EXTENDED SUMMARY: Following the death of Sirius and his friends seeming abandonment, Harry finds new ways to live for himself and to actually enjoy his life. Following some rather startlingly revelations on all sorts of fronts Harry discovers what it's like to know who you are and what it's like to have true friends.

Chapter 1:Realizings

Dear Ron,

Please tell me what the hell is going on? Why haven't you been replying to my letters? Are you pissed at me about something? Did I do something wrong? If so tell me, let me try to fix it.

Still your friend (hopefully)

Harry Potter.

Harry sent the letter off with Hedwig. He had been back at the Dursley's for only three weeks and he was already tired of it. Dudley had turned into and even bigger jackass now he was on the wrestling and boxing teams at his school, Smellingtons. And to top it all off he had not heard from anyone over the holidays. Suddenly a large brown barn owl flew into his room and dropped a letter on his bed before grabbing a drink of water from Hedwig's cage and flying off again.

Dear Mr Potter,

I, Rufus Scrimgeour the Minister of Magic, have been asked to send you a letter forbidding you to write to the following; Ronald and Ginerva Weasley and Hermione Granger. I am writing you this letter to you to ask you kindly to do this as to not start any more commotion. Both the Weasley parents and Granger parents have come to me to express a concern about their children's safety during the holidays when in contact with you. If you have any other questions please feel free to owl me.

Minister of Magic

Rufus Scrimgeour

Harry read the letter through several times before what it said sunk in, he couldn't believe it Molly and Arthur didn't want him to be in contact with Ron and Ginny, he didn't really know Hermione's parents but he couldn't believe she couldn't talk them out of it. Just as Harry was about to write a letter back to the Minister, Dudley burst into his room. "Dad's wants you in the kitchen now."

Harry followed Dudley downstairs and entered the kitchen. "You wanted to see me uncle Vernon."

"Yes, I have a client coming over tomorrow night and you have two options, now I'm giving you these options because I remember what happened last time. Either stay in your room no noise, no interruptions and no freakiness or get out of here until next summer. What are you going to do?" Vernon asked in an off-handed tone.

"I can be gone by Lunch tomorrow." Harry replied.

"We won't drive you anywhere." Vernon said.

"I can get where I'm going by myself." Harry said.

"Good now get out of here."

Harry went back upstairs already planning his course of action, he would send his letter off to the Minister then pack the things in his room up then tomorrow he would get his things from the cupboard under the stairs and take himself and his belongings to the Leaky Cauldron where he would spend the rest of his summer doing what he pleased. With his plan settled on he sat down to write his letter to the Minister to send off with Hedwig in the morning as he assumed she would be back later this evening.

Dear Minister,

I was wondering if I could make an appointment to speak with you sometime within the next week. I understand if you are busy but I will only need ten minutes of your time. Please send your reply to the Leaky Cauldron, as I will be staying there from tomorrow tonight til the end of the summer.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Potter

Soon Hedwig returned and Harry sent the letter off having thought about his plan some more and decided tonight would be better for leaving if he was going to take the Knight bus. So he headed downstairs to ask his Uncle to let him get his things from his old cupboard.

"Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked cautiously not wanting to anger his Uncle.

"What boy?" Vernon asked not taking his eyes off the television on which he was watching the news.

"I was thinking about it and it might be better if I head off tonight. So I was wondering if I could get my things from the cupboard under the stairs?" Harry asked.

"Fine," Vernon stood up strode briskly-for a man of his size-unlocked the cupboard and returned to the couch.

"Thank you uncle Vernon." Harry grabbed his trunk and began dragging it upstairs.

"Don't scuff the floor!" Petunia called from the kitchen where she was cooking dinner.

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry called back and continued pulling his trunk upstairs doing his best to not scuff the floor. When he finally got to his room, he spotted Errol, the Weasleys' owl, drinking from Hedwig's water dish, and two letters lying on his bed. He picked up the first and noticed it was Mrs Weasleys hand writing.

Dear Harry,

Stop writing to Ron and Ginny.


The only thing running through Harry's mind was that he couldn't believe he had thought of this woman as a mother figure. Harry threw all his belongings in his trunk thinking he would have to wait until later in the night to get the bus. After he had finished he picked up the second letter and noticed it was Fred and George's handwriting.

Dear Harry,

We tried to talk mum out of it.

But you know she never listens to us.

As you hopefully noticed she didn't forbidden you to talk to us.

And we want to catch up with you and have lunch or whatever.

Let us know what you decide.

Knowing you (which we do) you're wondering why Ron isn't replying to you.

To answer your question mum is screening his and Ginny's letters.

She's really up in arms about this for some reason stupid woman.

Keep in contact

Your mates

Fred and George.

Harry laughed at how the twins had written to him, taking turns in writing one letter definitely showed the twins humour. An hour later it was dark and Harry was carrying his trunk downstairs ready to leave.

"I'm going now uncle Vernon." Harry said as he walked out the front door. He walked to the edge of the road and summoned the Knight Bus.

" 'Ello Harry, not runnin' 'way again are you?" it was Stan.

"Hey Stan, nah I'm not running away again but I'm going to the same place." Harry replied helping Stan lift his trunk onto the bus.

"So the Leaky Cauldron it is then." Stan replied as he put Harry's things under the very front bed.

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