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Chapter 01: Mondays

Mondays. Hated by most and loved by few. It was the day the week started and usually led to the begin of something new.

'To hell with the new…' thought Nor as he watched his idiot sister set up the Gamecube to the TV. She had been up late in the night looking up fan fictions on her favorite site ever (cookies to can guess what it is XD) and she had come across one of her old favorites. Reading the story from start to finish she was in a very big 'tales' mood to say the least. She had spent the last hour digging up her old copy of Tales of Symphonia and the Gamecube after refusing to use the Wii. Something about it not 'feeling' right or whatever that meant.

"It can't be that hard Kara. White into white, yellow into yellow, red into-"

"I GET IT NOR!" Yelled Kara cutting him off as she plugged the last cord in. Giggling she jumped down onto the couch controller in hand. Nor sighed and watched the opening play by.

"Starry Heavens was soooooo much better" Kara muttered under he breath as the music started. Nor glared at her coldly. "Kara, shut up and enjoy it."

"Fine…. OH LOOK ITS ZELOS!" Nor twitched at she squealed at the screen. Oh not that again… oh please no… Stupid fan girl…

After the opening rolled by and a few more squeaks from Kara. The start up screen appeared. She went down to the load button and taped A. Going to memory card one she again pressed A to find…

Nothing. "WHAT?!!"

The card was blank and Kara was stunned. Nor wasn't as much… He had deleted the data a year ago so he could start another a game. Opps.

"I should kill you… I BEAT THE GAME LIKE 4 TIMES ON THAT CARD! I WAS ALMOST TO LVL 100 ON IT!!!" Screamed Kara who was about to break down and cry. In fact she did. Oh boy. Sighing again Nor plugged in a second controller in to the system. "I'll help you out ok… Just stop… crying…" He sighed hating it when she cried. Sniffling she nodded and started a new game.


Soon they heard Kratos's narration begin.

"Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of mana. A war, however, caused this tree to wither away, and a hero's life was sacrificed in order to take its place. Grieving over the loss, the goddess disappeared unto the heavens. The goddess left the angels with this edict: "You must wake me, for if I should sleep, the world shall be destroyed." The angels bore the Chosen One, who headed towards the tower that reached up unto the heavens. And that marked the beginning of the regeneration of the world."

"Blah blah blah" Kara muttered having recovered from the memory card. "Get on with it already!" She continued mad she was unable to skip the scene. She was never the type to stay still.


"Lloyd Irving, wake up! Lloyd!"

'And there's Raine' Thought Nor as she threw an eraser at Lloyd's head. Lloyd finally waking up cries out.

"…How do you manage to sleep standing?"

'Here's another question how the heck does he still manage to hold up those buckets…?'

Lloyd finally waking up looks up sheepishly. "…Oh. Professor Raine. Eh…is class over?"

"Never mind. Let's have someone else answer the question. Genis, how about you?" Raine sighing turning to her young brother. Nor could have sworn that he heard a 'brat' pass Kara's lips. She needs to stop quoting Zelos…

"Yes, Raine." Genis answered standing up. "Mithos, the hero, brought about the end of the Ancient War in the Holy Ground of Kharlan."


"BULL!" Yelled Kara pointing angrily at the screen. "Sit." Nor commanded and she did just that. Muttering profusely she pressed the A button.

She partly in rage and in the fact she knew every line taped A repeatedly and got thought the whole scene until the Oracle's light shined through the classroom's windows. Raine went to go check it out leaving the rest of the group in class. Did she really think they would study?

"Alright! Game time!" Kara yelled happily as she moved Lloyd around. She quickly got out to the school with Colette and Genis, after all this was her 5th play through. As soon as they got outside Frank told Lloyd that the 'Desians' passed through on their way to the Temple. Until the monster showed up.

"Great… tutorials…" Nor muttered frowning. As soon as the fight started Kara paused. "So who do you want?"


"No can do! He's mine until Zelos. NEXT!"

"Then I refuse to play until we get Kratos."

"SERIOSLY? That's only 3 fights away!"

"Take it or leave it."

"But you just said you'd play!"

"You can't manage 3 fights by yourself?"

"Nope. So do you want the midget mage or the ditzy chosen?"


"Mage it is!" Kara said cheerfully as she set Genis to manual. Nor groaned seeing the only spell Genis had was fireball. Great. A lot of good that was gonna do him. (Nor you will regret this… I know you will). He put down the controller in front of him and lazily rested his index finger on the B button. "Let's get this over with shall we?"

"Right-o!" Jumping right into the fight, Kara had Lloyd rush forward and made easy work of the monster. Nor only managed to get off one fire ball before it was over with. "Too easy!"

"Oh and I thought the first fight in the game would be hard.."

"Shut it Nor! Just make sure you get the Ghost alright!"


And the second fight had begun. It ended just as easily as the first with Lloyd going after the zombie and Genis going after the Ghost.


"Da da da da daa da da da-da!!!"

"Fanfare? Really?"

"I like it! So there!"


They finally made it to the temple after another fight which annoyed Nor more than anything. Right on que, Lloyd, Genis, and Colette looked up at the temple and saw the pastor hobbling down. He took a few more steps before recognizing that they were there.

"Chosen One!" He manages to gasp before falling to the ground. Nor can hear the cries of Colette and Genis as the pastor dies in front of them and the screen turns black. The scene changes to Lloyd running up the steps to find the 'Desians' in the process of cornering Phaidra.

"Where is the Chosen?" Demanded the biggest one in the group, Botta. Phaidra stepped back into the door a stirn look on her face when she say Lloyd run up the hill with Colette and Genis right on his tail.

"Run, Colette!" She cried and the 'Desians' turned to face them. "Lord Botta! There she is!" Said on of the men and Botta nodded. "Chosen One, your life is mine!"

Lloyd drew his sword and stepped in front of Colette protectively. "I won't let you Desians get away with anything!"

"Desians?" One of the solders started to laugh.

"What's so funny?!" Cried Genis pulling out his Kendama.


"Besides the fact that your fighting the Renegades and not the Desians, nope not much." Smirked Kara until a empty water bottle was thrown at her head.

"SHHH! Or I will turn it off!" Muttered Nor angrily and the fight started between the 'Desians' and the young heroes. Again Nor barely got a spell off before the fight was ended by Kara's quick actions as Lloyd.

"It just wasn't your day!"

"No quoting ether!"


" Do not get in our way!" Shots the Vidarr swinging his huge ball and chain. Lloyd and the rest try to fight him but his armor reflects Genis's Fireball attack and Colette's chakrams seem to have no effect.

"This guy's strong!" Muttered Genis who was exhausted. Colette stood a few feet away not looking much better.

"Man, this guy is really tough!" Growled Lloyd shoving one of his wooden swords into the ground so he wouldn't fall. He panted weakly as the Vidarr started swinging his ball and chain again. Just before the attack hit he heard a clash of metal and saw a pair of purple shoes.

"Who are you?" Asked Lloyd looking up at the man who saved him.

"Get out of the way."


"KRATOS!!!!" Squealed Kara excitedly jumping up and down in her seat.

"Can you switch me now?"

"Done and Done!"


With two swordsmen battling instead of one the fight ended relatively fast. The Vidarr defeated they turned their eyes to Botta.

"I never thought you'd show up. Damn… Retreat for now!" Glaring at Kratos, Botta took his surviving men and escaped.

Colette and Genis stood in awe of Kratos. "Amazing!…" She said and Genis nodded. "This guy's incredibly strong!" He added.

" …Y…yeah. I…I suppose so…" Coughed Lloyd trying to look indifferent to the fact he was just out done.


"You just got PWNED!"



"…Is everyone all right? Hmm…no one seems to be hurt." Kratos said as the Exsphere on his left hand glowed.

"Is that an Exsphere?"


"Stupid question number 1." Muttered Kara pressing A again.


Phaidra approaches Lloyd's group. "How can I ever thank you for saving the Chosen?" She said looking up at the man gratefully.

" …I see. So this girl is the next Chosen."


"Stupid question number 2."

"It was a statement not a question."

"Shut it Nor…"


" That's right! I have to go accept the oracle! Grandmother, I'm going to undergo the trial now." Colette said cheerfully and walked towards the entrance.

"What trial?" Lloyd asked turning to Phaidra.

" The monsters, I assume. An evil presence radiates from inside this chapel." Answered Kratos and Phaidra nodded. "Yes, that is correct. The Chosen is to receive judgment from heaven. But the priests that were to accompany her fell at the hands of the Desians."

"Then I'll take on the job of protecting Colette."

"Lloyd? …I would be uneasy with just you."

"Your name is Lloyd?"


"Yep and he's your long lost son and your gonna do some father son bonding and it's gonna be so cute!" Kara squealed happily. Nor simply rolled his eyes. He found it very hard to believe that his sister was sane. Damn you facebook quiz!


"Yeah, but who are you to ask for my name?" Questioned Lloyd glancing up at the mercenary.

" …I am Kratos, a mercenary." He said and turned to Phaidra. "As long as you can pay me, I'll accept the job of guarding the Chosen."

Phaidra shook her head. "…Under the circumstances, I have little choice. Please be of service." Kratos nodded. "It's a deal, then."

"W…wait! I'm going, too!" Lloyd stuttered. Kratos gave him a cold glare. "Lloyd, you'll only get in the way. Be a good boy and wait here."

"What did you say?!" Yelled Lloyd at the insult. This just got Kratos even madder. " Did I not make myself clear? You're a burden. Go home."

" Um…Mr. Kratos, would it be okay to take Lloyd along, too?" Colette said nervously looking up at him.

" But…" Kratos tried but failed when Colette gave him her sweet smile. "Please. I get nervous when Lloyd's not around."

Kratos sigh and shook his head in defeat. "…Do as you wish." Colette smiles and they both move toward the doorway.

"…Let's go, Genis!" Called Lloyd and waved for Genis to hurry up.

"What?! I'm going, too?!" Genis asked confused. Lloyd gave him his goof-ball grin. "Of course!"

"This isn't a field trip, you know." growled Crates from up ahead. Lloyd and Colette followed right behind him.

"Thanks, Colette…"

"It's the truth!"

Genis followed the group inside and the screen faded to black.



Nor rubbed his forehead and could feel a headache forming. Kara had started yelling 4 minutes ago when the screen didn't change back to inside the temple. That however wasn't the strange part.

"Nor… WHY DO I HEAR THEIR VOICES? I'm not going crazy am I? I shouldn't be able to hear anything but useless background music!"

Sure enough the sounds of voice were coming through the TV. Apparently Genis and Lloyd were having a fight on which way to go. Kratos ended up going right and Genis started to laugh that he was right. Lloyd told him to shut it and followed him with Colette.

"SEE LIKE THAT! That never happened in the game!" Screamed Kara pointing at the TV like it have some virus which for all Nor knew it could have.

"Look while you're freaking out over some glitch I'm gonna go get dad and a snack." Sighed Nor as he stood up and headed for the kitchen and then the garage. He walked away just as Kara started accusing the game cube of conspiring against her and then threatened to break it into small peaces and send it to Area 51.

"Crazy fan girl…"


After he asked his dad about the TV and being kicked out of the garage for asking too many questions (a.k.a. pissing him off. Guess who Kara takes after!) he actually got to make his snack. Carrying 2 sandwiches he made his way back to the TV room just 14 minutes after he left. "Hey Sis, I didn't know if you wanted food or anything so I made you a… Kara?"

The room was empty with the TV still bitch black and the controller lying on the floor. Ok this is weird. He set the sandwiches down on the corner table and checks the game cube to see if it was still on. Yep. Now then why was the screen still black? Curious Nor bent over and picked up the controller.

"Now why are you on the floor?" He asked in a low voice. Lightly he taped the A to see if anything would change. For a moment, nothing happened. But seconds' later letters started to form across the screen.

"I can't believe she didn't try pressing A... Ijit."

Would you risk your life for your friends?

'What?' He thought taping A again he got the option of yes or no. Thinking it over he pressed A on the yes.

Would you lie to your friend in order to protect them?

'What the heck is up with this? To protect my friends I would do anything. Yes.'

Would you do anything for your family?

More questions? Was this even part of the game? Again he answered yes.

Your sister is gone. Will you save her?

Wait… WHAT?! "A game… took Kara? How is that even possible?" Great now he was going crazy. None the less he answered yes.

Destiny shall lead you but will you make it? The journey has already begun.

"What. The. Hell?" The screen again had turned black and no matter how many times he pressed the A button it wasn't changing. It's official. The game was broken. Groaning he dropped the controller on the floor and bent over to shut the system off.

Only inches away from the power button a blinding white light flooded from the TV. Nor stood up and tried to cover his eyes from the light. It did little good. Backing up from the TV, he slipping on the controller he had just put down. He hit his head on the corner table and fell to the floor.

"Kara…" He muttered softly before he blacked out.


"How perfect… Just perfect…"

Nor woke up in a grassy field. Groaning he got to his feet at looked around. The scenery was something out of a picture book. 'Or a video game in this case…' He thought getting up. Bright blue skies and a lush field of flowers would definably cover that. Down the hill was a small village. Which one he didn't know but he had a good guess. Nor started his way down the hill with hands in the pockets of his jacket and a smirk forming on his face.

"Well at least I won't be bored."

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