Looking around at the empty rink, Jayne moves closer to Chris silently slipping her hand into his much larger, stronger one, softly pressing her small but strong frame into Chris's side. Lacing his finger with Jayne's in an automatic movement he rests his head atop hers with a defeat ant sigh.

"Tomorrow is our day off" Jayne announces quietly breaking the silence of the empty rink " Phil's coming to see me"."What!" Chris tenses "Why?, ............... I thought he was coming on Saturday, why now?" Moving his head away from Jayne's as he feels her shift to look up at him.

She brings her free hand up to touch Chris's face, forcing his eyes to connect with hers and softly cupping his check in her small palm, Jayne smiled a soft smile full of love and a hint of uncertainty in her gaze. " I asked him to come early, I think it's time I was honest with him about our marriage and about us"

Feeling the stress and worry about Phil's phone call start to drain away Chris leans down towards Jayne. His mouth consumed hers softly. He could feel her breath fall away as his eyes fell shut.

His hand found it's way to lightly cup her cheek as her lips responded to his. The kiss was impeccably delicate, tender, and passionate. He pulled her in closer slowly breaking the kiss to take in much needed air before he pressed his lips to hers again, a passionate meeting as her upper lip caught between his. The kiss evolved to a burning need and unwavering desire. His tongue probed her lips and forced them to part, allowing him access to hers.

They caressed slowly at first, and then with more aggression. His hand slid around her waist and to her lower back. He pulled at her, and shifted his posture to bring their bodies closer as well. Jayne's breathing quickened as her hands explored his muscular torso, earning a lust filled grown from Chris.

He was not only kissing her, he was touching her. His hand trailed its way up her arm as she was slowly lowered onto the couch his body pressing into hers. It stopped when they were palm to palm and his fingers interlocked with hers. While he kissed her neck softly, trailing his hot tongue to her exposed collar bone, sucking at the juncture.

Moving his lips up to rain butterfly kisses across Jayne's check, brow, eyelids, nose before finally ghosting a soft kiss across her lips, Jayne broke the kiss off slowly. They were pressed forehead to forehead as she sighed with contentment.

"God, I love you" Chris whispered passionately, his warm breath exhaling across Jayne's lips. Taken aback by the raw emotion in Chris's voice, tears sprung to Jayne's eyes and she could do nothing but tangle her fingers in his hair and kiss him again, trying to express what she could not say through the emotion running through her.

Suddenly the real world came crashing into their bubble they had created, " Can you two not keep your hands off each other for 5 minutes, are you trying to get caught?" comes the voice of Karen, standing in front of them.

Pulling back from each other, Chris places a soft kiss upon Jayne's forehead before slowly releasing his hold "we'll talk about tomorrow later" he whispers, briefly resting his hand on her shoulder as he rose.

He greets Karen with a friendly hello "where's Matt and Bonnie" Chris asks directing his question towards her.

"They're now heading this way" she replies, as Chris gives her a quick smile in acknowledgment before moving towards the ice ready to start their afternoons training.

Karen instantly looked across to Jayne. "What's going on?" she asked.

"I'm going to tell Phil tomorrow," Jayne murmured absently, still watching Chris walk away.