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Chapter 1: Hannah, darling.

"Come on, Marshall," I said pleadingly. "Just this once. Please?" For about half an hour, I've been trying to get our producer, Marshall Pike, to give me a raise. So far, it's not working out. If it were, would I still be in here? Not likely.

"Sonny, you know I can't do that," he said. "If I do that, the others will start asking me for a raise too. And then more, and more, and it will never stop!"

I sighed. "This is different Marshall. It's for a good cause. The girl is dying!" My voice had started to rise, and I had to struggle to keep my voice and temper leveled. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

It has been about two months since I first join the comedy sketch show, So Random. A lot has happened since then. One of the events that I will never forget is getting fooled by an evil little girl named Dakota. Dakota was supposedly a little girl that was in a charity organization called, "Children Having A Dream". It turns out, she was the studio head's daughter who used this organization to meet her dream idol, Chad Dylan Cooper. Ever since then, I'm a bit skeptical to get involved in another charity organization. But that was before I met Audriana-or "Audri" for short.

Audri was a sweet little girl I met in the supermarket. I had to run some errands for my mom that day, and was having a really bad day. It was raining hard, and my mom had forced me to go get the groceries. She gave me the whole "after all these years of taking care of you, this is what I get?" speech, and I gave in. Only I find out mom's been using the car. Not only that, but she had forgotten to put gas in, so I can't drive there. This means I have to walk to the supermarket; walk in the cold, rainy, damp, terrible weather. It's not the cold I'm worried about-I'm used to that in Wisconsin. But I hate rain. I get all soggy and wet and…ugh. You get the point.

So anyways, when I reach the supermarket, I head straight to the vegetables because that's what mom wants most. When I finish, I head back to the counter to find a long line of people already there. I stood at the back of the line, thinking what I did to deserve this day. I wanted to go home and finish writing a new sketch. So far, all I had is the title: Sketch Number 86, By: Sonny Munroe. I didn't know what to write for Sketch Number 86. I just couldn't think of anything that day, and Marshall expected me to hand in a new sketch idea for the following day. Talk about writer's block.

I was waiting in line, thinking this will never end when the alarm rang. It's the alarm that shows you haven't payed yet, and I looked to see who it is. A little girl with short brown hair and ragged clothes stood in the doorway; eyes wide. Her face was covered in mud, and she only had a satchel that was, like her clothes, also ripped. She was missing a shoe, and the only shoe she had on had a hole in the front. The girl was about to run out the door when a security guard grabbed her shoulder, halting her to a stop.

"Excuse me, miss. Can I see what's in your bag please?" he asked, pointing to her satchel. The girl shook her head frantically, and tried to escape again. But the security's hand was placed firmly on her shoulder, and she couldn't move. I saw her bow her head, and reluctantly open her bag. She took out a loaf of bread that still had the price tag out. Her eyes locked on mine for a moment, and I could see she was close to tears. Then the girl blinked, and made her face an emotionless mask. But I could see her eyes are filled with fear.

"Laura, did you check her out?" the security man asked. One of the counter girls shook her head, looking very bored, and went back to checking out the customer in front of me. The man turned back to the little girl, with a glare. "Miss, did you know stealing is illegal?"

The girl shook her head with her emotionless mask still on. The man's glare is sharper now. "Well it is. Now, unless you pay for this bread, or I'll have to take you downtown. How old are you?"

The girl made an eight with her fingers. "Well, you're not supposed to be here alone. Where are your parents?" the man asked. The girl shrugged.

"What's your name?"

The girl shrugged again. The security guard was getting aggravated now. "Can't you talk?" The girl shook her head again. The man sighed, and looked around the supermarket. "Does this little girl belong to anyone?"

I looked around too. No one raised their hand up or came forward. By now, it was my turn to check out my items. The woman, Laura, finished quickly without any emotion. "Fifteen ninety-nine." I gave her the money, and was about to walk away when I saw the man dragging the little girl to the store's staff room. The girl seemed to be looking at me too, and pleading with her eyes. I wished I could help her, but how? I didn't know this girl. What could I do? Then I suddenly had an idea. I ran to the girl and tried to look as sad as possible.

"Hannah? Hannah, darling. What are you doing here all alone?" I said, clicking my tongue. The security guard turned his attention to me. "Do you know her?" he asked.

I pretended to look surprise that he was there. "Of course. She's my niece."

The security guard looked confused. "Where are her parents?"

I pretended to look upset, and filled my eyes with water. "Oh, they're not here anymore. They, uh….left." I faked a sniffle. "Hannah here lives in the orphanage down the street."

"Well, ma'am. This girl is caught stealing a loaf of bread. I'm going to have to take her downtown." The guard said formally.

"No, no. No need to do that," I said, still in my frantic aunt character. I turned my attention to the little girl, crouched down to her level, and put my ear beside her mouth as if listening to something she said. "Hannah, why did you take this loaf of bread?" I said, but in gibberish. Then I told the guard what I said so that the girl could understand too.

"What language is that?" he asked. I had to keep from laughing to think he actually bought it.

"Bulgaria. Her parents are Bulgarian," I said. The guard nodded. I looked at the girl again, and put my ear close to her mouth again. The girl seemed to have caught on, because she began to move her lips. I kept the act up by nodding and saying, "Hmmm…Uh huh…I see…Ahhh…Okay." Then I looked at the guard and smiled sweetly.

"She said the orphanage usually gives children chores and jobs to do. It was her turn to buy food today, but she didn't know how to. She's never done this before. I don't think she knew you had to pay. She said she was frightened that a man started coming after her and grabbing her," I explained, lying smoothly. Who said acting can't be useful? Then I added, "I really am sorry sir. I'll get Hannah back to the orphanage and pay for everything. Please don't blame her for anything. She's a good girl."

The guard nodded as I handed him the money for the bread. I took the girl's hand and led her out the door. Once we were outside, I told her my name, and started asking her the same questions the guard asked but more gently. The girl first seemed hesitant to talk but then I guess she started to trust me.

"Audriana, or Audri for short," she answered quietly when I asked for her name. "My family can't afford food. We're starving to death at home. Thank you, Sonny."

I instantly liked her. She was sweet, and I felt so sad for her. "Your welcome. Just don't do it again, okay?"

Audri grimaced. "I-I can't. I have to. That's the only way we can eat,"

I sighed. I wanted to let her go, but stealing is illegal. Then she'll be in more trouble than she already is. What could I do to help? Then I had an idea. "How about this. I'll ask my producer if he can give me a raise. I'll donate the money to you, okay? In the mean time, don't steal. Is that okay?"

She nodded and smiled widely. "Yes. Thank you so much."

I smiled, and gave her a pat before sending her home. Then I rushed home, and the next day went to Marshall's office to ask for a raise. So that is where I am now. But Marshall still won't budge. Some people are just so selfish.

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