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I dare you..

Chapter 1

New York


New York, wow I heard its big but man this is such a surprise! I'm a small town girl living it up in the big city. I'm in the big apple! I would of pulled off my biggest 5 year old girlie scream but my room mate, Jessica Stanley was in close proximity and well I don't think she'll approve to much of my 'Bella moment'.

"Hey Bella is it okay if I bunk with Lauren instead of you? It's just cause she's like my best friend" Jessica asked in her sugary sweet but fake voice, who does she honestly think shes fooling? Jessica is someone who is just there, not really a close friend, or even a good friend just someone who makes up numbers in the group and is gossip queen central. Plus her panties have a tendency to drop at any guy who hold just a smidgen of credit at school.

I had no problem with getting a suite all to myself in his trip since I do have a tendency to sleep talk and bitching about Jessica and her gang whist shes next to me probably isn't the best idea! There's a whole other bed all empty now and I'm feeling a tad lonely. But I still peace and quiet. I guess I had be quiet a bit to long and Jessica was now staring at me like I had all of a sudden became mental incapable of responding to simple questions. The only sound from our room was the TV, if it was one of those western movies you would of seen the ball of wheatwhistle past.

'Sure no prob! Go ahead!" I rushed out before I gave her anymore reason to call me strange, she grabbed her stuff and skipped across the hall before anymore words were exchanged, now here I was in my own huge luxury bedroom, alone- before I could fully take in the word alone the loud pixie knocks interrupted my thoughts.

Alice didn't wait for me to get the door fully opened before she rushed in, that's Alice for you 4"10 and driven by fairy dust even when she sleeps she talks, sings and hell I've even seen her bounce with excitement in her sleep! Shes my bestest best friend and never mind how crazy she might be I love her and well shes my polar opposite and this calms me down. Shes my own personal stress ball.

"Bella, we are in one of awesome cities in the world, and you are watching TV! They're so much shopping to do! I want to get Esme a Christmas present. Let's go Abercrombie and Fitch tomorrow!" There she goes with the bouncing on the spot again. I couldn't help but smile at her even though shopping isn't my favourite activity!

I didn't realize the door was open until Emmett walked in, when I say walk I mean bounded in making the floor vibrate. "Hey guys I want to go to that famous big toy store that has that funky name" Yup that's Emmett, mentally a child has a huge peter pan issue with himself, we're in flaming New York and he wants toys!

"FAO Schwartz?" Jasper said amused. What ever the blond Texan says he always sounds smart! but he so sneaky like when the hell did he get in my room? "That's really far away. Let's go tomorrow" He finished walking over to Alice and resting his head on her head, the were a strange but cute couple. Jasper moved her a few years ago and Alice knew from the first moment she saw him, he would be hers and literally a few hours later they were madly in love.

"Honey let's go shopping! I need something to where in bed tonight" Rosalie said in the sexy voice, Emmett swallowed loudly and readjusted his pants, I dreaded thinking about his thoughts right now! Rosalie was the amazing Blond babe who made every girl hate the way they look just because they didn't look like her!

"Okay Rose you can come in my room but please don't talk about that when I'm around okay?" I moaned quietly to myself knowing that no one will listen to Bella the prude. I wasn't a prude I just wasn't as open about my love life like everyone else.

"I guess I don't want other people knowing what we do at night so I won't talk about it again" Rose said trying to redeem herself. Everyone was talking at once and it was really annoying me.

"QUITE!!" Alice screamed. I wanted to thank her for doing that but her scream would probably get somebody up here to shut us up. "I got us all tickets to see a Broadway show!" She said calmly and cheers erupted round us. Alice always went over the top with 'bonding' activities, but that's Alice.

'Wait which one?" Emmett said trying to sound normal and not show any excitement because there weren't too many Broadway shows that weren't girlie except maybe the producers and well Emmett the jock can't been seen doing to something like 'cats', even though he would love it!

"Well I was thinking The Producers" Emmett relaxed but I swear a hint of disappointment swept over his face"But I would much rather see A Chorus Line. It's going out of business soon!" Alice finished.

"Aww come on Alice! Do I really have to sit through that whole show!?" Emmett whined in his best childlike tantrum voice.

"Emmett I heard it wasn't so bad! Maybe you'll like it" I told him. I wanted to see a Broadway show. If it kept me from going shopping then I would love it. Even the one where the mother had three possible fathers to her one child, I hated Mama Mia, that film was the most annoying 2 hours of my existence how could it possible have been a box office hit is beyond me! What values is that teaching kids? Its okay to have children and not know, or care who the father is! Come on!

"When is it?" Rose asked.

"Tomorrow. Now I will go out and get something for Bella to wear because I doubt she packed anything worthy

of going to a Broadway show in. Rose wanna come? We can stop by Victoria's secret?" Rose agreed to that and everyone left my room, thank God. You learn that in my circle of close friends that your hardly ever really alone.

I sat down on one of the beds and turned the TV on again and thought about the peace and quiet then someone else knocked on the door. I got up to go and get it. I really do like jinxing myself.

I was half expecting Jess to be there pleading to come back since Lauren had said she liked her crush or something trivial like that but instead I was faced with 6"2 of pure Greek God Alice's brother Edward stood at my door with his bags. He walked right past me put his stuff on one of the beds. That would be him using his rude but cheeky charm, I can't believe girls actually fall for that!

"I call this bed roomie" He said cheery nothing on the scale of Alice's cheery voice but still inhumanly dazzling.

"Roomie?" I asked confused staring and possible drooling.

"Well they put me with Tyler and Mike but I'm not going to put up with that. Emmett and Rose are sharing a room, so are Alice and Jasper and I'm not bunking with anybody else so hear I am." He said gesturing to his body, oh that body- Bella get a grip, its frigging Edward!

"I just get my own room and now you invade it!?" I moaned not really caring but still he didn't know that! and he just strolls into my room and acts all Edward about it!

"Yup that's about right" Damn him and that grin! I walked around the room and smacked him across the arm. I doubt that he hardly felt it but still it made me feel ace.

"Hey! What was that for!?" He asked, amused.

"Well if I'm going to have to put up with you then I might as well have some fun" I tried to answer back in my own cheeky way but I think it sounded retarded than cheeky.

"Okay Bella lets have some ground rules" He purred burning holes into my face with his intense stare.

"I didn't mean it like that!" I hissed, really annoyed now he just laughed. Idiot.

Edward and I were friends from the start when I moved to Forks to spend some time with my dad we kind of grew apart. We had been best friends but now we rarely spoke. We weren't on bad terms we just both grew up in our time away from each other, He found that gelled hair can make girl scream for him and I found that ignoring the male population made me mysterious, in a odd sort of way but hey that's high school for ya!

"So are you coming to the show?" he asked. Alice would of course bought Edward a damn ticket.

I was putting all of my clothes into the dresser in the bedroom. Trying to avoid eye contact with Edward.

"Maybe. Are you?" I asked trying to sound indifferent.

"Yeah. Why?" I wasn't looking at him but I knew he was wearing that damn grin again!

"Then I won't go" I felt arms wrap around me waist and his chin dropped on my shoulder.

"I would love it if you came with me" he whispered. It was hard to concentrate with that god breathing into my neck. He smelled great. It was hard to have him so close. So many teenage girlie feelings ripped through my body and I just wanted to kiss them experienced lips and rip off that tight grey shirt- Damn Bella, cold shower time! My imagination runs away all the time, hence my straight A's in English.

"Fine. I'll go only this once and only because I heard it was a great show" I expected him to pull back but he didn't. As much as I loved to have the most popular guy in school wrapped around me, it was getting old now and I really didn't want to give my 'V' card to Edward the man whore and I know I would of I gazed into those green pools of perfection again.

"Excuse me? Eddie-boy have you ever heard of personal space?" I asked. He pulled back looking a little stung? maybe even hurt? Nah Edward has every girl begging to wrap their legs around his toned exterior so me, little boring, plain jane wouldn't have any effect on him he straightened out his face before leaving the room, in silence. Maybe I hurt his ego. Oh well. Lets get one thing straight, Edward is hot and I meant sun sizzling hot, his eyes could trick confessions out of anyone and well he was just perfection in human form but I do not like him, like that anyway! Sure he makes my body feel things that I've never experienced but his charm is quickly doubted by his reputation and arrogance. I do not fall for looks and never mind how mouth watering Edward Cullen is, he is not my type of guy, I don't fall for sleaze.


She didn't want me too close. Everybody wanted me too close. At least the girls did. The girls that I didn't want to touch at all wanted me to touch them. And the one girl that I wanted to have didn't want me to have her. Well I guess that's my fault for trying to be a cocky ass. Man I just wish Bella would see that I'm still that geeky idiot who plays baseball badly with my family and loves old cars. I can remember when I was best friends with Bella and she made fun of me for organising my music collection. I still do that! I just wish I could show her! But we run in different social circles now and it doesn't matter how hard I try, I can't change this!

I have a picture of Bella and I on my nightstand next to my bed, given that it was Halloween and I was dressed as Elvis and she was a pumpkin, that's all I have left of my Bella.

God I'm pathetic and Life sucks.

I straightened out my face so she wouldn't see the hurt and went into the hallway. I ran to Emmett's room and knocked on the door. I could hear moaning from the other side of the door so I decided I didn't want to go in there. Hes like a bear on heat when ever Rosalie is in grabbing distance and well their activities really gross me out. Imagine having the birds and bees talk with your very proud older brother!

I settled for Alice's room. She had given me a key so if I needed anything I could just come in. Man I love my sister!

I entered and walked into the bedroom where I found Alice putting all of the contents of her six bags into a dresser. Yup six bags, dad finally gave up on her ability to control her shopping and money spending addiction

"Hey bro what's up?" she said. I fell one of the beds and told her about Bella. Alice knows all about my internal struggle to win the heart of Bella, but Alice was always hesitant about helping get her. I swear she loves her more than me, and I'm her own flesh and blood!

"Oh. Don't take it personally she just likes her space. She's not the type who wants everyone on her back…literally and figuratively"

"I know I just really like her and I'm not used to rejection" Now I just sounded like that spoilt little rick player boy who Bella believes I am.

"Oh well. Just keep trying. I know my plan will work."

She hadn't said anything about a plan! "What plan!?!?" I asked.

"You'll see" she sang as she pranced out of the room, that evil little girl.

I hope to God that betting on Alice would finally win me the girl.

Man I was such a girl on times, I seriously had to check that my manhood was still there, the thoughts of wooing the girl and hot romantic dates would kill any reputation I had. I'm sure Emmett would love to hear of my distress.

I needed a male to talk to, Alice was great but she still was very team Bella maybe her better half will be able to help me out. If he wasn't with my sister I would swear blind that he was gay hes just to openly emotion and empathic. So I pulled myself of Alice's bed and began my search for Jasper taking one lastglance at mine and Bella's room I trucked on to find Mr. Sensitive.

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