* * *

The mind is a powerful object, so strong that it's dark waters; it's the unknown, the night and my mind had slowly crawled to it's depths soon after his departure, soon after my heart broke.

You see, the mind is as delicate as a rose, yes, it's strong with its thick thorns but it's as breakable as glass and it can whither as easily as it blooms.

The moment my heart began breaking I began stepping in dangerous waters and sinking into unconsciousness until my own mind got to a critical point, where humiliation and pathetic where at its max. The night he left me my heart began collapsing and with every stupid thing I did to hear his voice it broke even more though I pathetically searched for it just to hear his velvet voice. This, exactly, was what caused my heart to make my mind crazy and I became mad.
I began frequenting La Push and downtown Port Angeles, alone, at night.

Every once in a while I'd enter bars but until I got to a warehouse I was able to find something that truly kept me alive. I never told anyone, not Angela, not Charlie, not Jacob. The night I entered the warehouse I found a sort of rave party where all the people were extremely beautiful. This immediately triggers a bad memory from me and caused me to add two and two together. Vampires.

Strangely I didn't feel anything more than adrenaline 60 times stronger than all the adrenaline released due to all those idiocies I committed. I entered the warehouse immediately and became the centre of attention as all the creatures stared at me hungrily. A voice in my mind told me to "RUN" but I ignored it. I walked inside and was greeted by the owner of the warehouse.

"Goodnight, my fair lady. To what do I owe the pleasure of such a delectable girl visiting my friends and me? Looking for an easy suicide?" I laughed bitterly.

"How is this an easy way to commit suicide? Easy is throwing yourself off a bridge or drinking arsenic not coming to a vampire rave party" I spat bitterly as I sat down on a bench before the bar as he was amused by me.

"And why would you think we are such creatures" I laughed.

"I know enough of your kind" I said staring at crimson going on black irises. He cocked an eyebrow.

"You are interesting, allow me to take you to the VIP lounge" he said before taking a glass of blood.

RUN I heard his voice command; I just chuckled and followed the beautiful Italian vampire with black hair.

"So what's your name?" he asked me as he took a sip of his 'wine'.

"Isabella" I said boldly. I'm not sure where did the confidence come from but I knew I wasn't lacking even an ounce.

"Isabella? Are you Italian?" he asked me, I shook my head since as far as I knew I wasn't Italian. "You have a pretty name, mine is Bartholomaeus" I nodded and stared at the crowd of vampires gazing at me every now an then.

"I was sure I'd be killed by now" I said in a low voice causing him to chuckle.

"We are not that uncivilized, besides we have a constant provision of blood so we're fine. We wouldn't want to cause trouble for the coven around here, in Forks… the Cullens, I believe" I flinched and widened my eyes in a fraction of a second and recomposed myself. Sadly I knew he had noticed. "Oh, I know, you are their famous 'pet'" he said almost mockingly. I closed my eyes and calmed down, clutching my stomach in an attempt of keeping myself together. "I heard something about the Cullens having adopted a stray 'kitty' but I didn't even dream of having the kitty come here, right to us" he chuckled.

"They left" I announced bitterly with eyes full of pain. He raised his eyebrows.

"Really? Interesting!! I wasn't expecting them to leave any time soon" I cocked my head to a side.

"Me neither" I said daring his smile, which faltered for a sec.

"So, may I ask, what's the abandoned kitty doing here?" I shrugged.

"I'm not sure of that myself" I answered honestly; he simply laughed and drank the last drop of his crimson liquid. He handed me a cup filled with clear crystal liquid. I shook my head. "No, thank you, I don't drink" I rejected in my most polite tone however he insisted.

"Here, it'll make you feel better" he said, I warily stared at it and in a moment of infinite stupidity, I drank from it. Soon my vision was blurry and I felt dizzy as I fell into unconsciousness. That night I woke up with searing pain in my veins as I had been carelessly tossed in a dumpster full of empty blood bags.

I rose and willed myself to move, soon after the struggle to move my mind drifted off and when I came to myself I was at the Cullen's house, clutching myself in pain as I looked in a mirror and saw a big bite mark resembling the one on my wrist. I pulled out my cell phone, one Renee had sent Charlie when she was panicking about my welfare, and dialed Charlie's number and when he picked up I told him I was staying at a friend's house. He took some coaxing to accept my petition until he grudgingly accepted. I sighed, closing the cell phone and put it away. I laid on the floor, on the exact same spot for four days and when I finally was strong enough my mind clicked. Jacob… what had I done?!

I rushed to La Push to apologize to Jacob for my stupidity. However before getting there a huge wolf sent me tumbling down, I hissed and bore my fangs as I tried to pry him off me. I accidentally scratched him and a thin streak of blood fell on my lip. I pushed him off, I knew I didn't want to bite Paul and even less let my venom go into his veins. I controlled my blood lust as I stared at the new comers. Sam, Embry and Jacob stared at me shocked and I felt my eyes fill with tears as I saw his expression. He was shaking with anger, and I felt my tears drip down burning as the venom inched towards my chin.

"Jake" I choked out in desperation, Paul was being controlled by Sam and Embry the three of them phased as Jacob turned to human again as he willed himself to get a grip. "Jake… I'm so sorry" I muttered pathetically as I plopped down on my knees and felt my tears fall down faster.

"Bella" he said as he shook in anger once again, I hiccupped. "Did they come back?" he asked softly but anger lurked in his tone.

"No, it wasn't them! They haven't returned… I'm sorry! I didn't want to…" I felt my heart pump faster as I had licked my lips that were still full of Paul's blood. I controlled my hunger and stared at him, I didn't see Sam, Paul and Embry there anymore.

"They left" he said simply. I closed my eyes in pain and stared at him, waiting for his question.

"What happened?" he asked, I knew he was trying to think it wasn't what he thought, that I wasn't a vampire, that I wasn't one more living dead.

"Oh Jake!" I sobbed as I threw myself on him and hugged him, trembling roughly. "I let my guard down… I'm so sorry" he didn't hug me back as I felt him shake more. He pushed me away and I flinched harshly.

"Bella… don't… I'm… I'm sorry…" he said before touching my injury and he dug his fingernails deep in his hand. "We can't be friends anymore" he said, making me nod and sob even more. I felt his scent drift in the air and took his hand; he had the fingernail marks causing blood to drip. I brought his hand to my mouth and before I knew it I was licking his blood. I saw him shuffle around and kept licking until I heard a faint moan that brought me awake as I pulled away. He stared at me as if in a daze.

"Oh… Jacob… Jake I'm so sorry!!!" I said as I realized my biggest fear. My substitute sun had turned his back on me; I was no longer welcome in La Push beach. I saw him come out of his daze and stare at his hand which was no longer bleeding and stared at me shocked. I didn't wait for my queue and just ran, escaping from him. The next few months were a blur, a mixture of incomprehensible pain. I knew the vampire conversion had taken place; I was already a vampire, so why was I still feeling this pain and seeing these changes in my body. I felt my bones cracking and rearranging; soon I could step into the sunlight without shining like Edward did, my need for blood reduced considerably and I felt my temperature rise from ice cold to human warm. While I had spent those months in high fevers my temperature cooled and came down to human warm, I was stunned. How?

All the time in those few months I isolated myself in the Cullen empty house and one day I woke up feeling light and energetic. I walked to my house and entered.

"Bella!!" I heard my father say loudly as he hugged me. "I called all your friends from school and they all said you weren't with them, I even called Billy! Where were you?!" he asked, obviously mad. "I was so worried" he said as his expression calmed.

"Sorry Dad, I was at another one of my friend's house. I um, met them in town. Sorry for not coming for so long…" I said as he felt my eyes drip. I no longer felt my cheeks burning from the venom and tasted only salty water.

* * *

Hey guys, well… this is my first Twilight story, I'm more experienced at writing Anime and haven't tried writing fanfics for books so I decided to try it. I hope you like it. This is basically a prologue and it's just more or less a flashback when I begin the story. Well… I hope you like it and I hope you read and review.

Just so you know this will be a slight crossover between Twilight, Queen of the Damned and Underworld. So... yeah, basically that. Hope you enjoy. See ya!!