Speed Racer: The Legend Lives

Chapter 2: Truth of Evil

A/N: Here's chapter 2. I hope it turned out alright. One of Speed Sr.'s lines towards the end is one of my most favorite pieces of dialogue I've ever written and it shows why poor Conner deserves a break every once in a while.

"I've always tried to stay close by," Speed Racer said as he sat in Spritle's office "It's not easy," he looked over at X who sat to his right "But when someone kidnaps one of my boys I'm not just going to hide in the shadows."

"How long until the call Conner?" Spritle asked.

Conner, who had recovered what for him was considered composure, stood up as if an army recruit, giving a report to a general "Fifteen minutes left," he answered and saluted in Speed's direction before sitting again.

"Just what are you planning to do?" Spritle asked his older brother.

"Whatever it takes," Speed said resolutely.

"You can't be serious," Lucy chimed in "These people are dangerous."

"I know that," Speed said, shaking his head. He'd known that for a long time. And still he'd allowed his brother and sons to be exposed to the influence of Zile Zazic. It was time to make up for all the times he hadn't been there in the past. No matter what he had to do.

A few minutes later when Spritle's phone rang, Speed snatched it away from his brother and flipped it open "What do you want?" he glared at the shadowy figure on the other end.

"So," the man sneered "You showed up after all. How fortunate for your son."

"Where is he?" Speed asked, trying to keep the anger out of his tone but failing.

"Ah, ah, ah," the man laughed "That's not how it works Mr. Racer. First you do what I ask you to do and if I'm satisfied, then I let your kid go."

"Where's my brother?" X glared over his father's shoulder at the stranger on the screen "If you've hurt him…" the elder Racer boy clenched his fists at his sides.

The man laughed "You're in no position to be making threats kid. Your just lucky you didn't get nabbed along with your brother."

"What do you want?" Speed conceded.

"That's more like it," the man said with false politeness in his voice "Show up at the school junkyard alone. Bring the Mach 6. All phone lines and cell phones within the school's bounderies are being monitored. If anyone attempts to contact the police the kid dies."

"Alright," Speed conceded. There was a general murmur of "No" around him as he did so "I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Good," the man smirked.


Speed Jr. sat up and rubbed the back of his head. Memories started to flood his awareness. Someone had come into his room and beaten him up. He vaguely had the sensation of being carried away. Where was he.

He lay on a concrete floor in the corner of a dark room. Probably a garage or a basement. He heard footsteps approaching and he sprang to his feet, taking up a defensive position. He felt dizzy and weak but he wan't giving up. He had a bad feeling about this place.

A figure, hidden by shadows approached him. Suddenly the room filled with light. Speed was momentarily blinded by the bright lights. But that moment was enough for the figure to grab him and pin him to the wall "So you're awake," the man who had abducted him glowered.

"What do you want from me?" Speed asked, keeping his tone even.

"To see you and the rest of your family die," a voice from behind the man holding him said.

Speed looked up to see Zile Zazic standing at the far side of the room. His eyes went wide as his face took on an expression of confusion. "What?" he asked.

"You're surprised to see me," Zile smirked "Well, allow me to explain." He took a step closer "It all started when your father had to go and invent an engine that could ruin big oil as we know it. I just couldn't let that happen," Zile sneered "Did you ever wonder how your father knew you were in such immediate danger when you were a baby?"

"No," Speed said slowly, looking up at Zile with anger. He had a feeling that what the man had to say wasn't going to be pleasant.

Zile laughed "Ever wonder what happened to your mother?" he asked. He paused, letting the full effect of his words sink in "Well let's just say you were a little too lucky that day but she wasn't…"

"You killed her," Speed said in angry realization.

"I hired someone to do it, yes," Zile sneered "And the only reason I'm telling you this," he drew closer motioning for the larger man to let go of Speed "You won't be alive to tell anyone about it."

Speed punched Zile right in his face and made a break for it. He didn't get far. Soon he found himself sprawled on the concrete floor. His entire body ached from having been tackled by the large man.

Zile wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he snarled down at Speed "You should feel lucky. There are very few people in the world who I've actually wanted dead. You and your family are among them."

Speed struggled against the large man's grip "You won't get away with this," he ground out.

Zile laughed "They always say that. But I always do," he walked to the stairs of the basement and motioned for Speed's captor to follow "Now come on, I've got a little family reunion planned for you before you die."


"You aren't seriously going alone?" Spritle asked his older brother as the group entered the garage.

"Well," said Speed jokingly "You're too big to fit in the trunk these days."

"I'm not," Conner volunteered "Chim-Chim and I can both fit," he opened the Mach 6's trunk and settled himself inside "Nice and cozy," he remarked as his robot monkey climbed in next to him.

Spritle couldn't help laughing "I can see now how disturbing of a sight it is to find stow aways in your trunk."

"What good could you possibly be Conner?" X asked.

Speed turned to his oldest child "In my life I've learned that there are just some things you cannot take for granted," he told him "Good friends, good mechanics and that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Conner here seems to fit all three."

"Thank you Mr. Racer," Conner said in awe. To himself he murmured "Speed Racer just complimented me…"

"I'm coming too," X stated.

"No," his father said firmly "You stay here with your uncle where I know you'll be safe."

"I'm not a little kid," X protested rather loudly.

"I know that," Speed told him "But you're always going to be my son. Just stay here."

"No," X said firmly "He's my brother Dad."

"You're staying here," Speed said finally as he jumped into the driver's seat of the Mach 6 and sped out of the garage.

X turned to his uncle. Spritle was apparently already thinking the same thing "He's gonna need out help," the headmaster noted. He motioned to X and Lucy "Come on."