Myself; Yourself

An alternate novelization

Cast of characters:

Sana Hidaka – the protagonist

Aoi Oribe – Sana's cousin

Kaori Oribe – Aoi's mother

Sachiko Oribe – Sana's mother, and Kaori's sister

Yuzuki Fujimura – Sana's homeroom teacher

Shuusuke Wakatsuki – Sana's best friend

Shuri Wakatsuki – Sana's friend, and Shuusuke's twin sister

Asami Hoshino – Sana's new love interest (?)

Nanaka Yatsushiro – Sana's friend, and former love interest (?)

Grandma Kaji – a mentally ill resident in a retirement home

Hinako Mochida – ten-year-old genius




We'll miss you, Sana-chan.

Will we ever see you again? Come back as soon as you can…

Memories. Gifts. Friends. A treasured moment. That was all that remained from the bond they shared – the circle of five that started in early childhood and only grew stronger and stronger over the years. School. A field trip to the mountains. Afternoons spent exploring Nature Park. Summer days at the pool. Getting lost in the caves. Until that fateful day, five years ago, when he had to move away from Sakuranomori, and broke the chain that had held them together…

It had been both his happiest and saddest day. Happiest, because the people he cared for the most were with him, sending him off with a going-away party, and presents to remember them by. Saddest, because he would never be able to see or hear from them again – his mother wouldn't allow him to contact them. Unforgettable, even as the cake was eaten, and the lure and gloves were lost, as he still remembered and played the song that came at the end of the party, a half-finished song that was played on the violin…

But he had been given another chance. A chance to reform old bonds, to build a new life from shattered fragments. Hopefully, he would move forward once more, spurred on by those who had supported and cared for him during his happiest years…