should know since telling her didn't take anything special. Dean smiled up at his brother and handed him a car part, Sam chuckling as he looked it over and then looking at his older brother with a giant smile on his face that Dean sighed about.

"What?" Dean asked him impatiently.

Sam shook his head. "It's nothing bad, I promise, Dean. I just…I can't believe how adjusted you are to this life. This is normal—this is what it feels like to have a family and be part of something loving and nurturing instead of being dragged from motel to motel and passed off from family friend to family friend. Have you asked her to marry you yet?"

"Funny story about that." Dean said running his hand down his face. "I proposed right before you and Haley came to see us today and I have yet to get an answer back from her. A while back we were on the same page with this, but now I don't know…things have changed so much in three years, Sammy, and I'm kind of worried that she doesn't want to marry me."

"Why wouldn't she want to marry you?" Sam asked Dean skeptically, raising his eyebrows and giving his brother a look.

What Sam didn't understand, was that Dean had a feeling he was never going to get to be married to Brooke Davis because of what he'd done. He'd sold his soul to bring Sam to life and no matter how hard they tried, Brooke and Dean couldn't seem to get him out of his deal and he had now less than two years to live. Why would Brooke want to be married to him when in a good 20 months she'd have to be a widow? Dean couldn't expect her to want that, and that meant he'd probably never get to commit to her the way he actually wanted to before he died.

"I just found out yesterday morning." Haley explained to Brooke as Dean just shrugged at Sam and tried to change the subject. "I don't know exactly how to tell Sammy, but I'm telling him tonight and that's that. It's about time that the two of us got to focus on a family of our own, and what with Dean's time counting, I want Sam to know what he has a family waiting for him to come home everyday. He could always go back to school and be the lawyer he always wanted, and even be better than that—he after all could potentially help to clear the name of other hunters and get them back out on the streets helping the innocent in their way. Hunting wasn't a life that I ever wanted, and though touring has been fun, I want to spend time building a life with my husband…and I kind of want a girl."

Samantha smiled at that and nodded as she ate a muffin. "Girls are after all the fairer of the two sexes."

"Have I told you how much I love her, lately?" Brooke asked Haley, smiling at Samantha who smiled back at her, and then she took a deep breath, the smile losing its brightness just a little bit. "Sam? Could you please take your brother on a walk?"

"Mom, come on! I know that's really just code for, 'get out Sam, I need to talk to Haley alone' and I don't think that's fair!" Samantha protested, but she sighed in defeat and nodded when Brooke gave her a look.

She walked over to Jamie and picked him up, taking him to put his jacket on and then heading outside. Samantha set to putting him in his stroller with his sippy cup and his stuffed bear, Brooke looking at Haley who was all ears and ready to listen to what Brooke had to say. It was a hard thing for her to talk about, but neither Sam nor Samantha knew about the deals that Dean and Brooke had made and it was starting to become clear that sooner or later at least Sam was going to need to know.

"Dean asked me to marry him right before you and Sam showed up and since you showed I didn't get to answer him." Brooke explained, smiling a little and yet her eyes were so sad that Haley was feeling upset too. "I don't know what to tell him."

Haley smiled sadly and rested her hand on Brooke's, giving it a squeeze. "I can tell that you still love him very much, so you should say 'yes', Brooke. It's about high time you got everything that you wanted, isn't it?"

"How can I say 'yes', Rocker Girl?" Brooke asked her seriously, trying to throw in a bit of lightness to the situation by using her favorite nickname for Haley. "I mean he's going to die in about 20 months and I'm going to be a widow. It isn't even just about me—Sam and Jamie are going to be without their dad and for some reason I don't see the point. He's already here all the time, and it's already like we're married, so why waste time trying to put together a wedding when the marriage itself isn't going to last. I mean it'll last to some extent because I love him and I want him and all, but…what do I do?"

"I can't tell you what decision to make, Brooke." Haley told her with a shrug.

She stood up and crossed over to Brooke, wrapping her arms around her and holding her close, stroking her hair. Haley was going to be able to have just the kind of life she had always wanted—normal…with love, a husband and a family. Brooke had always wanted that kind of life too, deep down, but it was starting to look like she wasn't going to get it because Dean's deal was iron-clad and there was no way out…why was there no way out?

"We have to tell Sammy about the deal." Brooke said suddenly as she kissed Haley's cheek. "I've hated keeping him in the dark this long and he might be able to help us…are you okay with that, Hales?"

Haley laughed a little. "Am I okay with that? Brooke, I've wanted him to know since the absolute moment Dean sold his soul."


The second that Haley told Sam she was pregnant, Sam was practically jumping around the house for joy. He made her dinner, he forgot about what he was going to talk to her about, and he simply doted on her. Sam even got Haley in the mood and they made love sweet and slow for the majority of the night, Sam holding her close as they lie there under the covers in the bed, both of them exhausted and yet still incredibly happy about everything—they wanted to be parents…they wanted to half a normal life.

"Is there any particular gender that you want?" Haley asked him, kissing his damp peck as he slid his fingers through her hair. "Any names you might have in mind?"

Sam chuckled and kissed her forehead. "Whatever we get will be perfect, and we have time to think up names."

"We definitely do." Haley agreed, looking up at Sam and kissing him gently. "Hey, do you think that we could just settle in tomorrow? Just the two of us all day?"

"I'm up for that." Sam admitted as he kissed his wife again. "I love you, Haley."

"I love you too, Sam." Haley replied beaming.

The two of them snuggled up against each other and fell asleep peacefully, both excited about getting to start a family. Haley hadn't expected Sam to be as excited as he was, but the fact that he was so giddy made her entire morning start off on a positive side…until Brooke called. Brooke was upset and she didn't want to drag Haley into this, but she and Haley had both agreed that Sam should know and yet Dean was still against it.

Haley hadn't wanted to be the one to drop the bomb on him—she had wanted Dean to be an actual man about it and tell his brother. It was going to hurt Sam, and none of them wanted him hurt, but at the same time he was going to find out when Dean was ripped apart by Hellhounds so it was best to just tell him. At least this way there would be four people trying to get him out of his deal instead of just three.

"I don't understand why he's being so stubborn about this!" Haley exclaimed, hiding out in one of the rooms of the house away from Sam, not aware that he had thought something was up and was wandering down the hall. "This is his fault in the first place! Yeah, I'm glad he did it, but the cost is way too high."

Brooke nodded as Sam kept his mouth shut, listening intently. "I just want him to be here for his family and he says he wants that too, but he wants to protect Sammy."

"I get that he wants to protect Sam, but come on, Brooke—Dean's only got two years to live and there's even a slight chance that he could be gotten out of this with Sam's help, he has to take it. Sam deserves to know." Haley explained to her sadly. "I hate that it's taken this long for anyone to tell him."

Sam nodded slowly as he heard all of the words that Haley had spoken, going back into their room to change out of his pajama pants and into some real clothes. While Haley and Brooke began to talk about Haley's doctor's appointment for that afternoon, Sam headed straight for the garage that Dean was working at now. Dean looked up when he saw his brother coming and smiled a bit, the smile fading when he saw the look on Sam's face.

Suddenly it had all become clear to Sam and Sam wanted some answers. Dean saying Brooke wouldn't want to marry him, Bobby so surprised to see Sam up and about after Jake—then there was Brooke, Dean and Haley all being so high-strung at first when the door to Hell was opened. Sam was pretty certain right then and there that he had died…that he had died and that Dean had sold his soul—but wasn't he supposed to get ten years out of a crossroads deal? Not five?

"What can I do for you, Sammy?" Dean asked, wiping some grease off of his hands and telling one of his employees to take over the engine repair for a moment.

Sam motioned his head in the direction of the side of the building just as Brooke got Jamie set up in his booster seat at the table and called for Samantha. She wanted to have a nice breakfast with her children while Dean was off at work, wanting to put the whole conversation with Haley behind her for right now. There was nothing she could do about it but tell Sam with Haley that night, the two of them having agreed finally on how to say to him what they wanted to say.

If Dean wasn't going to take it into his own hands then Haley and Brooke were sure as Hell going to tell Sam the truth. It had been so incredibly hard over the years to lie to him—to pretend like nothing was wrong—and it was about time that Sam was back in the loop. Things for all of them had actually been going rather well and since Dean's time was now counting down, they knew that they had to make sure that their happy times could continue.

"Samantha! Come on, breakfast is ready!" Brooke called out for the third time, taking a deep breath and heading for Samantha's bedroom.

She could hear a bit of scuffling and opened up the door quickly, expecting to find potentially a demon to fight off…not a half naked boy kissing her 15 year-old. Brooke had felt like for a just a moment before opening that door of fear but all of that fear had been replaced by anger and surprise as the boy pulled away and Samantha blushed feverishly, pushing the boy off of her and standing up in her bra and pajama pants. Since she had been just this kind of girl and Dean had been just this kind of guy, Brooke had really hoped they would have been raising Samantha better than this, but she had obviously wished for far too much.

"I suggest that the two of you find your shirts, put them on, and escort yourselves out to the breakfast table—in fact I'm going to stand right here and watch it all happen." Brooke told them, her voice firm and serious.

Samantha blushed a little more. "Mom!"

"Oh no, Young Lady, that doesn't fly and he will be joining us for breakfast whether he likes it or not." Brooke responded, watching as the young teenagers put their shirts on and them slumped out to the kitchen, both incredibly embarrassed. "I hope you like eggs, because that's what you're having."

"This is so embarrassing." Samantha whispered to herself, closing her eyes and trying to find a way out of it all.

She hadn't really thought about sex too much when it came to doing it herself, but she was so certain she was in love. Jamie had been conceived out of love and Samantha knew that, and she knew that she didn't want to be a statistic so she and her boyfriend were going to be safe—they were going to make sure that when they crossed that line there weren't going to be any repercussions like pregnancy. Besides, Dean had let her go on the pill so that with condoms seemed like an effective tactic even though Brooke hadn't wanted her on the pill either—she didn't want Samantha to become her.

"Dean, did I die?" Sam asked Dean point blank when they made it to the side of the garage. "I want a straight and honest answer—don't lie to me."

Dean took a deep breath. "Sammy…what do you want from me here? I'm working, and this isn't the place to try and have a conversation like this."

"So I died, right? You sold your soul for me? Like Dad did for you?" Sam asked, nodding slowly and feeling the sadness creep into every part of him as he stood there. "Dean how could you do that? Brooke was pregnant!"

"Sammy you're my brother! I couldn't live without you dead and so I sold my soul, but that's not even the worst part." Dean admitted, running his hand down his face and trying to compose himself. "I got a year to live and Brooke was devastated and she didn't want to talk to me—she didn't want to have anything to do with me—until she sold her soul too."

Sam looked at his brother, his eyes wide. "You and Brooke are insane! YOU HAVE A SON TO LOOK AFTER!"

Dean nodded and closed his eyes, running his hand through his hair as Sam felt the tears come to his eyes. Sam understood now that Dean was dying, and that Brooke had sold her soul to get Dean his five years and that just wasn't enough. This wasn't the way that they're lives were supposed to be going now—they were supposed to be able to get to settle down and quit hunting and have a real family…have a real happy ending.

"Brooke doesn't have a time limit." Dean explained to Sam, looking him in the eye for the first time since Sam had started the conversation. "She is Azazel's daughter biologically and apparently there's a plan for Jamie and when she threatened to abort him—something she would never actually do—the demons let her off the hook year wise, so Jamie will still have a mother."

Sam nodded slowly. "But he won't have a father, Dean—he's going to grow up with only one parent just like we did because you won't man up and get yourself out of this."

"What do you think Brooke, Haley and I have been trying to do, Sammy? I just didn't want you to know because I know you, and I know that now you feel guilty!" Dean told him, shaking his head. "You feel guilty that I sold my soul for you, but it isn't even your fault…this is all Jake's fault."

"I need to talk to Brooke." Sam said simply, turning away from Dean and then stopping in his tracks and turning back to him. "Thank you, Dean. Thank you for bringing me back to Haley but…I really wish this hadn't cost you anything—I wish I hadn't died so you'd think you had to bring me back."

Dean nodded at him, completely understanding, Brooke looking at Samantha and Jack as they ate, Jamie focusing on his cut up fruit. Samantha was still pretty flushed as she ate her eggs, Brooke trying to make small talk so that Samantha would know that next time this happened it would be just as embarrassing if not more embarrassing. Brooke just didn't understand how she could go so wrong so fast…she just really wanted Samantha to make better choices and yet she knew she couldn't get upset without being a hypocrite about all of it and she didn't want that.

"So you two go to school together?" Brooke asked Jack, smiling at him and sipping her coffee. "Any favorite classes?"

Jack ate a bite of egg and looked at Brooke. "Um…woodshop, I guess."

"You like building things? That's nice." She replied with a nod, smiling a bit because mad as she was, she had taken a liking to Jack already—she just didn't want him feeling up her daughter. "Have you and Sam actually slept together yet?"

"Mom!" Samantha exclaimed, flushing even redder than before. "I don't see how that's any of your business!"

Brooke gave her a look. "You're my daughter, Sam—it's my business."

"Not at the breakfast table!" Samantha told her, looking at Jack. "I'm sorry for her, Jack."

Jack shook his head and told her not to be, eating some more eggs as Samantha shot her mother a death glare. Brooke wasn't going to be letting Samantha hunt at all now, knowing how Dean used to get at bars and diners—Samantha was not going to ever be in a position where she could just hook up with whomever she wanted to just because she'd never have to see them again. Samantha knew Brooke meant well, but the conversation was bordering on crossing over a line as far as she was concerned and she didn't want to talk about her virginity…the virginity she still had.

"Why don't you two finish up and then after doing dishes, Jack can go home." Brooke told them as she stood up, picking up Jamie and kissing his head as she went to the sink to get a warm washcloth to wipe him off with. "Remember that I'm watching you."

Samantha closed her eyes and then opened them when Brooke had left the room. "I'm so sorry about that Jack."

"No, don't worry about it—I actually kind of like your mom." Jack admitted to her.

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