The Wedding Planner's Romance

By. Yuuna Miyako


GENRE** Romance, AU

SUMMARY** Tomoyo Daidouji is an ever cheerful wedding planner but she isn't married herself. What will happen if her handsome, enigmatic childhood friend, Eriol Hiiragizawa suddenly asks her to plan his own wedding for him?

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Chapter 9. That Engagement

Dear Monopoly,

Have I've done something wrong?

I basically manipulated and agreed to a plan that would probably break the very core of people close to me. No matter how many times both of them said it's okay, I can't help but feel guilty inside. What if things didn't turn out the way it is? What would have happened if he lost her completely?

Those thoughts just give me chills in my spine.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo called out as she motioned her friend to come closer, "Are you e-mailing your boyfriend again?"

"W-what?" Sakura's face flushed, "Of course not!" Before Tomoyo could use such words against her again, she quickly hid the cellular phone after sending a quick message to her pen pal.

Sakura smiled as she watched her best friend sparkle in a very special way. Just like those women who step in their office with smiles and anticipation in their very countenance. It's a visage of a woman who is not only madly in love but a bride to be.

Tomoyo Daidouji is officially engaged to Eriol Hiiragizawa.

Sakura heard the engagement story as much as a million times, but still can't get tired of it. It turns out that Eriol and Tomoyo had quite a history. After being discharged with a cast, Eriol quickly contacted the teary amethyst eyed beauty to accompany him somewhere. At the same age that the photo printed in the jigsaw was taken, both Eriol and Tomoyo buried a time capsule under a cherry tree at the penguin park.

Eriol buried a letter and his grandmother's engagement ring. In the letter he wrote: the time I uncover this, I'll be engaged with To-chan with this ring.

Sakura swooned every time she saw the ring glistening from Tomoyo's finger.

And they'll soon be married a couple of weeks from now.

The schedule was hectic, and because of this, Tomoyo and Sakura had to take the days off running the business to finalize and reorganize the wedding event. Eriol handled the guest list, sending off invitations to different places in Japan and back in England. His parents, the people who pulled the strings behind all of this nonsense, were ecstatic of course.

Touya was still recuperating from his current heartbreak, and getting even worst when the wedding date came closer. Thanks to Yukito, after a long heart to heart talk, and a little spying on the soon to be bride, Touya was convinced that it was worth letting her go.

"That smile on her face is priceless," He told his sister one day, "I'm convinced that only Hiiragizawa could give such an expression on her face."

But Sakura can't help to giggle about the list of Touya's "To Do List If Hiiragizawa Breaks Her Heart" which he recited with all his heart. Nakuru, having a long time crush on her brother, took his heartbreak as an opportunity as a lifetime. Thus, Touya's life is quite busy, dealing with an ever annoying Nakuru Akizuki.

Sakura sighed as she reflected about herself. As always, she's loveless, and currently driven by other's love lives. It didn't particularly disturbed her as much as now, since her bestfriend/cousin is finally getting married to the man Tomoyo loved all the time, yet failed to notice until now.

"I wish I could have such a story like that," Sakura murmured to herself as she finally made the last call for the final arrangements.

"Okay! It's a wrap!" Tomoyo said out loud, as she gave her best friend a sudden hug.


"Thank you so much Sakura."

Sakura's eyes widened as she saw her friend tear because of the overwhelming happiness inside of her. Sakura, touched by her friends emotions, felt tears in her eyes as well.

"Don't need to thank me," She said, "Just be happy."

"She will." A deep, rich baritone was heard behind the girls.

"Eriol." Tomoyo whispered.

Sakura turned around, looking at Eriol Hiiragizawa. The impeccably handsome man was more dazzling the very moment he stepped in the room.

No-the very moment he met the eyes of the person he loved and cherished.

Sakura gave a Tomoyo a little suggestive push, encouraging her to go closer to him.

Tomoyo, flushed and somewhat embarrassed, walked slowly to him.

Sakura watched as the couple stared at each other before Eriol grabbed his fiancé using the uninjured arm smacking a kiss in her ever tempting lips.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

Then a warm laughter was shared between the two, pulling them to a world where only they existed.

The golden haired beauty smiled as she turned around, giving the couple privacy as she pulled out her phone once more.

Dear Monopoly,

I'm not guilty anymore.

Besides, nothing went wrong. Everything turned out for the best. To come to think about it, I really didn't do much. It's was fate and destiny's work. All I know that both of them will be happy, for better and for worst.

And I'm thoroughly convinced true love does exist. Don't you?

Now I'm here, and I'll be waiting. No matter how long it takes because I know it's all worth it.

It's all worth it to hear the words, "I love you" from the person you love the most.


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The Wedding Planner's Assistant's Romance

By. Yuuna Miyako


GENRE** Romance, AU

SUMMARY** The Wedding Planner's Romance Sequel. Sakura Kinomoto is a believer of pure and heartfelt romance. What will happen if she crosses paths with the heartthrob and famous player Syaoran Li? Will she be able to change his twisted point of view of love?