A very loud groan escaped from my lips. Edward could be so cruel sometimes. He had pretty much sentenced me to a full day of behaving and not getting hurt. You see, last night there was a bit of an accident. Edward was out hunting with Rosalie and Carlisle while he left me at home to entertain myself. He knows very well that I am dangerous while bored. So while he was gone I began watching Disney movies and at that same time, I was playing with scissors. I nearly cut my small finger off while dancing with them in my hand. But that's not the only reason I am forbidden to have fun. The other reasons are because on Thursday night, I electrocuted myself while pretending a hair dryer was a gun and I was a secret agent while it was still plugged in. Emmett accidentally spilled water on it. But that's still not all. Stupid Edward decided that because I went mattress surfing down the stairs at my house and because I flew forward and knocked over one vase and two pictures, he had the given right to hide my mattress which forced me to stay at the Cullens house.

I have been here since wonderful Wednesday night. Now Edward had decided that I was to be under constant supervision. Jasper was "Bella-sitting" from when I woke up until 3:00 pm. Alice had to watch me from 3:00pm-5:00pm and she loved every moment of it. From 5:00pm-7:00pm Carlisle was keeping an eye on me as Esme pitched in every now and then. Edward kept an eye on me from 7:00pm until the shifts started over again.

Emmett was of course kept far away from me—which sucked all the fun completely dry—and Rosalie was to entertain him. Right now I was waiting for Carlisle's shift to be over. Edward told me I needed to go one week without getting hurt. Each time that I messed up and injured myself in the slightest way I had to completely restart. Being on lockdown was highly depressing. So here I was sitting on the floor at the top of the Cullens stairs.

Suddenly an idea dawned on me. Although I hated dressing up, playing with dress-up clothes that were in Alice's room sounded like fun. After all, I was desperate. I dialed Edwards 'cell.

"Love I'm busy. You know you can't call me now." He said after he answered on the second ring.

"Edward, I hate this. I am going to shrivel up and die."

He chuckled on the other end. I only scowled.

"That's all you called to tell me?"

"No. I wanted to know if playing dress up was a 'dangerous threat' to me."

"Dress up is not allowed." He quickly answered.

"Edward Cullen!" I shouted into the phone. Carlisle looked up at me with a smirk.

"No Bella. Final answer." Edward spoke lightly.

"I want to know why not." I demanded.

"Your imagination will get out of hand." He told me.

"Carlisle is watching me," I said hoping he would bend, "please Edward?"

"I know Carlisle is watching you." He stated proudly.

I rolled my eyes. God men were stubborn!

"So please?"


"Are you doubting Carlisle's Bella-Sitting skills?" I asked as Carlisle raised an eyebrow and made a loud sigh.

"No of course not. I love you and I will see you in about an hour or so."

I was going to protest against everything he said but he hung up. Carlisle mumbled about how his "Bella-sitting skills" were perfectly fine.

"So what did he say Bella?" Carlisle asked from across the room.

"Oh be quiet. You could hear him." I said as I folded my arms.

Carlisle's phone suddenly rang and he picked it up.

"Carlisle?" he answered clearly confused as to who would possibly be calling him.

"Oh Edward, Yes. Yes…I understand. No she doesn't look to happy." He spoke into the receiver.

My eyes locked on Carlisle and the phone. Edward had called to tell Carlisle that I was not allowed to dress up in fancy clothes.

Within seconds I made a mad dash across the room and tackled Carlisle –or at least I tried. I flew across the desk and fell onto the floor as four thick textbooks fell onto me along with the lamp and a bunch of paperweights. The phone started to come crashing down next to me but Carlisle caught it in time. When I hit the ground I managed to slam my head and my entire body against the bookshelves behind Carlisle. More books fell and scattered across my body and the floor.

Esme came dashing into the room and erupted into a fit of laughter when she found me pouting with books lying around. Carlisle put Edward on speaker phone. Shit.

"Bella! What on earth just happened!?" he exclaimed as Carlisle began to clean up around me.

"Esme knocked me over…not my fault." I said trying to lie. Esme laughed again as she shook her head.

"Don't try to drag me into it. You tell him the truth." She said as she left the room.

Edward gave a low growl over the phone.

"Bella care to explain?" Edward asked.

"You were calling to tell Carlisle that dress up was not allowed so I made a mad dive for the Carlisle and the phone. Unfortunately, a bunch of other items came with me.

"Now thanks to that stunt I can't even call the house when you are in the room. Even that causes an injury or two!" he said.

"No cuts, scratches, breaks, or limbs missing." I argued.

"Bruises?" he asked.

Damn he had me there. A few purple-ish yellow ones were already forming on my arms and legs.

"But Edward! If some random person lightly gives me a hug I still bruise!"

"Bella," he sighed, "No dress up and no more calling me either. If you have a question ask some and they can call me when you are not present.

I scowled and decided to give him ultimate-hell-Bella-style when it was his turn to "Bella-Sit"

"Whatever." I said giving a very short reply.

"I love you." He reminded me.

I stood up and decided to give him the silent treatment.

There was a pause on his end of the phone until he spoke to Carlisle.

"Is she still there?"

"Yes Edward." Carlisle responded.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the doorway.

"Silent treatment?" Edward guessed.

"Seems like it Edward."

"Bella, Love, I'm going to be home soon. Please behave?" he said as he hung up the phone.

With that I walked into Alice's room to look for some clothes to play with.

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