Speed Racer: The Legand Lives

Chapter 1: The Return

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A/N: This is my first foray into this genre. This is a crossover which will bring the two generations of Racer's together. It is an AU and I hope you enjoy it. Please be kind as this is my first attempt. Reviews are much appreciated and encouraged.

"I can't believe it," Spritle said as he stared at the note that his nephews had handed him "That's his handwriting alright and it sounds like him for sure." He looked up at Speed and X "Thank you for showing this to me but you can't tell anyone else, okay."

Speed nodded "Okay," he agreed.

"I mean it Speed," Spritle said seriously "Not even Conner or Lucy. This one stays in the family." He took a seat at his desk. He himself was still reeling from the realization that his brother was indeed alive. He looked up at his nephews "There has to be a good reason that he's allowed us all to believe for so long. We can't let it get out that he's alive."

The two Racer boys nodded. X took the note and pocketed it before they left Spritle's office.

"X," Analise Zazic ambushed the elder Racer brother in the hallway. X stumbled backwards as she flung herself into his arms "Let's go out for dinner," she suggested.

"Not tonight Analise," X said distractedly, pushing her away. He had too much on his mind to bother with his needy girlfriend right now.

Analise stared after him contemptuously. She couldn't stand it when she didn't get what she wanted. Just at that moment she looked down and saw something on the ground. "It must have fallen out of X's pocket," she surmised as she picked it up. She was going to rush after him to return it but when she realized what it was she turned and ran straight to her father.


"This is impossible," Zile Zazic stared at the note that his daughter had lifted from X Racer's pocket. He recognized the handwriting as well. "He's alive," Zazic muttered "That son of a bitch is alive."

There was nothing for it. He had to drive that pain in his rear out into the open. He was going to wipe the entire Racer bloodline out. Them and everyone who knew anything about the Mach 6.


"I need you to bring me the Racer boy," Zazic said as he faced a rather large man known simply as Smash. It was too late for Zazic to worry about things being traced back to him. He was going to bring Speed Racer out into the open one way or another. He was going to take care of this little problem once and for all.

"Yes Mr. Zazic," Smash nodded "Do you want me to rough him up a little first?"

Zazic smiled "Sure, but I want him alive."

Smash nodded and left.


Speed sighed and fell backwards on his bed. Conner and Chim-Chim were in the garage working on the Mach 6. Speed didn't like keeping secrets from Lucy and Conner but he understood his uncle's concerns. People had believed that Speed Racer was dead for years. There had been no sign of him until today. Watching his sons being led into an ambush was probably the tipping point and he had been compelled to reach out and let them know that he was there.

Speed shot up when he heard a noise. The doorway of the room was blocked by a huge man. The man yanked Speed off the bed and threw him against the wall "Come on kid," the man said "Let's not make this any harder on you than it has to be."

Speed stumbled to his feet and launched a punch at the man. He felt himself being lifted off the ground and his entire body hit the wall again. He could feel the blood trickling down the side of his head as he began to black out.


X felt miserable as he approached his brother's room. He had discovered that the note was gone and he wanted to ask Speed if he had it. That piece of paper was the one true connection to their father they had.

The door was unlocked and slightly ajar but X knocked anyway "Speed," he called as he entered the room only to find it empty.

Just then Conner and Chim-Chim retured to the room "Hey X," Conner said as he walked in, removing his Speed Racer helmet and settling it on top of the dresser.

""Hey," X replied "Conner, have you seen Speed around?"

"He said he was tired so he came up here," Conner replied, looking around in bewilderment.

Just then Chim-Chim started jumping up and down and pointing at the wall. "What is it buddy?" Conner asked as he and X turned to look in the direction that the robot monkey was pointing.

"Is that…" X trailed off in utter shock "Is it… blood?" he finally managed to get out.

"Oh man, oh man," Conner was flying into a panic and for once it was warranted "Something bad happened to Speed."


"This is bad," Spritle murmured to himself as Conner went over the security tapes from the cameras in the hallway of the dorm.

Spritle, X, Lucy, Conner and Chim-Chim watched as a rather large man walked right into the dorm building and straight into Speed's room. A matter of moments later he reappeared, carrying an unconscious Speed draped over his shoulder.

"How could this have happened?" Spritle asked, half infuriated, half consumed by fear and anguish.

Suddenly Spritle's phone rang. He answered it. On the screen was a man, his featured hidden in the shadows. He was a large man, probably the same one on the tape. When he spoke his voice sounded electronically altered "I have your nephew Speed."

"Who is this?" Spritle demanded.

"Not important," the man replied "If you want to see him alive again then you will contact his father and get him to turn himself over to me."

"Where is Speed?" Spritle demanded "I want to see that he's okay."

"Sorry," the man laughed "He's not in any condition to talk right now."

"Why you…" Spritle muttered.

"I'll call back in one hour," the man said "Speed senior better be there or his kid is dead. If you involve the cops, you'll be sorry." The line went dead.

"What are we gonna do?" Lucy asked.

Spritle ran a hand through his hair. He just didn't know. He was charged with protecting his brother's children and he had failed.

"Why does he think we can get in contact with Speed Racer?" Conner asked.

"The note," X said sorrowfully.

"What note?" Lucy and Conner asked in unison.

"The note from the real Speed Racer," Spritle answered before turning to X "What about the note?" he asked.

"I lost it," X admitted "I thought Speed had it but…"

"So someone got their hands on the note and they kidnapped Speed to drive my brother out into the open," Spritle surmised.

"And it worked," a voice from behind Spritle spoke up.

They all looked in the direction of the voice. Spritle grinned, X's mouth dropped open and Conner fainted.

"Speed…?" Spritle asked.

"Dad…" X whispered.

"Sp…Sp…Spee…Speed…Speed Ra…Wha…" Conner fainted again.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Speed asked, looking down at Conner.

"He's never been alright," Lucy answered even as she herself was finding it hard to make words.